Taylor: Ryan to stay


Statement released by the Raiders by spokesperson Mike Taylor to the Associated Press:

“The recent conjecture regarding the removal of Rob Ryan is incorrect and the constant barrage of rumors is irresponsible. The Raiders organization stated that the speculation that Rob Ryan will be relieve of his duties should stop.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Arizona developed 2 damn good TEs: Todd Heap and then ZMiller

    Virginia looks to have developed 2 damn good DEs: Patrick Kerney and now Chris Long. I see the same player in these two. Hopefully Long is even better!


  • Janikowsky was Grudens choice. Seriously.

  • raiderwill1980

    i’m sorry oakglenn, al has been known to control a draft too much for me to believe that, show me evidence and then i’m a believer

  • Scottish Raider

    I strangely admire all the loyalty many of you show to Al Davis. I know that many of you will never lose faith in him or his judgement. But, as it looks likely, he has made the decision to retain Rob Ryan, then I think that is the dumbest decision Davis has made this century.

    There is just no logic for keeping Ryan. His record, as evidence by the stats and the rankings, is just dreadful. There is no sign that he has any idea how to improve this defense. He has had four year and we are regressing. It can’t be money, we can easily afford his pay-off. It can’t be the competition, the Jets haven’t made any approach and neither has anybody-else. Player loyalty? They’re mercenaries and who trusts their judgement?

    If Davis keeps Ryan, we will have another losing season in 2008. Guaranteed.


  • Kirk

    The Raiders have had a series of bad drafts over the years. 5 defensive backs and a kicker chosen in the first round in the last 8 years. That is why we suck.

    Last year we had a good draft. If we choose McFadden or Dorsey or Ellis this year, we will have two good drafts in a row and will be on our way to a brighter future.

    We still need to ditch Rob Ryan though. The most vanilla defense I have ever seen. You have to blitz occasionally to be a good defense, because blitzes cause turnovers.

  • Scottish Raider

    PS: I tried to post the NFL Defensive rankings since 2002, just so that you could all see the extent of Ryan’s failure, but the site wouldn’t accept the posting.

    The best site for the stats is coachescorner.com. Go look and realise why Ryan literally has no defense.

  • Will, when Ryan took over the defense, we were DEAD LAST against the run. DEAD LAST. TERRIBLE. I think we were 2nd to last against the pass. A lot of $$$$ and attention has gone into the pass defense and the pass defense has improved. If we spent a ton on the secondary and it was terrible, I’d be the first one calling for Ryans head on a pike. Name one run defender we’ve picked up in the last 2 years???? Our best run defender LB Danny Clark, we cut. Denver was dumb as shit for trading Gerard Warren to us. Shoring up our defensive line HAS TO BE OUR TOP PRIORITY. Look at some teams in the playoffs- Tampa Bay, 3 linemen lst rounders, NY Giants 3 linemen 2nd rounders, New England all three starting DL, lst rounders, Seattle’s Patrick Kearney, arguably one of the best DE’s in the league, lst rounder.
    How many of our guys are did we pick in the first round??? Shoot Sands was a 7th rounder picked by KC. We haven’t devoted ANY ATTENTION towards our defensive line in the draft, and I think smart teams build winning programs thru the draft and then build championship teams thru Free agency. JMHO.

  • Huff24

    Everyone keeps saying that you cannot be a fan without Al Davis. Sorry but I’m not a Raiders fan because of Al Davis. Ok? Its out there. I loved the colors of the team. I loved the emblem and I was born in San Jose, CA. I had a choice between Oakland and San Francisco and I chose Oakland over a team that was winning Superbowls at the time. I didn’t say to myself at 7 years old…man…that Al Davis sure is something. Sure, Al Davis is responsible for the colors and the logo and I can thank him for that what he hasn’t done anything for me.

    I will always be a Raiders fan. Period. I have missed the John Madden and Tom Flores eras all together so I can’t even lay claim to that. If I want to be a Raiders fan for the sake of being a Raiders fan, thats what I choose to do. I haven’t won Superbowls. I have only been to one Superbowl and we lost to the coach that helped build that specific team so get it out of some of your heads that I couldn’t be a fan without Al Davis. Hes not the only one that helped put this franchise together. He just happens to be the last remaining of them all and the only thing that has to do with me…is the consistent losing seasons and bad decisions. Nobody has to agree, thats just how I feel.

  • rodmoney

    We have to realize that no high profile FA will sign with a dysfunctional mess that Al has created here. So forget about Albert and any other playmaker on the market. Al has yet to realize that his views on things and the coaches of today that know what D would benefit your team are not one in the same. Unless we make the proper moves involving the draft for you already know about the FA we will be just as pathetic as the previous 5 yrs. Not only do we have to adjust our scheme we must bolster our D upfront. We have to get rid of some high draft choices hopefully by trade (Washington, Drayton) We also have to get rid of some others that are not making plays (Eugene, Stu , S. Williams ) and let some others go (Jordan, Fargas)We must draft well (Long, Campbell. Ellis Balmer Josh Barrett are players that would bring a dominance upfront as well as the secondary and if possible get a least 3 of them. We can trade down and recieve additional picks but we must make sure we can still get the player we want (07, Zac Miller 38th pick) We’ll see if Ryan remains here and if that is the case this is’nt taken into the 08 season Recommit to Excellence.

  • raiderwill1980

    i really wouldn’t care if ryan came back,i’ve said that before. i prefer us to go to a cover 2 base and mix in man and zone, but if he stays, i just want them to fix the run defense.and also glenn, while our pass defense has a decent rating, when do we stop anyone though the air or ground when we need too? hell if not for a time out and blocked kick, we don’t even beat cleveland because he called a soft zone repeatedly that allowed them to march in field goal range. my hope is that kiffin doesn’t want him gone and al wants him to stay. at that point, if that turns out to be the case, i cannot support ryan being the coordinator. you and i have both discussed several times and agree our #1 need this offseason is at dt. that i am aware of. but to ask what’s the problem..there you have it, the problem i have is 4 years and not a lick of improvement vs the run

  • Huff24

    Also…The team name was voted for and then agreed upon by the owners of the Raiders so it wasn’t all Al Davis.

  • Will I’m completely with ya. My point is we get rid of ryan we better get someone as good or better.

  • jeremy


    Al is the main person who put this franchise together. Yes it was a team prior to Al becoming coach and GM, however if you want to take a look at the architect, it’s Al. Of course he’s had assistance with everything, however his fingerprints our all over the blueprint.

    As for liking the Raiders, most fans don’t come to like a team due to the owner as a 7 year old kid is going to have no clue. I grew up a Raiders fan and when I was 3 I had an Oakland Raiders (proud to say that, since it was ’77 and not LA) sweatshirt. I remember being old enough to remember Marcus running all over Washington when we beat them in ’83.

    Once I was older I learned about Al and everything he’s done for football. There’s not another owner who can lay claim to what Al’s done along racial lines in the NFL in addition to women. This is obviously in addition to everything he’s done for the AFL & NFL.

    When it’s Al’s time to go, believe me the NFL will seriously miss Al.

  • jeremy


    By the way, you’re still talking about Ryan being a great DC. I guess you never responded to my comments about your belief in stats and how the 3rd ranked defense last season was based off of avg yards per game not points per game or rushing yards per game.

    Ryan needs to go, but until has someone guaranteed to replace he won’t.

  • raiderwill1980

    what al has done in the past cannot be disputed, his passion cannot be disputed, his desire to see this team win isn’t what can be disputed, but his recent history and mind boggling moves can be. him firing coaches and starting a search after 2 or 3 coaches have already committed to jobs that offseason can be questioned. the headscratching with the back and forth reports year in and year out can be questioned. al davis is an nfl icon. but so is barry sanders. would you want barry sanders to be our starting rb right now? i love everything al stood for even though most of it i had to read about given that i was born in 1980, but that doesn’t stop me from questioning his recent decisions. all his phrases like commitement to excellence?, well that lost alot of it’s meaning to me when he decided to trade gruden. those are the type of decisions that i don’t back. i don’t support that

  • Huff24

    I don’t think the NFL will miss him as much as they will pay their respects to him. You never want to disrespect someone after they have passed and they will give him credit where credit is due but I don’t think the “current” Al Davis will be missed by the NFL because the 1st half of Davis’ career, he was instrumental, the 2nd half of Davis’ career has been a joke in comparison. Its almost like Davis is the complete opposite of what he used to be but it doesn’t matter because everyone hangs their hat on the first half.

    There is more to the NFL and the Oakland Raiders besides Al Davis. There were plenty of people involved in things that happened back then and Al was among them but not the only one. I would bet there are many people who should get credit for many things but older Raider fans will always give more credit to Al Davis then he probably deserves.

  • homersimpsondoh

    if Ryan is staying and warren sapp is leaving, then you heard it here first.. Raiders record next year will be 5 wins, 11 loses

  • Scottish Raider

    OakGlenn, I agree that the stats do show that Ryan didn’t start the fall in performance, but he has had four years to turn things around and has failed to do so. There is no progression, in most areas 2007 was a season of regression.

    It is also worth illustrating that Ryan has had his share of draft picks:

    2006: Huff (1), Howard (2), Bing (4)

    2005: Washington (1), Routt (2), Morrison (3), Hawthorne (6), Riddle (6).

    2004: Schweigert (3), Johnson (6), Spencer (7), Somersall (7)

    2003: Asomugha (1), Brayton (1), Shurron (4), Shabazz (7).

    Plus the FAs.

    No, I don’t think the draft is an excuse for Ryan’s failure.

  • Huff24

    Heres an example: I bet most Raider fans would say that Bob Kraft is not responsible for the recent Patriots Superbowls. They will probably credit Belichick or say that they cheated.

    When it comes to the Raiders, Al Davis is completely responsible and the coaches get very little credit.

    Bob Kraft has recently won 3 Superbowls and could win a 4th this year but he won’t be looked at in the same context. People will say that Al Davis did alot for the NFL and that he is great and that will be the arguement. The fact is…its not about what happened in the past anymore. Its about whats happening in the present. Kraft AND Belichick should be equally credited for the success of the Patriots.

    Al Davis and Jon Gruden should be credited with the most recent success the Raiders had but most will give all the credit to Al Davis. Most people will say that Al Davis built his teams with renegades in the past and that had alot to do with all the penalties. Those penalties have been a constant for many years and I believe that has to do with the relationship built between Al Davis and the NFL and that was due to all the court battles between the 2.

    Bob Kraft might be guilty of the SpyGate scandal but the difference between him and the Raiders is that Kraft hasn’t been fighting the NFL for years. He has a good relationship with them and that is why he gets away with things like SpyGate. We all know that Al Davis would be hung or tried in court if he was caught cheating because he has built a poor relationship with the NFL.

    What this all comes down to…is winning Superbowls. Everyone can say that Al Davis is great because he won 3 Superbowls. The last winning Superbowl was in 1983. The Pats have won 3. Maybe they were helped? Thtas possible but maybe Al Davis should have worked on his prior relationships so we could have been helped as well. Thats the life of a renegade.

    I have to wonder if Bob Kraft has a hand in the defense like Al Davis. I’m not a Patriots fan or a Bob Kraft fan but you have to compare situations and be able to tell the difference between the 2. I see Kraft trying to win, I can’t say the same about Al Davis.

  • 1960AutumWind


    Regarding a trade of Burgess I think we should talk to Clevland. They need a pass rush and we need a LT. Its not that I don’t like Burgess but you have to trade quality to get quality. I say Burgess to Clevland for Kevin Shaffer + a 4-6 round Draft pick. Shaffer was with Atlanta with Cable and was very good. He signed a large contract with Clevland but was not very good in their system so they drafted Joe Thomas and moved him to RT.

  • 1960AutumWind

    The difference between Kraft and Davis is delegation. Davis needs to learn to delegate more. Belichick has a lot of control and Kraft signs checks…

  • Sorry you guys I’m watching the playoff game, but here let me square this for ya. All my posts over the year, regarding wins and losses, (which is what we are all about here), these have ALL been team wins and team losses. And when ya have the 25th ranked offense, how much can you really blame the defense and the defensive coordinator???? Kiffin said when he came in that HE THOUGHT the defense was going to be the strength of the team. I think we all did. And this is after watching game tape, and he’s watching this as a DC not a fan. Last year, you didn’t really hear anyone critcize the defense. I was probably the first one here who thought the defense was gonna take a step back, because no one was challenging them. Look at what Scottish Raider posted up above here. Out of four years of drafts you have two run defenders. TWO!!! Morrison and Brayton. And even both of them are somewhat suspect. Run defense is arguably the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT ASPECT OF FOOTBALL AT ANY LEVEL. How can you draft, seriously, no run defenders????? Botom line is this: as much as we hate to admit it, the cupboard was pretty bare when Kiffin took over. That’s the bad news. The good news is we have a bona fide franchise QB, and personally, I think a couple of solid run defenders,especially early in this draft will do wonders for the totality of our defense. You build a football team just like you build a baseball team or basketball team. Great in the middle. If you are not great in the middle, you’re gonna be in trouble. And that’s great in the middle on both sides of the ball.
    Lastly, Jeremy I’m not a big guy on stats, there are certain stats I do really follow, the 3rd overall defense ranking I got out of yesterdays Chronicle, and yes, you could say is that run d, pass d, total d, scoring d??? you can go on, again bottom line is I never called RR a great DC, I think he does a better job than almost everyone here is willing to give him credit for, but as I say, if you guys want him to walk the plank, there better be someone better in the wings. JMHO. Sorry to be soooooo lengthy.

  • Raider Raul

    You’re kidding about the Jano-Gruden comment, right??
    Dude, Big Al drafting SeaBass infuriated Gruden. Gruden was beside himself, and stuck it back to Al by drafting Tui. Gruden realized that he could never have the authority to build a championship franchise. Gruden’s departure began at that moment and took 2 years to culminate. This is important Raiders history.

    You’re one of the strongest bloggers here. Keep the faith…it has not yet been announced that Ryan is staying. I believe that Lane and Big Al are 2 peas in a pod, and are just laughing their arsses off right now. Hold the ranting until we have concrete evidence. Don’t fall into the Gay trap!!

  • Rual, that’s actually not true. Gruden had already built a playoff team at the point of drafting Janikowsky. Gruden was gushing about Janikowsky and thought Jano would be the final piece to the Super Bowl puzzle. Gruden already had a solid offense and defense. What was he gonna draft another receiver to go with Rice and Brown??? He knew he had to perfect his special teams to get over. He was right about that. C’mon Raul. If you know your Raider history, Davis would NEVER EVER pay a kicker. Think of Jeff Jaeger. Davis wouldn’t pay him and our kicking woes went on for years. Davis doesn’t think kickers are football players, but then again neither do I. They’re kickers. Punters on the other hand….

  • 1960AutumWind


    If indeed Kiffin wants to fire Ryan and Davis keeps him anyways with his dubious record it will be in the top three stupidest things he did this century. The #1 is drafting a kicker because that move caused Gruden to want to leave. He could of had a great kicker in the 4th or 5th rounds! #2 Is hiring Art Shell and letting him have Tom Walsh (we lost more than just a year) and made ourselves a laughing stock.

    Of course this is all a big “if” because it is “based” probably on some unammed source promulgated it. It may also have no real substance to it whatsoever. In fact my guess is that they are evaluating it to make a decision and whatever Al decides will have support from Kiffin. I really wish I could be saying whatever Kiffin decides has Al’s support instead however….

  • Let me quickly chime in on this Davis, Bob Kraft, all other teams in the league, Al Davis is an out of touch kook sentiment that runs thru some people here.
    lst off, the Patriots went to one superbowl in their first 20+ years of existence and they got pasted beyond belief. We went to three, winning two. So many people here talk of us like we haven’t smelled a Superbowl in fifty years. HEY EVERYONE, we were in the dance 5 years ago. The vaunted San Francisco Phony Whiners haven’t been to a Super Bowl in 14 years!!!! 14 years!!! And they’re not going any time soon. No one is on top forever and we’re on our way back..
    Very rarely in football do teams that lose the superbowl bounce back quickly. (See this years Chicago Bears). Yeah, the Superbowl hangover has been bad for us for a lot of different reasons, some of which is just plain bad luck, but the good news is we’ve probably bottomed out, we all are serious about winning, let’s have another good draft, and see what we have here. I really, really want to say how much I admire, ALL OF YOUR POSTS, (w/ the exception of a few, which we all know) You guys are gonna be champions.

  • Linuxjazz

    This is Bullshi* Ryan has got to go!! Like he said he a get a job in 2 minutes. So the (DC)King is dead Long live tghe King; new (DC)

  • What A Joke

    Davis is blowing it. This doesn’t look good for Kiffin. Davis has his head so far up his butt… he’s going to bring in Mike Martz.

  • RaiderTexx

    We are sitting here worrying about if “RYAN” is staying or leaving. I think if Big Al requires that RYAN stays – it may mean that KIFFIN goes!?!?

  • Lynne

    I like Ryan !! I am Happy

  • Mistabrown

    Lynne, tell us what you like about our DEF being ranked 22 or lower since RR arrived. And then tell us why poor tackling is an asset to a DEFENSE.

  • Mistabrown

    Martz is meeting with the 49ers Monday for an OC position and the Oakland Raiders are not in the market for on OC or HC.

    # What A Joke Says:
    January 5th, 2008 at 8:59 pm

    Davis is blowing it. This doesn’t look good for Kiffin. Davis has his head so far up his butt… he’s going to bring in Mike Martz.