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Disc golf vs. bocce battle looming?

By Jonathan Morales
Thursday, February 18th, 2010 at 12:39 pm in Moraga, Uncategorized.

From the “There’s a Group For Everything” files comes this series of posts on the San Francisco Disc Golf Club‘s forum about the impending elimination of two frisbee golf (frolf?) holes at Moraga Commons to make way for more bocce ball courts.

Forum writers say club members should show up to the council’s meeting on Feb. 24 to protest the elimination of the holes. Parks and Recreation Director Jay Ingram said while anyone is welcome to address the council, there is no agenda item about the course at that meeting.

Discussion about changes to Moraga Commons are “preliminary, said Ingram, as he tries to work with disc golf club members who want to preserve the course and bocce players who say they need more courts. The bocce club has outgrown its course and has been turning away other teams that wish to play there. Adding two bocce courts would mean the elimination of one disc golf hole and the relocation of another, Ingram said.

There’s also (very early) talk about putting a dog park in the Commons — full story on that to be posted shortly to — which could eliminate another golf hole.

Right now, Ingram said, he’s talking with both groups and “trying to make two passionate user groups happy as best i can with the limited space we have in our parks.”

Personally, if the situation were to escalate, I give the advantage to the disc golfers. Bocce balls are heavier, but frisbees are faster and I’m guessing those golfers are pretty accurate.

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3 Responses to “Disc golf vs. bocce battle looming?”

  1. Janis Mara Says:

    Golf is boring, but now that your post has acquainted me with the sport of disc golf, I might want to try it. Sounds just goofy enough, not to mention easy, to be fun.

  2. Willaim Says:

    The good thing about Moraga politics, is it is a slow process. Dog owners dont want the disc golf area, we are being forced into it by Parks and recreation commisioners. Most of the dog owners are handicapped and cant climb the hill to pick up dog poo so the area wont be good. If this is a three way competition, the dogs will steal the balls and intercept the frisbees, (some of the dogs will yelp from those heavy bocce balls.)

  3. TopDog Says:

    Love both of the sports.

    Can’t bocce be played anywhere though??

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