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More from the downtown development debate

By Jonathan Morales
Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009 at 5:16 pm in Orinda.

Another article pushing for new suburban downtown development, this one from the Chronicle’s John King, and it hits close to home. He’s talking about Orinda, specifically endorsing Peter Hasselman and Bill Simpson’s vision for a downtown that includes new high-density development and a dramatic (or is it radical?) pedestrian pathway over Highway 24.

But read through the comments and you’ll find lots of negative feedback, much of it from Orindans saying “Thanks, but no thanks.” EastBayDaze also posts their take on it (they’re not impressed either).

King says changing demographics may mean changing attitudes towards high-density infill development in East Bay suburbs like Orinda, but judging by the reaction to his article, it’s either imaginary, small or just not all that vocal. It’s not new to anyone in government that people are more likely to speak out if they’re against something than if they’re for it.

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