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Concerns about the crosses

By lmclaughlin
Monday, April 30th, 2007 at 2:57 pm in Crosses, Lafayette, Lamorinda.

Mike Zampa makes an argument in his upcoming May 4 column that it might be time to take down the Lafayette crosses:

“There’s nothing wrong with global exposure for little Lafayette. We’ve inserted ourselves into the world’s most troubling debate. Notoriety comes with the territory and we deserve it.

Trouble is discourse is moving away from the issue. We seem to have stopped talking about Iraq. Instead, we’re caught up in a thicket of side issues raised by opponents of the crosses to the City Council. The concerns include:

Do the crosses violate Lafayette’s sign ordinance?

Should they be made of inflammable material instead of wood?
Are weeds on the hillside a fire hazard? (Believe it or not, someone actually went out there to measure them).

This kind of bickering goes on all the time in small towns. But it usually involves neighbors complaining about the guy who won’t remove his recycling bin from the curb on garbage day.

What began as a comment about war, peace and maybe the First Amendment is now a back yard brawl. And reporters love it.”

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3 Responses to “Concerns about the crosses”

  1. lafresident Says:

    While driving by Lafayette BART and glancing at the crosses, I nearly hit a pedestrian. Time to remove them. They create a driving hazard.

  2. W Sanders Says:

    The issue of whether the signs are legal or not is at the heart and soul of local government. I think the City has handled it well, finding a convenient loophole to grandfather the crosses, while avoiding a prolonged, backed-by-outsiders lawsuit that would have bankrupted the City if they had ordered them taken down. And Heaton has been more than accomodating, taking down the ugly neon sign he had up for a few days and keeping the site mowed. So get over it, everybody, the crosses are here to stay.

  3. lafhomeowner Says:

    The Lafayette city council has made several major errors in dealing with the crosses. They have bent over backwards to accomodate the Mt. Diablo peace group but have ended up endorsing their brand of speech, which is by law, illegal. The MOU which was entered into in secret is invalid and illegal, because it invalidates future police power, and the City knows this. Unfortuately, the real losers here are the citizens of Lafayette and the military whom this ‘memorial’ is suppossed to honor.They had no say in this fiasco.

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