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More on Moraga’s ‘Recall’ signs

By Jonathan Morales
Wednesday, March 31st, 2010 at 5:31 pm in Moraga.

Recall Town CouncilThe one consensus on the “Recall Moraga Town Council” signs remains that no one has any clue who put them up. There may be others, but I drove by the major Moraga intersections today and saw this one at Moraga Way and Moraga Road (below the “Go Gaels” sign) and another on Moraga Road at town limits right next to the “Town of Moraga” sign.

In ridiculously tiny print in the bottom-right corner of the sign, it reads But don’t waste your time typing that equally ridiculously long URL into your Web browser; the link doesn’t exist.

Recall Town council closeup

Assuming whoever is behind the signs is serious about a recall campaign (and, at this point, that’s a major assumption since the signmaster has yet to make him or herself known), it’s a little surprising that it’s someone advocating for a more progressive council. Most of the criticism lobbed at council members these days seems to stem from a feeling they’ve been a little too progressive.

If you’re wondering if and when the signs have to come down, yes, they do … eventually. Moraga’s sign code allows temporary political signs to remain up for 15 days before they require a sign permit.

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