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Two neighborhoods battle over traffic calming

By asoglin
Thursday, November 15th, 2007 at 5:26 pm in Lafayette, Lamorinda, Roads.

At Tuesday’s Lafayette City Council meeting, it seemed the residents of two adjacent neighborhoods might need to be separated by a demilitarized zone.

At issue: Traffic calming measures on Stanley Boulevard and Springbrook Road, which are to be put to a neighborhood vote starting after Thanksgiving.

On one side: Residents on or near the two streets who have been clamouring for traffic calming for years to protect pedestrians heading to nearby schools and parks.

Their opposition: Residents of Bacon Court and Bacon Way, whose only way in and out is along Springbrook Road. They are concerned about emergency response times to their homes.

In the culmination of a four-year process, residents will be sent a ballot on Nov. 26 asking if they want traffic calming along Stanley Boulevard and Springbrook Road, and if so, whether they preferred a design based on speed humps or based on islands, chicanes and other road-narrowing options.

_ Paul Thissen

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5 Responses to “Two neighborhoods battle over traffic calming”

  1. LeadFoot Says:

    Interesting tale of two neighborhoods, similar to the ongoing battle in Moraga – where people speeding down Camino Pablo feel put out by three speed tables designed to slow them down and increase the visibility of kids crossing the street. No issue in recent memory has stirred as much vitriol. In both Lafayette and Moraga, people cut off from their raceways are fighting the calming measures with scare tactics and pictures of burning houses and stricken occupants. Amazing.

  2. Baconwayer Says:

    Putting speedbumps, raised crosswalks at stopsigns, islands, chicanes, etc. seems like overkill to me. Why must the vast majority of us be forced to navigate an obstacle course everytime we come and go from our homes just so we can slow down a handful of speeders who are just going to floor it in between speedbumps anyway? This self-righteous attitude where people think they have the right to control public roadways is unique to this city, this area. I’m not sure why you all think you’re entitled to this degree. There are already 4 stopsigns along Springbrook from Bacon to Camino Diablo. Enough is enough.

  3. CP-er Says:

    We’ll, SOMEONE has to take control of the roadways. Have you seen the way people are driving out there these days? What, six… seven… eight deaths, more, in Lamorinda with speeds as high as 100mph PLUS. I guess we could just make it Taiwan Rules, where everyone does what they want when they want, and the ambulance crews just pick up the victims as they are found. Oh, and here’s a newsflash for you: People IGNORE stop signs. If you can live with that kind of driving and that kind of risk, I’m cool with that — it will certainly cut down on the population explosion.

  4. CP-er Says:

    Dinner party last night. Guests included some folks from Sanders Ranch. One very nice lady was moaning how it takes her 25 minutes to “make it to the freeway” and how the speed tables slow her down even more. She was ticketed recently and showed me the ticket… 65mph on Camino Pablo. Turns out she has seven others just like it in her purse. But no problem here, folks, just keep on doing what you’re doing… everything is fine, just fine.

  5. Living on CP Says:

    Living in Sanders Ranch must be a burden. Those 25 minute commutes to the freeway must be killing her. I can recommend some very lovely penthouses in Jack London Square or SOMA. If you want to live in Sanders Ranch, you should expect a 25 minute ride to the freeway. That’s not unreasonable. One day, all those tickets will lead to an arrest or she will end up hitting someone and go to jail or pay a big settlement. Just because we are more educated and more wealthy doesn’t mean we have more common sense or more concern for our neighborhoods.

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