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Orinda: A paleontologist’s dream?

By scarney
Monday, July 19th, 2010 at 9:24 pm in Orinda.

In the area where crews are preparing to dig the fourth bore of the Caldecott Tunnel, paleontologists have already come across fossils dating back 10 to 15 million years.

The company PaleoResources Consultants was hired by CalTrans to look through all of the dirt being dug out for potential fossils. Although the major digging has not started, the hillside has already been a hot bed for fossils.

Paleontologists with PaleoResources Consultants believed they could potentially find as many as 1,000 different specimens during the entire duration of the digging. That estimate has increased quickly, as the group has already uncovered more than 500 specimens. Some of the more notable specimens include  fossils from ancient horses and camels.

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