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County top cops not alone in their Vegas troubles

By rgordon
Wednesday, May 30th, 2007 at 6:38 pm in Uncategorized.

Perhaps San Mateo County Sheriff Greg Munks and Undersheriff Carlos Bolanos can take comfort in knowing they’re not the only ones in hot water after their now infamous Baker to Vegas Challenge Cup Relay excursion in April.

Frank McCoyMunks and Bolanos may have been swept up in a raid at a brothel off the Vegas strip, but that Sin City weekend, it appears, may also have gotten the better of Oceanside Police Chief Frank McCoy (pictured here at his Jan. 2006 swearing-in, in this photo by Hayne Palmour IV of the North County Times).

The San Diego Union Tribune reported on May 23 that an anonymous letter given to the city alleged inappropriate behavior by the chief and possibly other officers during their department’s trip to the same race. Because it was a personnel matter, no specifics were offered up, but Interim City Manager Peter Weiss told the Tribune that an outside investigator was hired to look into whether the allegations have any merit.

Thirty five miles north of San Diego, Oceanside has a population of more than 173,000 and a police force of 280 employees and another 150 volunteers.

On May 24, a copy of the letter was left anonymously at the front desk at the Oceanside office of the North County Times, a newspaper that covers northern San Diego and southwest Riverside counties. According to the Times, the letter “does not allege that any laws were broken, but does say the chief received lap dances at a Las Vegas strip club and that those dances may have involved a female Oceanside officer.”

Greg Emerson, an attorney for the Oceanside Police Officers Association, told the Times that the letter contained “flat-out false statements and allegations.”

Sound familiar?

On April 24, Munks told reporters that he believed he was going to a legitimate business, and has refused to comment since.

Neither Munks nor Bolanos was arrested, but they were questioned and released along with paying customers in the April 21 sweep of nine houses of prostitution. A subsequent audit by the San Mateo County Controller found that the trip cost taxpayers almost $9,500, primarily from the use of 11 county vehicles. On May 19, we reported that all search warrants, arrest reports and documents related to the operation have been sealed by order of the Clark County District Court and the U.S. District Court of Nevada.

The 23rd annual 120-mile Baker to Vegas relay race drew 227 law enforcement teams from all over the country. We’re starting to wonder whether it’s more than just a hearty run that draws them there.

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4 Responses to “County top cops not alone in their Vegas troubles”

  1. mrsfrankb Says:

    Apparently, a supporter of Dumb and Dumber (our Sheriff and his assistant) is flying to rescue the tarnished image of our county’s top cop with money – the $9,000 + donation will be presented to the Board of Supes to repay the county for taxpayer funds spent in the escapade that has left the whole county laughing on the outside and disgusted on the inside. After the check is presented, I guess we can just forget about the whole thing?

    I have a better idea. Let our boys in blue pay back the county like anyone else would have to do and send the $9,000+ to the Salvation Army in Las Vegas to help take care of the real victims of the crime – the sex slaves and UNDERAGED GIRLS that our brave sheriff apparently sought for sex.

  2. Michael G. Stogner Says:

    Thank You mrsfrankb…

    I sent e-mail to my supervisor Rich Gordon this morning, with that exact request.
    If the Katz family did in fact give a check today that the entire amount be sent to the Salvation Army in Vegas since they are the ones caring for the 25 underaged victims.

  3. mrsfrankb Says:

    I hope a lot of people followed your lead…I also emailed the same request. To think that C
    underaged girls – CHILDREN

  4. mrsfrankb Says:

    Sorry – to conclude – to think that children are paying the heaviest price is intolerable.
    They are the ones that have lost all around. I’m stunned that more people haven’t
    responded to the issue of our county’s top cop seeking out, frequenting and staying in an establishment like this.

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