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By lmclaughlin
Friday, June 22nd, 2007 at 3:41 pm in Lafayette, Lamorinda, Orinda, Restaurants.

Orinda’s Cafe Teatro draws lots of young moms and kids in strollers. Seen this morning: A mother pushing her toddler daughter in a stroller. Mom seemed to be enticed inside by all the yummy baked goods and fancy coffee drinks while the child seemed perfectly content to munch on grapes from home and a box of raisins. Don’t’ know what was in her sippy cup.

The Squirrels cafe in Lafayette is a perfect people-watching spot, right on the corner of Mount Diablo Boulevard. Show up at the door with a walker or cane and multiple staff members rush to greet you.

Watch all the cars go by. Every other one seems to be a silver Honda or white Lexus.
Park on Mt. Diablo and pay at the automated meter box out front.

The only minor problem: Now that it is summer and the sun is bright, it’s hard to read the display to see how many minutes remain. Lots of people Friday had their noses right on the screen display and still couldn’t see what they owed.

As noted in the June 22 Sun, the Lafayette council has approved more meters at $1 an hour for downtown parkers. Bring ‘em on but make ’em bright..

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