Lofton interview concludes

The Raiders finished a day-long interview with James Lofton for an undisclosed position and senior executive John Herrera had no announcements other than the interview went well and there could be a resolution in the next day or so.

Lofton, fired last week by the San Diego Chargers, twice interviewed for the head coaching job with Al Davis. His interview this time was with coach Lane Kiffin and offensive coordinator Greg Knapp, according to Herrera, indicating Charles Coe could be on his way out as wide receivers coach.

Having Kiffin and Knapp involved in the hiring of an offensive assistant means any differences the head coach has with owner Al Davis regarding makeup of the defensive staff appear well short of Kiffin either resigning or being fired in the near future.

While stories run rampant of what has gone on behind closed doors since the end of the season, the one I’m certain of is that Kiffin wanted to change defensive coordinators and Davis did not.

I was told today Kiffin’s problem with Ryan is not of a personal nature but one of philosophy. The statement released by Raiders spokesman Mike Taylor was essentially a rebuke to Kiffin.

(Taylor disagrees with this. He called to say Kiffin’s later comments in Mobile about Ryan being under contract and being “excited” about Ryan’s return refute my contention. To me, the key part of that quote was “Rob is under contract.”)

In any event, the fact that Kiffin returned to work and is in the process of making staff changes is the second indication he wants to stay _ the other being his postgame response following the Senior Bowl.

When asked after the game if he would be coach of the Raiders in the fall, Kiffin said, “I hope so.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • john d

    good post from florida..

    all’s good in the hood n oaktown….a little dysfunctional, but that is the raiders.


    I couldn’t have said it better myself Florida Pete. AL want’s to win and win now. If AL doesn’t believe in what Kiffin’s selling especially after a 4-12 season, as the owner he has the right to make a change. Was AL suppose to retain Loser Callahan after his horrible 4-12 season? Was AL suppose to retain Norv Turner after his two years of failure? Was AL suppose to retain Art after his one year of horrible coaching? Was AL suppose to keep these coaches for the sake of consistency? Sure we’d be consistent, but consistent what? LOSERS. And as a life long fan of the Raiders not Kiffin or USC as the two seem to be the same, I want results not more excuses and BS both of which were plentiful this past season.

  • rodmoney

    I don’t know about Al and Kiff but I’m ready to COMMIT TO EXCELLECE. Enough of this resign/fire me B.S. Water under the bridge now make what changes whether it be offensive/defensive coaches if we have a better one in store. If we are going to hire Lofton do it and improve on the WR play. Too much speed and potential and not enough plays made. Al and Lane sit down and discuss what FA will improve this team if we can get them to sign/resign with us without overspending. Evaluate the Draft which will be here before you know it and draft for need like the DL,SS OLB and on O WR, OT and RB. We are in a position to draft well whether we stay put or trade down for a pick in the 3rd and 5th rds which I prefer. Now it’s up to the Head Raider in Charge to let the GREATNESS OF THE RAIDERS come forth. JUST WIN BABY.

  • giancarlo regazzi

    lofton will be a great addition to the Raider’s coaching staff but we need better wide receivers.Hopfuly the Raiders will take some in the draft.
    Raider 4 life

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