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More on the Orinda Community Foundation

By Jonathan Morales
Friday, February 26th, 2010 at 4:28 pm in Orinda.

You can read here or in today’s Sun about a new nonprofit, the Orinda Community Foundation, which would serve much of the same purposes of the current Orinda Community Fund, which is run through the city.

Councilwoman Sue Severson said part of the reason for forming the nonprofit was that operating the fund was burdening staff’s time, but this staff report for next week’s council meeting shows there were also logistical and procedural concerns as well:

Council will note that along with the revenues from the events, there are also necessary expenditures related to the events. As the events have materialized, members of staff have expressed concerns that the events are being planned and implemented by volunteers who may not necessarily follow expenditure processes established through the City’s Purchasing Policy. Staff is very appreciative of the volunteers’ time and dedication to making the events successful but are also concerned that the current process of generating revenues for the Orinda Community Fund may not be the best model for the City for fundraising.

As such, staff discussed this concern with Council Member Severson and Mayor Thomas T. McCormick, who determined that the best approach might be through a non-profit foundation. … Staff is in concurrence that this would be a preferable model rather than having the funds come in and out of the City with no controls in place.

While Severson told me this week the Orinda Community Fund won’t go away, the staff report also indicates that the fund’s current nearly $12,000 balance will be transferred to the Orinda Community Foundation (confused yet?) with the exception of $100 to the Parks and Recreation Foundation.

If you’re interested in helping get the Community Foundation off the ground, there will be a meeting from 5-6 p.m. March 4 in the Community Room at City Hall.

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