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It’s Ratatouille (rat*a*too*ee) Day in San Carlos!

By rgordon
Friday, June 29th, 2007 at 12:59 pm in Uncategorized.

With a nod to Vice Mayor Brad Lewis, today is officially Ratatouille (pronounced rat*a*too*ee) Day in San Carlos.

Lewis is the producer of the Disney-Pixar film Ratatouille, released in theaters nationwide today. San Carlos, according to a proclamation, is “simmering with enthusiasm” over its local connection to the cinematic masterpiece. Lewis, the proclamation made by Mayor Tom Davids further exclaims, “has been basting this movie to perfection as the producer of Ratatouille for the past five years, folding in layers of talent and handfuls of creativity.” Tasty!


The animated movie features a country rat named Remy (above) who dreams of becoming a chef in Paris despite the fact that he is, well, vermin. Finding himself beneath the famed Gusteau’s restaurant, Remy befriends the garbage boy, Luinguini, and the two set out to show the French culinary world how to really make a souffle.

So far, it looks like a hit, the San Francisco Chronicle’s little man jumping out of his chair and Two Thumbs Up from Ebert and Roeper. (And really, what other standards are there to judge by?)

San Carlos held a pre-release charity screening on June 9 to benefit the San Carlos Parks and Recreation Foundation and the San Carlos Educational Foundation. The event included a tour of Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville.

Lewis, we should note, has a background the Insider could only dream of. His first break into the entertainment industry, according to Disney’s Web site, was as a personal production assistant on The Merv Griffin Show. Lewis also performed as a dancing monster in the national stage production of Sesame Street Live.

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