The Dublin Raiders?


Update: A Raiders spokesman called to say the club was continuing to negotiate in good faith with Oakland and Alameda County regarding a stadium lease extension and that the Dublin visit was purely educational in nature.

In a revised version of the story in the East Bay Business Times, director of finance and technology Tom Blanda said his comments regarding Dublin were “hypothetical and not based on any desire to move the club.”

Dublin Mayor Janet Lockhart told the East Bay Business Times Friday that the Raiders are interested in building a stadium on the 180 acres of Camp Parks, currently by the U.S. Army Reserve and NASA.

Mark Davis, the son of Al Davis, and Tom Blanda, the Raiders director of finance and technology, made the pitch Thursday.

To say Lockhart isn’t interested is an understatement.

“My personal opinion is it would destroy the city of Dublin if we even considered it,” Lockhart told the Times.

According to Lockhart, Davis and Blanda said:

“‘We think the Raiders belong out here. We think we should put a stadium on this land.”

On the bright side, it presents a scenario where the Raiders are looking to stay in the East Bay when their lease expires in 2010.

(On a purely selfish note, being a Dublin resident, it would make it possible for me to ride my bike to work on game day).


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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  • Lee

    Where are the next round of questions from Jerry??

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  • Mistabrown

    I remember back in the day when our corners used to make plays at the line of scrimmage on run plays..

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  • Chargers and Pats in the AFC championship is my worst nightmare come true. While there is little chance of the Dolts beating the Pats, we all know the age old adage of “On Any Given Sunday” can rear it’s ugly head at any time. The fact that Norv’s team beat Indy with LT and that punk of a QB on the bench is a surprising.

    As for the Raiders, Kiffin just needs to bunker down, and get on with building a playoff caliber team. Raiders will be in the playoffs next year.

  • jo

    we do need a stadiam so be it . if you bild it they will come.

  • Raider tom

    Dublin?Damn I liked the fact the airport was so close to the Coliseum. but the Raiders have needed a new stadium for years. Even in the LA years!