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Lafayette 2.0

By Jonathan Morales
Friday, January 29th, 2010 at 4:59 pm in Lafayette.

Orinda may have a Twitter account, but Lafayette’s jumping on the social networking bandwagon too.

The city is going live with GORequest, an iPhone app that lets residents submit public works requests or problems via their phone, in February. And as I mentioned in the Sun today, they’re also surveying residents to see which social media tools they use.

Here’s an excerpt from City Manager Steven Falk’s “Friday Summary”:

Do you use Twitter, Facebook, or other social networking tools? If so, we want you to know. To find out, we’ve uploaded a new survey onto the City’s website ( regarding City Communications. Tell us what (you) like to use, and what you don’t. We’re even thinking about blasting the “Summary” out each Friday on Facebook.

Here’s fair warning, Steven: If Lafayette starts playing Farmville, you can’t be my friend on Facebook.

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