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Miramonte student dies at party

By scarney
Sunday, May 24th, 2009 at 3:47 pm in Orinda, Schools.

Joseph Loudon, a 16-year-old Miramonte High School student died at a party in Orinda Saturday night.

Loudon was rushed to Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Walnut Creek after other students at the party found him collapsed in a hallway. He was declared dead around midnight, shortly after arriving at Kaiser Permanente.

Miramonte students who were at the party or have heard the news through friends are struggling to believe a friend and fellow student has passed. With many students being away over the holiday weekend, the news will certainly hit hard Tuesday morning as students return to class.

My best wishes go out to the Loudon family and all of his friends and classmates in this difficult time.

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2 Responses to “Miramonte student dies at party”

  1. parent Says:

    Where were the parents of the kids who attended this party? Did they call and talk to this kids parents and see if they were going to be home? Do they call and check with other parents to know what is going on on certain evenings? And the parents of the kid who threw the party – you felt SAFE leaving your son home alone unchaperoned ? PARENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR CHILDS BEHAVIOR UNTIL THEY ARE OUT OF HIGHSCHOOL AND 18 YEARS OF AGE. These kids were drunk – not thinking anything could ever happen to them or their friends. They feel immortal. (fact: they do not loose that feeling of immortality until 23.7 yrs of age) They were thinking of themselves and worried about getting in trouble. Think of adults WHO are supposed to know better and yet DUI’s are still happening because they are making bad choices while drinking. How many lives are now destroyed not to mention the lose of a life because PARENTS DID NOT KNOW WHAT THEIR CHILD WAS DOING. Sad

  2. Campo Grad Says:

    What this parent said is absolutely ridiculous. Teenagers make mistakes in life. No one should put putting all the blame on the parents or the kids. His parents could have kept a very close eye on him every day out of the year besides one and on the one day, he got drunk, drank to much and died. Should you blame the parents for that, absolutely not. Teenagers make mistakes all the time, i should know i dropped out of campo my senior year due to heavy drug use. No one should be putting the blame on anyone.

    My deepest condolences for the family.

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