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Police logs: Lock your car and don’t forget the keys edition

By Jonathan Morales
Wednesday, April 21st, 2010 at 5:34 pm in Crime, Lafayette, Orinda.

After a week off, I know you’ve been jonesing for your weekly police update. You’re welcome, America.

Let’s start on April 16, where a vehicle was reported stolen on the 1100 block of Oak Hill Road in Lafayette. The owner told police he had left the car unlocked in his driveway with the keys in the ignition. I’m not saying he was asking for his car to be stolen, but if you’re going to leave your car unlocked, at least bring the keys inside with you.

Several people in Lafayette did remember to lock their cars but just got unlucky. Someone (or someones) made off with a bunch of stereos taken out of cars north of the freeway. Two burglaries happened on April 13 in the 3200 block of Acalanes Road. Then there were two more on April 14, one on the 3600 block of Nordstrom Lane and another (GPS stolen this time) on the 1000 block of Glen Road. Finally, there was one on the 1000 block of Timothy Way on April 16. In every case, a the burglar broke a window and made off with a stereo (with the one exception for the GPS).

Finally, someone made off with a ton of stuff from a home on Muth Drive in Orinda on April 8. A burglar or burglars stole a flat screen TV, jewelry, $5,000 in cash, a laptop and two handguns.

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