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Nightmare detours

By lmclaughlin
Wednesday, March 21st, 2007 at 2:58 pm in Uncategorized.

Staff writer Lynn Carey reports:

You know it’s a weird day when an orthodontist appointment in Moraga has your 14-year-old son pitching a fit because he’s going to be late to school at Stanley. I was flummoxed, because his first period class is not his favorite. Then I remembered: it’s late day. What it really meant was, no hot chocolate.

Orthodontist excuse in hand (because he was going to miss JUST a few minutes of his class after all), we set off down Moraga Road. At Rheem, road signs said take a detour, as the road would be closed from Sky Hy.

I went over Rheem. Cresting the hill, I saw at least 25 cars backed up, trying to go left on St. Mary’s. I took my ultra-secret shortcut up Fernwood, turning left as soon as possible, and left again onto St. Mary’s. The same 25 cars seemed to be backed up still, with more cars joining the queue every minute.

My son is now 15 minutes late to school. We followed the stream of cars down St. Mary’s Road toward Stanley school and then, between the Community Center and the fire station, there was some road work. It was down to one lane. We waited and waited until it was our turn. We were the lucky ones. The stream of cars going in the opposite direction backed up to Moraga Road. (They, too, were detouring.)

My son, who should have been in his class at 9:05, made it in around 9:30, due to all the detours. He will be sure to blame slipping grades on me, because I was driving, and I made him go to the orthodontist.

I can deal with that. What I can’t deal with is stupidity. ISN’T THERE ANY COMMUNICATION IN THE PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENTS?

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2 Responses to “Nightmare detours”

  1. CMO Says:

    Regarding your not-so “ultra secret” shortcut over Fernwood – since you admit to trying to get somewhere in a hurry, you’d better not be one of the people who speed on MY street, endangering MY family. We’re sick of it. Instead of cutting through our neighborhood, why don’t you work with us to get a 3-way stop or signal light at the corner of Rheem Blvd. and St. Mary’s Road so you can get through in a timely fashion.

  2. Lynn Carey Says:

    Way to take the offensive!
    I would LOVE to help you get a three-way stoplight there! What do I need to do? And also, I promise I don’t speed on your street. I have a family myself and get furious when people speed past my house.

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