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Lafayette city staff, acting goofy on film

By lmclaughlin
Thursday, December 6th, 2007 at 12:39 pm in Lafayette, Lamorinda, Roads.

Many of Lafayette’s city staff members can now add “burgeoning movie star” to their resumes.

In response to City Manager Steve Falk’s interest in answering resident questions about municipal finance, they put together a 6-minute video, which is posted on the city’s Web site.

“I think the people are asking fair questions, but we need to kind of be more aggressive about getting our message out there,” Falk said.

To that end, his staff was willing to “embarrass themselves” by acting in the film, which cost the city $4,700.

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One Response to “Lafayette city staff, acting goofy on film”

  1. leo burke Says:

    is this what were paying our taxes for, a bunch of city employees getting paid on city time to act like a bunch of goof offs? I think each employee should be charged with embezzing city funds for their own personal use. I also think a grand jury should investigate misappropriate use of city funds and charge each “actor” for misappropriation of funds. I always wandered how a city like Lafayette, which is considered an affluent community, is constantly seeking more funds for the city coffers–now I know why.

    With the present short fall in school funds, $4,700 sure looks good for the schools.

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