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Peter Mayhew: Wookiee on Broadway

By Aaron Kinney
Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007 at 6:23 pm in Uncategorized.


Forget about Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani, who made a campaign stop at The Broadway Grill in May. Last Tuesday, Chewbacca was in the house.

Peter Mayhew, the 7-foot 3-inch English actor who played the most famous Wookiee in the universe, dropped in Sept. 25 to eat dinner and sign some autographs, the grill’s crack PR squad told us.

Mayhew (pictured with Broadway Grill owner Nick Bovis) was the man behind the “walking carpet” who served aboard the Millenium Falcon as Han Solo’s loyal lieutenant. Not impressed? Not only was he the inspiration for a devastating legal strategy, but Chewbacca was named the fourth-best sidekick of all time by Entertainment Weekly.

We were inspired to look up some other Chewbacca-related trivia for you:

— The lifelong friendship betwen Chewy and Han Solo began when Solo rescued the Wookiee from a slave camp. In keeping with Wookiee tradition, Chewbacca expressed his gratitude by pledging a life debt to the dashing intergalactic smuggler.

— Chewbacca was roughly 200 years old at the time of “Star Wars” saga.


— Wookiees hail from the planet of Kashyyyk. They live in the canopies of massive wroshyr trees, which grow miles into the air. Millions of Wookies live in cities perched on the trees’ intertwined branches.

According to the Star Wars Databank, the parts of the trees that are closest to the ground “have not seen sunlight in millennia, and are filled with deadly, primitive lifeforms,” including the “arachnid webweaver and netcaster, the incendiary flame beetle, and the loathsome gorryl slug.”

— Chewbacca married a female Wookiee named Mallatobuck. Together they had a son, Lumpawarrump, or “Lumpy.” Twenty years or so after first meeting Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca handed over his nephew Lowbaca to Skywalker for training as a Jedi. (All this according to Mayhew’s Web site, which cites “The Star Wars Encyclopedia.”)

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  1. nick bovis Says:

    Peter will be at the broadway grill in burlingame on sunday may 17 th 6pm

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