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Wackiness in Half Moon Bay school district race

By Aaron Kinney
Monday, November 3rd, 2008 at 5:28 pm in 2008 Local Races, Aaron Kinney, Education, Half Moon Bay, Julia Scott, Political Campaigns, Schools.

No election in Half Moon Bay would be complete without at least a small dose of small-town silliness, and this season’s Cabrillo Unified School District board race is no exception.

School board challenger Ken Johnson suffered a blow in the public relations department after taking control of a URL that used to belong to John Moseley, one of two incumbents defending their seats in this election.

Johnson then employed the Web site — — to upload language implying the two men were running as a slate. Moseley had used the site in 2004 during his first run for the school board, but had since allowed the domain name to lapse.

Meanwhile, Johnson was telling anyone who would listen that he intended to see both Moseley and himself elected to the school board and not Charlie Gardner, an incumbent who Johnson calls “not a friend.”

Johnson was swiftly and violently disabused of the notion that Moseley held equal regard for his candidacy last week when Moseley expressed his unhappiness to the editor of a local newspaper.

A heap of bloggers piled on to the resulting story, using words like “reprehensible” and “despicable crapola” to describe the gambit.

Moseley told the Insider that he resented Johnson’s “smarminess.”

“I did not want to be linked with him and asked him to take it down, and he didn’t until I called the paper and

exposed Mr. Johnson for surreptitiously going under the radar, trying to link himself with me,” Moseley said.

Johnson said he never intended to cause such a furor.

“It was a dumb prank. I figured he’d get a laugh out of it,” Johnson said. “This is emblematic of my original support for Joe Biden — we both occasionally put our foot in our mouth.”

The Web site now appears only as a big, blue screen with a Web browser title that reads: “NEVER MIND.”

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