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Mother of Joe Loudon asks for answers

By scarney
Saturday, June 6th, 2009 at 4:55 pm in Orinda, Schools.

It has been two weeks since the passing of Joe Loudon, the Miramonte High School student who died shortly after being found unconscious in the hallway of a home where students were having a party.

The Orinda Police Department has been involved in a very thorough investigation of the events that took place the night of May 23, yet few of the people who were at the party have been willing to discuss what went on.

Below is a copy of a letter that Joe’s mom, Marianne Payne, wrote to the community, hoping that someone with more information would come forth to help Joe’s family and friends understand what happened that night.

Dear Orinda Community,

Over the past week, I have been overwhelmed by generous offers of support from so many people — all or most have offered “anything, anything I can do to help you — just ask.” 

I am now asking — pleading – for your help. I need information — and the Orinda Police need information — and we need answers about Joe’s death.

It is estimated that there were 50 to 60 people at the Hamilton/Gabrielli house on the night of Saturday, May 23rd. To date, only a handful of these people have been willing to come forward and of this handful of people, most are unwilling to share what they know.

If you were at the party and know what happened please do not be silent.

If you are a parent or friend of someone at the party and have information about what happened, please come forward.

If you have knowledge of the whereabouts of Joe’s I-Phone — please contact the Orinda Police immediately.

If you have any information at all — please contact the Orinda Police.

We need answers. Answers that I am certain are out there.

The truth about what happened must be known. I have to know — we all need to know so that we can learn from this tragedy so that it will never happen again

Joe had more integrity than anyone I know. He was honest and forthright — and always believed in doing the right thing. Joe deserves this justice.

If you are a friend of Joe’s, you will come forward and tell the Orinda Police what occurred on the night of Saturday, May 23rd. Those of you who were at the party know. This is the hour when you are called to be your best selves, to stand for truth and not hide from your responsibilities.

Joe’s life has ended, you are all witnesses and your lives will be defined by your actions.

Marianne Payne

Mother of Joe Loudon

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