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Stogner’s List (of questions for Munks) surfaces

By rgordon
Tuesday, May 15th, 2007 at 1:31 pm in Uncategorized.

Forget Schindler’s List – these days we’re all about Stogner’s List.

As in San Carlos resident Michael Stogner, who sent San Mateo County Sheriff Greg Munks a list of some 32 “questions from voters” about that little April 21 mishap where he and Undersheriff Carlos Bolanos were swept up in a raid at a suspected brothel off the Las Vegas strip.

Stogner gave Munks 30 days to respond to the questions, and requests that he and Bolanos retire or resign. If they do not, Stogner states in his May 14 letter, he will file a Notice of Intent to Recall the sheriff with the Elections Office. Munks was elected to his post in November.

“I can not support you two as my top law enforcement officials as of April 21,” Stogner wrote.

Munks said in a statement on April 24 that he thought was visiting a legitimate business for a massage after the annual Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup Relay and didn’t break any laws.

So, dear voter, wondering what Stogner asked on behalf of you? Here’s our 10 favorite questions that, frankly, we’d like to know the answers to as well:

2) “I believed I was going to a legitimate business.” Would you be willing to make that statement under oath? (Munks read that statement to reporters on April 24.)

7) What is the actual address of the private residence you were detained at? (The brothels targeted during the FBI and Las Vegas police raid, called Operation Dollhouse, were all homes or apartments.)

8. Were you at any time handcuffed at the private residence?

9) Did Carlos Bolanos enter the private residence at any time before being detained? (Bolanos told a Las Vegas television station he waited outside the entire time the two were there.)

12) Did county Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Lt. Lisa Williams lie or was she lied to regarding the expenses charged to the county? (The Times reported on April 26 that Williams said that county funds were not used for the trip, though county vehicles were taken there. A subsequent audit by the Controller found that the trip cost taxpayers nearly $9,500.)

20) How many minutes after walking through the front door of the private residence was it before you realized it was not a legal business?

22) Did you, in fact, even come to that conclusion before you were detained? Or was it the handcuffs of the FBI that brought that fact to your attention?

25) Why would Carlos Bolanos wait in a Limosine for you to get a one-hour massage?

27) What is the name of the limo driver?

28) Who did you first contact after being detained?

Now, Stogner (and the Insider) will wait for answers.

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3 Responses to “Stogner’s List (of questions for Munks) surfaces”

  1. mrsfrankb Says:

    Las Vegas newspapers reported that the establishment had “filthy conditions” and that
    the women and underage girls were “sex slaves” who appeared to have been drugged into compliance. Further the FBI, IRS and LVPD watched this operation and the abuse for months prior to the sting without intervening on the victim’s behalf. Your tax dollars at work!

    Then our sheriff comes along – goes inside and stays there until the raid making me wonder
    if any female held within this sheriff’s sphere of authority is safe – apparently not.

    Please join me in requesting that the sex slaves be given “victim” status so they can remain in the US and that our FBI and IRS refrain from endangering victims on the taxpayers dime –
    Then make up your mind what kind of a sheriff’s department you want in your county.

  2. Michael G. Stogner Says:

    The entire arrest records of Operation Doll House have been SEALED.

    This comes a few days after Mrs. Frankb had posted her thoughts about:

    “Please join me in requesting that the sex slaves be given “victim” status so they can remain in the US and that our FBI and IRS refrain from endangering victims on the taxpayers dime.”

    She had asked people to contact Tom Lantos, and other leaders.

    Back to the arrest records…..I am interested in the arrest records of only two johns.
    They most likely were the last 2 johns arrested in a two year sting operation.

    Sheriff Greg Munks and UnderSheriff Carlos Bolanos

    We the people of San Mateo County already know that they were “detained”…..
    They have freely disscussed this with the press several times.

    I think there is a good possiblity, that the very limited scope (2 Sheriffs last 2 guys) of the arrest records…..could and should be UNSEALED.

    This way no other information which might compromise the 2 year investigation would become public. No Need.

    A question several voters have asked me.

    If there were no john’s arrested, how do they charge Prostitution for the women?

    Good Question…..Without the johns…This could have been a Pleasure Party…..

  3. Steve White Says:

    I think you have to suspec they would have charged the men at the place, but they decided not to once they found out a Sheriff was there, so that they would be able to say “Munks was not treated any different than anyone else”

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