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Driver in fatal Orinda crash identified

By Jonathan Morales
Wednesday, January 26th, 2011 at 3:31 pm in Crime, Orinda.

Police have identified the suspect killed in a car crash in Orinda on Tuesday as a 27-year-old Hayward woman.

Christina Ramos died of blunt force to the head, according to the Contra Costa coroner’s office. Toxicology results are pending.

Ramos was crushed to death when she crashed a stolen pickup truck into a power pole at Camino Pablo and Miner Road in Orinda. The truck, along with a Subaru, were reported stolen in Moraga about 2:20 p.m. Monday.

The victim saw the suspects driving her vehicles away and called Orinda and Moraga police. An Orinda police officer followed Ramos into Orinda before losing sight of her. Another officer found the vehicle at the scene of the accident soon afterward

Ramos was pronounced dead at the scene.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing, said Contra Costa Sheriff’s Office spokesman Jimmy Lee. Police are still trying to find the person who stole the Subaru, which was later found in Lafayette.

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2 Responses to “Driver in fatal Orinda crash identified”

  1. Joanna Says:

    Good afternoon,

    My Name is JoAnna, I am the Cousin of Christina Ramos and Her Mother Annette Ramos is my Aunt.

    This email is to hopefully gets some assistants with clarifing and letting the public know how devistated we all are on how the entire events progressed and the process of attending to Christina was in poor judgement.

    With so many crossed judgements and approach to the entire situation, Christina was left for dead however was not on impact as quoted in so many stories. It was stated that the vehical was crushed and (individual) was unidentifiable. This is untrue.

    There was other stories that were so painful to hear on multiple media opinion and or possible fact. Yet when we got to the accident sight and Police Department and Coronors, they stated how “Wonderful and Intact” she was for such a crash. Once WE saw her for ourselves, it was even more devistating because we already knew she would have made it had they went in there to try to save her. According to reports and video footage you see no attempt of an Ambulance or Fire Truck in any RESCUE efforts for Christina. However you do see Police Cars and PG & E Trucks on sight with cars being redirected by traffic officers and yet still no RESCUE attemps.

    Our family is well aware of Christinas history, so does that make it fair that she was just left for dead, figuring “just another theft gone bad and deserved?” I would pray this was not the case. However looks that way to our family.

    I think it would be in the best interest to call me when you can as I will be pursuing a Case against the Contra Costa County and Moraga Police Department. Even though the story goes that cars were stolen and then sighted and one got away and the other crashed and dies. Still … no one ever checked to see if she was able to be saved. Just judged on the visual of the Truck Damage and all the people left without Power for a while, yet with no RESCUE efforts we are left without Christina forever.

    We know she was alive, she called from her Cell asking for help….. and so heartbreaking and shocked to us thats all we have left is a painful recording of a call for help and yet no one ever checked on her.

    Til this day, very odd how the Police told us one thing then changed the story over a course of 3 days. No one has that recording but us, however with Technology today, all Cells can be traced backed and listened to. Im sure because they will not return her belongings to us as of yet they are working on fixing their mistakes! Police are just as crooket. A badge does not make you God. No matter the situation every individual deserves the right to be Served and protected. Someone felt like God that day and let her die.

    If your interested in helping Us I would appreciate hearing from you. We want the public who also has experienced simular events to know it is not ok to choose judgement based of situation.

    I appreciate you reading my email. If you cant help us, I will continue my efforts til proper judgement is ruled.

    (209) 623-6609

  2. tanya Says:

    joanna, im glad to hear that someone is doing something about this. because once i heard that a phone call was made to someone i know, it was at 4:30 pm. almost 2 hours after the accident. it has been bugging me that they did not try to even attempt to save her. this i didnt understand and kept asking if any of her family was doing anything about it? i feel alot better to know that you guys are pursuing the death of Lil Foot aka christina. also look into if the police bumped the back of the truck to cause her to go off the road like that. my deepest prayers go out to the family. God Bless.

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