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More speed bumps in Lafayette?

By scarney
Sunday, July 25th, 2010 at 6:37 pm in Lafayette, Roads.

Speed bumps may be added to Reliez Station Road between Pleasant Hill Road and Olympic Boulevard if the neighborhood’s residents vote that way.

The City of Lafayette has sent ballots out to residents in the area. The ballots are to be returned to the city in early August. Once the ballots are received, the city will decide whether or not to install the speed bumps.

That section of Reliez Station Road is often victim to speeding, as drivers use it as a shortcut when many cars are on the road. The “shortcut” allows drivers to skip over the often busy intersection of Pleasant Hill Road and Olympic Boulevard.

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2 Responses to “More speed bumps in Lafayette?”

  1. Jack Fuller Says:

    Long overdue. That stretch is good for about 20 mph max.

  2. Andres Says:

    The speed humps may be a challenge on that road other than in the two relatively flat sections on the top and on the bottom towards Olympic. You can’t or shouldn’t put them in on a steep grade. I’m a huge proponent of speed humps when properly applied. They are the only controls that really work.

    I might suggest a raised cross walk on Pleasant hill road and Relize Station and one at Olympic and Reliez Station. That will lower the “short cut” traffic having them on both enter and exit. They are stop signs so it should not be a nuisance for the residents.

    Pinch points don’t work, they only keep the honest people honest. Don’t let the city or anyone push you into this, its a mistake. You might as well save your money. That being said in combination with the speed humps and raised crosswalks you can effectively achieve what your after with the least nuisance and safety.

    If your using the traffic calming committee method, be careful there as well. Make sure the will of the people is really being represented.

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