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Local swimmers make All-DFAL teams

By scarney
Tuesday, May 26th, 2009 at 11:03 am in Lafayette, Lamorinda, Moraga, Orinda, Schools, Sports.

The list below includes swimmers from the three local high schools who were named to All-DFAL league teams. The list includes each swimmers’ name, school and the event they made the team for.

First Team – 200 medley relay: David Palley (Aca), Morgan Kennedy (Aca), Piankhi Gibson (Aca), Nick Hoverston (Aca); 200 freestyle: Tor Jensen (Cam); 200 IM: Tommy Dowley (Cam); 100 freestyle: Robbie Ashby (Cam); 500 freestyle: Bret Lathrope (Mir); 200 freestyle relay: Alec Ryner (Mir), John Holland (Mir), James Perry (Mir); 100 backstroke: Nick Deaver (Mir); 100 breaststroke: Chris Chuck (Cam); 400 freestyle relay: Nathan Langer (Mir)
Second Team – 200 medley relay: Sean Haufler (Mir); 200 freestyle: Stephen Kingery (Cam); 200 freestyle relay: Andrew Melton (Cam), Chris Dyer (Cam); 400 freestyle relay: Nate Boone (Aca), Jake Kisner (Aca).
Honorable Mention – 200 medley relay: Jeremy Chang (Cam), Sean Malley (Cam); 100 butterfly: Jeff Strausser (Cam); 100 freestyle: Tyler Baker (Mir), Nick Zolintakis (Cam); 500 freestyle: Ryan Higgins (Mir)

First Team – 200 freestyle: Shelbi Luchini (Cam); 200 IM: Andrea Ward (Cam); 50 freestyle: Sierra Robbins (Mir); 100 butterfly: Courtney Whyte (Cam); 200 freestyle relay: Dana Holt (Cam), Olivia Alva (Cam), Rachel Cleak (Cam)
Second Team – 200 medley relay: Hayley Russell (Cam), Caroline Lukins (Cam); 200 freestyle: Eva Erickson (Cam); 50 freestyle: Meredith White (Mir); 200 freestyle relay: Haley Honens (Mir), Brooke Woodward (Mir)
Honorable Mention – 200 medley relay: KJ Kroetch (Aca), Bryce Tanner (Aca), Kathrine Records (Aca), Natalie Chan (Aca); 500 freestyle: Molley Howland (Cam); 400 freestyle relay: Jenna Haufler (Mir), Sam Swinton (Mir)

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