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Seeking Lafayette guest editorial

By lmclaughlin
Friday, April 27th, 2007 at 12:15 pm in Lafayette, Lamorinda, Roads.

The Lamorinda Sun is doing a special issue May 18 on the road measures on the June 5 ballot in both Lafayette and Orinda. We plan to feature pro and con statements and letters for each measure.

In Lafayette we’re still seeking someone to write a guest editorial opposing the measure. We already have lined up a guest editorial in support of the measure.

If you want to be the opposition voice in Lafayette, call 943-8163

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One Response to “Seeking Lafayette guest editorial”

  1. Michael F. Sarabia Says:

    In some back-water places near Sacramento, some people must not have yet heard about Global Warming. So, they want to spend money on roads that will be finished, at best, in 8 to 10 years. Just about the time the last skeptic California voter will finally accept Global Warming is true.

    The more we wait the more we will need to do, at a faster rate and much, much higher cost. We must put funds not on roads but subsidies for busses and electric cars. The more cars we get off the roads, the less congestion and the faster other cars will go, reducing pollution. The price of gas will go ever higher, and further reduce road congestion.

    Instead of building roads, increase the fuel tax and use that money to help gas stations make and sell Hydrogen. This is the next step to the Hydrogen Economy. PG&E would control when to use surplus energy to keep their powerplants running at their most efficient speed and, incredibly, REDUCE pollution. Right now, there are no Hydrogen Cars but all, please note: ALL the auto makers have tested production versions of their Hydrogen cars. One of them in San Francisco. If our taxes gave a subsidy to buyers of Hydrogen, electric, or hybrid cars, we will be on the road to ending Carbon Emissions.

    There is no doubt, Carbon Dioxide emissions must not only be lowered but literally ended, to begin to reduce Global Warming gases. No reduction in Global Warming occurs until we reach ZERO Carbon Emissions.

    Building roads is the worst investment we could make. Enlarging Vaqueros Dam to triple its size is a much better investment and it must be finished in less than ten years. In the last eight years, the The Sierra snowmelt occurs earlier and earlier, every year. We must save water as the Colorado River Basin is in a ten-year drought and the population grows. What’s more important, water or roads?

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