Grading the draft a joke


C’mon, you really have no idea.

And neither do I.

Good grade, bad grade. No one’s going to remember or care in a few years when we have a better feel for which picks turned out to be players and which one didn’t.

To hear Lane Kiffin talk, it was as if the Raiders targeted 11 players and got them all. A miracle.

Odds are slim that was the case. Someone they wanted went to someone else, but Kiffin knows the drill. He was a recruiting coordinator, with plenty of experience at the “We got everyone we wanted” speech to the media.

The 2007 draft, of course, will some day be determined by JaMarcus Russell. If he’s great, the draft is great. If he’s a bust, the draft won’t be much better.

My gut feeling is it was a pretty good draft. That’s the same gut, by the way, that thought Kevin Boothe was a throwaway pick in the sixth round last year, and wondered if Matt Leinart was no more than a Ken Dorsey because he was a so-so talent playing on a great team.

There were guys at the gym this morning who had seen maybe 1 percent of the total draft class on television or in person games speaking with authority on who did well and who didn’t.

It will be nice to see players actually on the field this weekend, but with no contact, we really won’t begin to make any real assessments until Napa when players get in pads.

Remember Paul McQuistan? He was a combination of Steve Wisniewski and Kevin Gogan when they suited up for minicamps last year. He lasted two games before giving way to Boothe, a guy I ranked 53rd of 53 players on this blog.

You make a guess. You live with it.

That’s the draft in a nutshell.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer