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Council accepts statues on second try

By lmclaughlin
Thursday, March 15th, 2007 at 5:46 pm in Lamorinda, Moraga.

Moraga’s copper kids are free to fly their kites after all.

The Moraga Town Council has decided to accept two statues of children flying kites and reading books that had been kicking up controversy around town since the council first balked at the donation last month.

The debate wasn’t over aesthetics — almost everyone agreed the statues are innocuous at worst, and downright lovely at best — but over the dedication plaques.

The family of Russell Bruzzone is donating the statues in honor of the well-known developer, who owned land throughout Lafayette and Moraga and built several subdivisions and the Moraga Shopping Center. His wife, Joan Bruzzone, said she wouldn’t donate the statues without the plaques, and, irked by the delay, was going to withdraw the gift altogether if the council didn’t make a decision this week.

But the town has turned down memorials in the past, and created a Heritage Plaza where people can buy inscribed bricks “rather than turning the park into a mausoleum,” said Parks and Recreation Director Penelope Leach.

Several council members objected to the plaques because it was a departure from the town’s tradition, and because it could set a precedent.

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