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Moraga hires new town manager

By scarney
Tuesday, February 24th, 2009 at 2:48 pm in Moraga.

Moraga’s Town Council will take an official vote Wednesday night to confirm D. Michael Segrest, 62, of Colorado, as the new town manager.

Segrest’s prior experience as a town manager was a very important factor in his selection. Segrest was the town manager of Snowmass Village, Colo., until 2006 when he retired.

As town manager, Segrest will make $180,000 per year, plus benefits and a $500 per month car allowance. Moraga will pay for his relocation expenses during his move from Colorado. He also will be entitled to $3,000 per month for housing in his first year on the job.

Former Moraga Town Manager Phil Vince left his position in June to become the city manager of Martinez.

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One Response to “Moraga hires new town manager”

  1. Moraga Back bencher Says:

    In spite of the public image of at least three councilmembers during the fall 2008 council campaign, fiscal prudence was cast to the wind. One new council member basically lectured to the audience about how bad Moraga’s image is in Northern California. Another council member directed “you citizens” to welcome our new town manager and “you citizens” entrusted us (councilmembers) with all fiscal decisions. This councilmember went on to say, “we work for you”. If that was the case, she should have deferred this contract for further public input. The town manager contract was done basically in the stealth of night and in secret within a select group of council cheerleaders (Ellen Beans of Moraga Citizens Network and Edie Schwartz of the Moraga Chamber of Commerce)THIS IS OUR MONEY WE’RE TALKING ABOUT !!!! HOW DARE YOU EXCLUDE THE PUBLIC ON THIS VITAL DECISION…WE WILL REMEMBER THIS ON THE FIRST TUESDAY IN NOVEMBER 2010 OR MAYBE EVEN SOONER IN A RECALL ELECTION.

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