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Musical performances in Lamorinda on Sunday

An organ recital featuring Saint Mary’s famous organ will take place this Sunday, Oct. 17, in the school’s chapel. The recital, which will start at 3:00 p.m., will be performed by Dr. Gerre Hancock, a Professor of Organ and Sacred Music at The University of Texas at Austin. The recital is free and open to the public.

Also on Sunday, starting at 4:30 p.m., the Cantare Chorale will be performing their show “I Got Rhythm” at the Lafayette-Orinda Presbyterian Church. This show is also open to the public. Tickets are $25 for general admission, $10 for kids and $50 for families. An ice cream social will follow the concert. For more information, visit

Posted on Friday, October 15th, 2010
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Campolindo getting some upgrades

Campolindo High School is set to receive some upgrades after the Acalanes Union High School District Governing Board approved the projects.

During the upcoming summer of 2011, Campolindo’s Video Production classroom will be upgraded and one of the women’s restrooms will be renovated. Several classrooms and areas currently used as storage space will be transformed into offices.

During the summer of 2012, the school is expected to receive a new roof, while the multi-purpose room and choir room will be renovated during the summer of 2013.

The total cost of the projects, which is currently estimated at around $3.5 million, will be funded by Measure E.

Posted on Thursday, October 14th, 2010
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Lafayette crime “lowlights”

On Oct. 5, an altercation broke out between a Lafayette man and a Lodi man in the El Charro parking lot. After words were exchanged, the Lodi man pulled a gun out of his truck before leaving the scene.  Lafayette police were able to find the Lodi man later that night in the Happy Valley area. The man was arrested and taken to jail.

A Lafayette man reported that his bike had been stolen from his garage on Aug. 28. Almost a month later, on Sept. 26, the man found his bike  locked up at the Lafayette BART station and was able to reclaim it with the help of the police.

Posted on Wednesday, October 13th, 2010
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Fundraising numbers for Moraga council race

Two candidates are fundraising. Two others, not so much. One didn’t file in time. Here’s how the campaign finance paperwork breaks down for the Moraga Town Council election:

  • Ken Chew (i): 5,004.25 in contributions, $1,646.14 in expenses and $3,358.12 cash on hand
  • Seth Freeman: Has not filed yet (deadline was Oct. 5). I have an e-mail out to Freeman and will post his response once I get it.
  • Dave Trotter (i): $7,659 in contributions, $2,294.80 in expenses and $5,718.96 cash on hand
  • Dennis Wanken: Filed short form saying he will both receive and spend less than $1,000
  • Eleni Wanken: Filed short form saying she will both receive and spend less than $1,000

Posted on Wednesday, October 13th, 2010
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Experience Lamorinda art

The Lamorinda Arts Alliance is holding their 15th Annual Open Studios Tour this Saturday, Oct. 16, and Sunday, Oct. 17, from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. During those times, more than 30 artists will be available to display and discuss their artwork inside their studios and homes.

To celebrate the Open Studios Tour, the Moraga Art Gallery,which is located in the Rheem Shopping Center, will be holding a “kick-off” reception this Friday night, Oct. 15, from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

For more information, including a map of the studios, visit: Maps are also available at the Moraga Art Gallery.

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NorCal Kids Triathlon results

Too many names to list here or in the print version. You can find a list of all the winners and runners-up here.

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Campaign signs stolen, McCormick says

TOM MCCORMICKOrinda Mayor Tom McCormick, currently seeking re-election, says someone has been stealing his campaign signs.

For the last three nights, he said, someone has been driving through the city and taking the signs. One woman, he said, told him the sign was near her front door and she thought her house was being broken into. Another woman, he said, told him she had two different signs on her lawn and only McCormick’s was taken.

“It just annoys the heck out of me,” he said. “They’re just my signs being taken.”

In an e-mail, police Chief Jeff Jennings said if someone reports the stolen signs the department will report it as a petty theft, but no one as called the police yet.

“This is a common occurrence during election cycles,” he said. “Most of the time it is kids who just steal the signs to make someone upset but sometimes it is an adult with an agenda.”

The chances of recovering the signs is “remote at best,” he said.

“Campaigns are wrought with emotion and candidates rightfully get upset when their signs are stolen or vandalized and we feel for them but it is a part of the business of campaigning for public office,” Jennings said. “We will do what we can for anyone calling in a theft of property.”

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Fundraising numbers for school board races

They don’t generate the big-time bucks that your average race for city council does, but school board candidates have to report their financial dealings as well.

Something to note: Candidates who anticipate they will both raise and spend less than $1,000 in a calendar year are allowed to file a shorter form, known as “Form 470,” in which they do not have to detail expenses and contributions.

The numbers are for this year through Sept. 30.

Lafayette School District

  • Art Kapoor (i): $1,000 in contributions all from himself, $1,000 cash on hand and $703 in outstanding debts
  • Teresa Gerringer (i): Said she filed Form 470
  • David Gerson: $1,000 in contributions (plus a $1,000 personal loan), $2,000 cash on hand and $995.16 in outstanding debts
  • Berch Parker: $475 in contributions, $475 cash on hand and $975 in outstanding debts
  • Saveth Soun: Did not file Form 460 by the Oct. 5 deadline. Soun has not yet responded to an e-mail regarding whether she filed another form.

Orinda Union School District

  • Sarah Butler: Said she filed Form 470.
  • Tyson Krumholz: $550 in contributions, $219.94 in expenditures, $330.06 cash on hand, and $509 in outstanding debts
  • Julie Rossiter: $2,210 in contributions (plus a $1,200 personal loan), $2,593.29 in expenditures, $816.71 cash on hand and $40 in outstanding debts
  • Christopher Severson: Said he filed Form 470.
  • Bekki Van Voorhis-Gilbert: Did not file by the Oct. 5 deadline. She said in an e-mail she was at Point Reyes from Oct. 5 to Oct. 7 for her daughter’s field trip, then broke a bone in her foot and had to have it set Friday, and with county offices closed for Columbus Day planned to file today. Her mid-year filing shows that as of June 30 she had received $4,985 in contributions, made $2,556 in expenditures and had $2,429 cash on hand.

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Help send the Campolindo orchestra to China

The Campolindo High School orchestra will be traveling to China this spring and is looking for any financial help they can get. While the orchestra and the associated Campolindo Music Boosters are taking the traditional way of asking for donations, they are also running a program called Rent-A-Student.

People in need of services such as babysitting, tutoring, cleaning, gardening and more can call in and request a necessary service. The Campolindo orchestra will send out a student capable of the skills needed in exchange for compensation to help fund their trip. Call 925-360-9635 if you’d like to rent a student and help out the orchestra at the same time.

Posted on Monday, October 11th, 2010
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Hit and run crash on Highway 24

A hit and run crash on Highway 24 this morning left the victim’s car crushed and the contents of the victim’s trunk spread out across Highway 24.

According to initial comments by the police, the victim was driving in her lane when the other driver slammed into her from behind. The victim’s car spun multiple times before coming to a stop nearly 500 feet down the highway.

The driver who caused the accident fled the scene and has avoided police thus far. Police were on the lookout for the hit and run driver throughout Lamorinda last night. California Highway Patrol is continuing to investigate the crash.

Posted on Sunday, October 10th, 2010
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