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Travolta film camp at St. Mary’s

By lmclaughlin
Wednesday, July 18th, 2007 at 3:49 pm in Lamorinda, Moraga, Schools.

THERE’S something about “American Bandstand”-style flicks that just seems to draw Travoltas. John Travolta’s cross-dressing turn in the new movie “Hairspray,” a musical comedy that revolves around a “Bandstand”-esque television show, has been making headlines lately. But John’s older brother by four years, film director Joey Travolta, just finished directing a slew of local teens in a very different version — a retro “American Grandstand” made during an unusual film camp at Moraga’s St. Mary’s College.

The two-week camp caters to teenagers with autistic spectrum disorders and their friends, though you’d have been hard-pressed to figure out who was who on the set. That, says Travolta, is exactly the point.

“I don’t see a difference,” says Travolta, “because I treat everyone the same.”

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