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Lane Kiffin’s comment from Mobile, Ala., site of the Senior Bowl, according to ESPN.com:

“I’m not going to comment on anything that has transpired in the past three weeks,” Kiffin said.

The last three weeks.

Just about the time Kiffin wanted to make a change at defensive coordiantor and the Raiders sent out a release saying Rob Ryan would stay.

It all sounds pretty plausible from here.

At the season-ending press conference, Kiffin was resolute in changes he said were forthcoming with the Raiders. It was also clear he believed he had the power to make those changes happen.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer


    I just posted a comment pumping Davis up this morning. I’ve been a Raider fan for 29 years, and have seen Davis do some stupid s**t, but this takes the cake!

    Al, I take back every good thing I’ve ever said about you if this is true about Kiffin. Coaches and Quarter Backs are the heart and soul of a football team. Without consistancy in those spots there will never be playoffs again for our poor Raiders. Thanks for f**king up 2008 for us Al!

    I live in AZ so there isn’t much I can do to boycott your a** Davis, but I hope all my boys in Oakland and SF cancel there depos for season tickets. I’m calling them right now! fu Davis

  • sickraidernick

    there has to be a ex marine that is a raiders fan that can just take a practice shot at AD

  • sickraidernick


  • raiders2

    Is it wrong to change favorite teams at this point?? The Raiders don’t deserve to have fans anymore, but I’d feel bad about quitting, I just think I need to…..

  • Am I in?

    # eric the midget Says:
    January 25th, 2008 at 4:01 pm

    I am so mad I just punched my wife in the face.

    Is your wife a midget also????? or did you mean in her knees 😉

  • ???

    This whole thing is stupid if true but come on guys Al is not going to quit and nobody is going to make him quit not sure there is a way to do that anyway.

    We as fans of the team have to choices continue to root for them despite it all or jump ship.

    But thoes of you who think that any letter we right to anybody in the raiders front office would make any impact you are more out of it then AD. WE can do nothing but wait and then when it happens we either jump ship or start talking up the new puppet. LOL.

    Until that happens all our Ad must go comments are pointless and just a waste of blog space.:)

  • discgman

    We as fans have power of the purse. If Al doesnt like that, move the team to irwindale…

  • Raider fan..unfortunatly

    Ok im tired of u so called raider fans bailin out.
    I kno it sux, i hate Al…stubborn bastard…but if u r truely a raiders fan u would stick through it all.
    I kno the last five years have been a wreck but if the bengal fans can make it we can.
    I love lane kiffin…great guy, had things goin in the right direction…lve it to al to mess it up.
    But u gotta hang in there, and if u leave the nation never come back.

  • discgman

    Raider Fan..Unfortunatly, your a co-dependent…

  • no more infield

    A few points…
    Has anyone actually seen the letter that Al supposedly drew up?

    If not true the press are realy going to look like idiots on Monday when Kiff hires Lofton.

    If this is all BS then Al needs to come out now and say so because the season ticket holders and the players deserve it…

    If this is all true then the other owners need to see what it will take for Al to give up his duties…

    If true the this is indeed a sad day. The man is insane and we are witnessing his demise.

    If true then I will now be able to play golf on Sunday instead of traveling all the wat to flippin Oakland from Tahoe.Who knows my wife may like me again..

    Brace yourselves lads, the seas are getting stormy…

  • TheRaiderNeverDies

    we should go petition in front of alameda HQ

  • WTF???


    So now what are we supposed to think? The Raiders are saying the rumors are not true

  • g

    i have been a raider fan for 23 years and i am tired of al davis stupid way he is sinking this ship and he is take stupid pills while it is going down give up the team

  • Roderick

    Would someone PLEASE give AL Davis an overdose of ANYTHING so he can die and take his old decrepit ass to his grave so this franchise can move on to more positive results. PLEASE..

  • RaiderRandy

    Chris Mortensen also said the sky is falling….everyone take a deep breath and realize the insanity to this article from “unspecified sources” – of course they are!!!! There is no story and it does not even meet the common sense test. Do not be so easy to freak….hell that is why they make this stuff up.
    #1 – Al Davis would never leave a situation like this burining – he would just be gone money or no money.
    #2 – Kiffin would never stay in a situation like this he would not have to – from your reactions it would be easy to sue and win the case over the evil empire.

    Davis is still the Raiders and have some damn faith until we hear the facts….we are on track and J-Rock will be the man for the next decade. The losing years are done.

    I know Lofton would be coming to interview for a position Al likes him and a division rival just crapped on him – GET IT!

  • Season Ticket Holder


  • no more infield

    Raider fan – I can’t waste the money on tix anymore for a team this dysfunctional. Been a loyal fan since LA. Ticket holder for a few seasons. but in this economy, and if I am expected to lay down that kind of cash then i want results damn it. I will always be a fan. just not a paying one until Al is gone and we put a worthwhile product on the field… you can’t blame me. I come all the way from tahoe for christs sake..


    It very well might not be true at all. The entire football comunity wants to see the Raiders and their fans in misery for ever!

    Die Raider Haters!

  • this situation seems to have a lot to do with randy moss,s steller season in new england.al wants to know why he didn,t play like that for the silver and black.look at the qb,s moss had in oakland. aaron brooks , kerry collins , andrew walter none of whom will ever be confused with tom brady.

  • no more infield

    I’ve got it! The league should offer to give Al a job, like vice commissioner, which means that he has to give up his current one.

  • g

    yeah we are going the raiders to the davis’s

  • no more infield

    Lets all pool our money and hire Tony Soprano to have a little talk with Al behind some italian restaurant in little italy…

  • stretch

    are you kidding me. we are a laughing stock and in Fing sick of this @$^#. F AD……….i hope he dies sooner than later

  • stretch

    im getting sooooooooo drained of rooting for a pathetic product. all you AD lovers got to be questioning this move as borderline seanile.

  • Sezn Ticket

    Amen brotha.

  • Howie’s Kid

    Somewhere Art Shell is looking for his hat…..

    Like one person said, Kiff brought us HOPE.

    Dennis Green,, ptf please…. Besides looking like the Nutty Professor and doing a bang up job with the Cards does this recylced has been bring you that feeling of HOPE? NOPE.

  • Sezn Ticket

    Dennis Green is who we think he is.

  • woody9

    bottom line, is that Davis should let coaches coach. there defense was one of the worst over the last two years in stopping the run. look it up. Ryan should be let go long with the defense line coach. you win with defense & you must stop the run. how many other games would they have won if they would have been average? maybe 2 to 4? we’ll never know, hopefully it changes but one player will not make the differnce. only a unit (defense) can correct this, and that start at the top on the defensive side. a change should be made, if kiffin doesn’t win 8 games next year he’ll be gone, that’s the short of it.

  • Al’s Jogging Suit

    After thinking about it for a while, I agree that Kiffin should not have tried for that Arkansas job. We’re not inside and we have no idea how bad it might suck to work for AL, but Kiffin’s putting himself out there for these college gigs (including the Michigan gig) was very indiscreet.
    Davis is just too proud to take that kind of insubordination.
    What sucks though, it that it just comes at an incredibly bad time.
    AL may be justified in firing someone who showed that kind of disloyalty, but it kills us at this most crucial time.

  • Bucks Raider

    I’ve been watching this board for a while now…never had the need to write anything until now. I’m a lifelong Raider fan since the days of Kenny Stabler when the Raiders and Steelers had their annual matchup in the playoffs in the 70’s.

    The coaching situation since Gruden has been atrocious along with the draft, free agent signings..you name it.

    It all leads back to one individual….AL!

    He needs to curb his erratic behavior and take his role seriously or else let someone else do it.

    I’ve been tortured by my buddies with “Chokeland Fader” comments for years as I’m sure many on the blog have been also from their associates……this situation with Kiffin will only make matters worse.

    Dennis Green????? Seriously now.

  • RaiderDave

    I wonder what’s going through Russells mind right now?

  • rellik30

    NOT TRUE NOT TRUE… you guys are people that listen to CNN.. do not give in to BS!!!

  • rellik30

    Kiffin is scheduled to interview former San Diego Chargers receivers coach James Lofton on Monday for a potential job on the Raiders’ staff, Herrera said.

    Lofton, who was fired earlier this week by San Diego, interviewed for the head coaching job in Oakland the previous two years. Lofton lost out to Art Shell in 2006 and to Kiffin last year.

  • brooke joseph

    This is Bull-Fu%king-Shit. I can’t take it anymore from this WALKING DEAD owner.He’s not alive he can’t be.RAIDER FANS,we are in the darkest days of the Devil and he’s preying on us.Alzheimers Davis you’re worse than hell could ever be.You can’t be sane by doing this to THE GREATEST FOOTBALL FANS IN AMERICA.

  • Al’s Jogging Suit

    I read pretty much all the posts and is no one stating the obvious? If these “rumors” are true, then Kiffin can’t possibly coach the Raiders next season! What free agent will want to play for us? Why would Fargas choose to come back?
    Everyone and their sister knows about this situation now. Can you imagine Kiffin leading meetings and coaching up players in this dark scenario? I think that would be the weirdest thing i’ve ever heard of.
    So it’s over, right? Kiffin will have to quit right?

  • Raider Mike

    On the 5th anniversary of Robbins going bonkers, this is how the media does us. They love to kick us when we are down. I say “Rally ’round the family with a pocket full of shells”. Silver and Black for Life!!!!


    I will always be a Raider fan, win, lose or tie, Raiders till I die.

  • Fred in Dallas


  • Ian Phillips

    I am old enough to have watched the Raiders from the begining. I waited 5 years in the early 70’s to get season tickets. I was in the first 100 to camp out at the Coliseum for 3 nights for Super Bowl XI tickets. I REFUSED to watch NFL games when the Raiders were on “their extended road trip”, and everyone said I was insane when I told them: “Mark my words. They WILL be back. Smogville won’t work.” Even when everyone said “no team has every returned after leaving, I said, “it’s a lock. I’ll bet my house on it.”
    Now, we have a Coach who seems dedicated in turning the team around. It was so horrible to watch them last year, and then Kiffin comes in and does a fine job in his first year, doubling the win total, and the club played hard, and was in all games but two. Al, I know what you are trying to do. You’re trying to drive the OAKLAND fans away, so when the lease ends, you can do the unthinkable…again. Get the hell out of the 70’s – get the hell out of our lives, but leave the team.

  • Alan

    I’m sure I can’t say anything new that all the TRUE RAIDER fans have not said already about how Al has finally lost it. Being a season ticket holder for the past 25 years (even in L.A.). I’m just beyond angry and frustrated that we have continued to fork out our hard earned money to this foolish owner. It’s time for us to finally admit this is the end. Good luck to all the loyal Fans you deserve better. It time for us to come down to “Reality” and jump off the Titanic.

  • Zymurge

    I forget who, but someone said earlier today:

    “Al Davis had to go into the college asst coaches level to find a HC. HE finds a gem in Kiffin by doing that. Now, if this is true, not even the coaches in the college level would want to work for Al Davis. What’s Al going to do now, look into the high school level for a new HC?”

    Well let’s see. If Kiff didn’t take the Raiders job now where would he be in NFL eyes? Probably not much closer to an NFL HC job than he was at this time last year. And now, according to the “I’m done with the Raiders! crowd” he’s proven himself as the next coming of John Gruden and is a lock for the next open HC job in the NFL.

    That’s not a bad leap to make in one year, even if that one year is a tough one with a meddling owner. I don’t know about you all, but I’d gladly take a huge promotion to VP in a big company working for a known terrible CEO, because with that on my resume, I’m now a legit candidate for other VP jobs.

    So what bright upcoming college coordinator that thinks he has the stuff to be an NFL coach would take this job? I’d say pretty much any one of them with brains and ambition to accelerate their career.

    Oh yeah – you also end up with a very lucrative contract that pays you several years for only having to work one [assuming that the paranoia ends up as truth and Al fires him]

  • Zymurge

    Speaking of the “If Kiff goes I go too crowd” you know what I say to you:

    Don’t let the door hit you in ass! You won’t be missed, because you aren’t true fans. No matter how much paraphenalia that you’ve stocked up and what sacrifices that you’ve made in life to see your team play for no matter how many years, if you walk then you aren’t a real fan.

    Yep, it’s been 5 bad years. Maybe it’ll take 5 more to straighten out the ship. C’est la vie! Look at it this way. How many of you that were watching the team when they were the winningest team in sports and seemed make the right moves far more often than the wrong were thinking back then, “Man, one of more year of this boring, constant success, and I’m walking!” I’m going to say that the answer is right around zero.

    So if those same people are ready to walk awa when the going gets toughest, well, what can I say? The weather is always going to be fairer somewhere else and I’m sure that there’s plenty of room on those bandwagons for those fed up, so-called Raiders fans.

    Get a grip people and get some perspective while you’re at it. Go talk to a Cubs fan. Go talk to a Cardinals (Arizona that is) fan or a Bengals fan and tell them how it’s been a whole 5 years since your team has been to the Super Bowl and that you’re frustrated that it looks like it might take a few more years until they might be good again. For everyone of you that’s wants to walk away, there’s 10 truly loyal fans of their team out their that will look down on you as the fair-weather, whiny biyatches that you are.

    If you aren’t in for life, for better or worse, then you were never in to begin with!


    What AFC west team last won an AFC championship? How many owners since Mr Davis have done so? Just like gambling it’s a roll of the dice slanted towards those with money. All who dis Davis #@%& off and die!

  • drray

    any coach dumb enough to play mccown deserves to be fired- Al gave kiffin the chance and kiffin is an ungrateful little kid- i side w Al

  • Pissed-off Raider Fan

    This is horse-Crap
    Not that I though Kiffin was setting the world on fire, but he represents stability to an unstable franchise.

    However, after further review, is Kiffin relevant at all?
    everybody knows Al makes personnel decisions, Al decides what free agents to sign, Al decides for the most part what draft picks to get, who to trade, who not to trade, what defense to run, who to play, who not to play sometimes. Al runs the show for the most part. The head coach here is as irrelevant as it gets.

  • James


    Man how big an idiot are you and the rest of you in denial…You’re like that stupid wife who everyone knows her husband is cheating on her yet she refuses to see it and chooses to be crapped on over and over. If Davis keeps serving you a plate of crap are you going to keep eating it because your faithful and “a true Raider Fan”…MORONIC…HERE’S TO AL DAVIS MAKING IT TO THE CENTURY MARK SO ZMURGE AND ALL YOU OTHER COOLADE DRINKERS CAN KEEP EATING MOUNTAINS OF CRAP FOR THE NEXT TWENTY YEARS…BECAUSE THERE AIN’T NO GOOD COACH, NO GOOD FREE AGENTS WHO ARE GOING TO COME HERE AND SERVE UP CRAP…YOU’RE EVEN GOING TO START SEEING DRAFT PICKS’ AGENTS START DEMANDING TRADES OR PULL AN ELI…WAKE THE F#$% UP….OR ENJOY THE BIG FAT CRAPBURGER AND ANOTHER 4-12 SEASON!

  • Doesn’t Denny Green’s name come up every freakin’ year for the Raiders HC job? He doesn’t even get interviewed yet his name always comes up. These reporters are a joke. Mort just heard what Adam S said Thursday or so on the raido, then reported it as if it came for his “source” and added on a lil Denny Green flavoring to make it sound original. And let everyone eat it up. He has to get paid for some kinda “inside” info even if he makes it up.

    Adam S didn’t even stand by what he was saying on the radio …distancing himself with the “There have been some people that have said to me, right or wrong” …what a joke for a statement. Basically he can’t stand by it. Just providing some flavor to keep his perception of the “inside guy”

  • Dski

    Old cranky men tend to make irrational decisions.

    If Al thinks that Dennis Green is the savior of the Raiders, he should’ve hired him last year.

    He needs to step back and allow Lane to do his job.

    This s**t is stupid.

    If Lane’s not the coach next year, Al can do his best to find another 30+ year fan. Cuz I’m out.

  • SINCE 1980

    Al Davis does not read these messages. We’re crying on deaf ears. Deaf ears that don’t even matter! You want to do something about it brother’s and sister’s of this mighty nation? Lets boycott our team. Lets boycott Al Davis particularly! Buy no tickets, buy no jerseys until he steps down, or at least hires a GM. No, until he steps down! Pride always loses.

  • Alan

    Zmurge,Hit it on the nose. For years my freinds have told me how dilusional and myopic we are as Raider Fans. They are right. Next…Let’s follow the piper off the bridge or buy some swamp land in Florida. For all the people that say they are true raider fans. Then do something about it. Let davis know he is a moron. Doesn’t matter what he did 30 years ago. We weren’t fighting a war in Iraq 30 years ago. Do you think any of our soldiers give a d— about how dilusional our owner is. Why I’m I wasting my time right now. We all need to get a life and it should not include supporting an idiot owner. WAKE UP Al Davis doesn’t give a d— about any of you so called Die hard fans.. You just pay his bills! He’s too Bi-polar to know what the h– is going on.