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MCC reverses decision on Cunnane’s clinic

By scarney
Friday, June 8th, 2012 at 10:56 am in Moraga.

The Moraga Country Club’s Board of Directors have reversed their decision on banning Kristen Cunnane from giving a clinic at the pool. The Monday clinic will happen as previously scheduled, and Cunnane does plan to attend.

Below is a statement from Tom Engberg, President of the MCC Board of Directors:

First, on behalf of the Moraga Country Club Board of Directors, its management and its membership let me offer our sincere apologies to Kristen Lewis Cunnane. She is a brave woman whose courage in talking about her ordeal and bringing a sexual predator to justice is an example for all to emulate.

I made the decision, as Board President, to cancel her proposed swim clinic so that I could make certain that our Board of Directors was aware of her clinic. I did it because there has been a significant amount of coverage of her courageous stand against child abuse and I wanted to make certain that the Board would be prepared should coverage of her clinic take place. I have spoken with the Board and it has unanimously approved her clinic.

We will welcome her at MCC, where she and her family have been members for many years, to share her experience both as a world class swimmer who started her career as a MCC Mini-wave and set numerous team and pool records before going on to become a member of the UCLA swim team and now as an assistant coach at UC Berkeley.

I hope that our swim team members learn from Kristen not only about the dedication it takes to succeed at athletics but the courage it takes to stand up for one’s self in situations where a child feels threatened or abused. Kristen has exhibited amazing courage and we are very pleased that she will share her story with our swimmers and other members of MCC.

I apologize for the controversy this has caused and any distress it caused Kristen and our membership.

Thomas K. Engberg

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