Lofton interview concludes


The Raiders finished a day-long interview with James Lofton for an undisclosed position and senior executive John Herrera had no announcements other than the interview went well and there could be a resolution in the next day or so.

Lofton, fired last week by the San Diego Chargers, twice interviewed for the head coaching job with Al Davis. His interview this time was with coach Lane Kiffin and offensive coordinator Greg Knapp, according to Herrera, indicating Charles Coe could be on his way out as wide receivers coach.

Having Kiffin and Knapp involved in the hiring of an offensive assistant means any differences the head coach has with owner Al Davis regarding makeup of the defensive staff appear well short of Kiffin either resigning or being fired in the near future.

While stories run rampant of what has gone on behind closed doors since the end of the season, the one I’m certain of is that Kiffin wanted to change defensive coordinators and Davis did not.

I was told today Kiffin’s problem with Ryan is not of a personal nature but one of philosophy. The statement released by Raiders spokesman Mike Taylor was essentially a rebuke to Kiffin.

(Taylor disagrees with this. He called to say Kiffin’s later comments in Mobile about Ryan being under contract and being “excited” about Ryan’s return refute my contention. To me, the key part of that quote was “Rob is under contract.”)

In any event, the fact that Kiffin returned to work and is in the process of making staff changes is the second indication he wants to stay _ the other being his postgame response following the Senior Bowl.

When asked after the game if he would be coach of the Raiders in the fall, Kiffin said, “I hope so.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • K-Rock

    If I were responding to TW, I might say something like this…

    Maybe you are an uneducated liberal who speaks his opinion as though it is fact and makes claims about people and organizations he knows little about.

    Maybe you use analogies to spew venomous attacks on certain people with different views than your own.

  • Explain it to me

    Yeah …..leave politics alone……most of you aren’t even smart enough to understand football.

    And I still love the Raiders despite the fact they’re smack dab in the middle of liberal heaven.

  • AAAAHHHH, a Fox man, no substance just accusations & name calling. (Uneducated liberal?)

  • Al Davis for president.

    Just win baby.

  • Charlie

    It all starts with keeping offensive lineman out of the Raiders secondary. The Raiders defensive line needs new young talent (Draft), not recycled free agents. The Raiders have had enough different coaches with the same result to prove that this is a player problem.
    The D line is simply not talented enough.

  • K-Rock

    You call me a name caller after you LABEL me a Fox man and then call me an authoritarian republican.

    You start the name calling, then cry foul when someone else responds.


  • Stick a fork in Lane.

    He’s DONE.

    Just win Baby.

  • ATLRaider

    Yes, Sands was a colossal disappointment…let’s hope that he can turn things around…and hopefully there will be better players brought in through the draft on D-Line – Long, Ellis or Dorsey (though I don’t see any decent free agents wanting to come to Oakland these days with the chaos that Al has created)

    Even so, I was surprised how weak Morrison & Howard were at tackling… probably because they were babied by Rob Ryan in practice.

  • Mad Road Dog

    Forida Pete…thanks for perspective, posts#42,#181.

    BHP…I too love the DBs playing man to man and having great D-linemen pressuring the QB, the Lester Hayes and Mike Haynes days were the best. I just hope Ryan can do a better job against the spread offense. We have to get better on the D-line, left tackle and center. If Ellis and Dorsey are gone and we have not traded down, draft J. Long if the position has not been covered in free agency.

    RJV78…its all about winning and if the Raiders climb to the top soon, then we will have a lot more choices where we play football in the future. If the Bay Area does not work out for the future, I would not mind the Sacramento area.

    Huff24…I hope you figured out how the loyalty thing is suppose to work.

    Hobs Gnarly…Post #189, true, most of the Raider fans want AD to step down as the GM but we still owe him love and respect.

  • K-Rock Says:
    You call me a name caller after you LABEL me a Fox man
    —-your actions speak for itself.
    and then call me an authoritarian republican.
    —–Actions, actions, actions, not unsubstatiative proof: K-Rock Says: spew venomous attacks on certain people with different views than your own.
    Venomous attacks? OOOOWWWW You could work for Karl Rove.
    I stand by this statement: no substance just accusations & name calling.

  • Hobs Gnarly

    Mad Dog I will give you yes we owe him love and respect, but that will go south if he keeps it up. Mind you I’m not one calling on him to die, just step aside while he still is fondly remembered as a winner

  • Hobs Gnarly

    Or at least hire a GM, I don’t care who it is Denny Green?

  • So, “Exlain it to Me (an oxy moron when applied to the rest of your hyprcritical pap)” it’s one thing to play the Rodney King card, (but for a mere second) (yeah. . .leave politics alone) then you go on to insult your fellow bloggers by eviscerating their football knowledge (two words that should never be associated together. Add “football” references to “intelligence” to the mix)because it differs from what you subscribe to.

    And you, K-Rock, adding a response recently drafted from the “fair abd balanced” department of FOX News, straight off the desk of Bill O’Riley in your rebuttal to RaiderTW. As if so-called uneducated liberals have a monopoly upon commenting on the opposition. Seems it is more akin for Neo-cons to cast aspersions in a venemous fashion upon those representing a differing viewpoint than theirs. This wouldn’t be you, would it?

    Those whom are endeared to every political party worldwide are equally gulity of that tendency.

    Do any amongst us have a direct pipeline to, say, the Raiders fron ofice? Have to answer in the negative. Thus we engage in the thought process exchange known as a “blog.” I have witnessed more hatred and disparagement in these pages than @ a Jerry Springer screening. Oh, what has become of us?

    RaiderTW, if you purport yourself as a liberal please proofread your copy before submitting. Remember; it’s one thing to be suspected of simplemindedness. It’s altogether another to publically editorialize and erase all doubt.

    It is quite fair to substantiate one’s viewpoint. Even better if one correctly quotes history in reference.

    It’s quite another to engage in character assination by elementarily discrediting others opinions with such generalities as “all you uneducated liberals (as if a liberal opinion is berift of an educational background. Sounds as if the political stance that one ascribes to is beholden to a monopoly of higher education. Remember, this is still the United States. One’s opinion is a necessisity. The ability to respect that of others is a requirement)” or “all those people think like that.” Talk about uneducated.

    This is a football blog. When I submit a diatribe intermingling football, politics, history and current events I endeavor to due dilligance in regards to researching my subject matter. I realize our talents and viewpoints differ greatly; thus many typos, grammatical errors and syntax violations are the norm. I am not guiltless in this regard. However, attempt to read your copy outloud before submitting. This will spare many amongst us from violating our already depleated Tylenol supply.

    Otherwise, I patiently await the playing out of our beloved team’s coachinc scenarios, the pre draft combine, free agent acquisition process and a bright future. Hope it takes place in my relative youth.



  • Hobs Gnarly

    For the record TW it’s faux news not fox if your progressive minded.

  • Fender52

    Don’t know if someone has already commented on this, but SacBee (jones) says Saunders’ agent reports no contact from the raiders, while Corkran from CC times says Saunders’ agent says there is an interview. if i did my job this poorly, i’d get fired.

  • M

    or Fixed Noise, Hobs.
    I have never had a problem with a base man-to-man defense provided there is a semblance of QB pressure. Then, to me it is the best pass defense. Yeah, those dump passes and screens can go for big yardage against such defense, that’s why LB’s have to be up to snuff. The D-line is the key to the whole scenario.
    People can use 3-4, 4-3, zone, man-to-man, Steeler/Tampa 2, doesn’t matter if the D-line and the rest don’t measure up it won’t out very well.
    Get RR some more players and I think he’ll do fine. Personally I’d rather work for someone that I like rather than someone I have no enjoyment being around. But, then again I have not had a boss in 14 years.

  • So, am out of line ( politically) by saying that Al Davis could have saved us fans some pain if he would hold a State of the Raiders Nation Address?
    Al doesn’t work that way, how many yrs has he functioned without a press representative? He just doesn’t care what the press or league thinks & it’s just funny to see them smear rumours around (sound like a certain news station?).

  • Hobs Gnarly

    Actually, I would like to see them get Sed. Ellis, but on a hunch I think Trevor Laws in the 2nd or 3 round.

  • Hobs Gnarly

    I heard Saunders was already talking with the Rams

  • Fox Man


    Those smears com from were Tw, oh that’s left MSNBC too

  • antispy3 Says:
    RaiderTW, if you purport yourself as a liberal please proofread your copy before submitting.

    Fox Man Says:
    Those smears com from were Tw, oh that’s left MSNBC too

    —-Now that fairly unbalanced!

  • ???

    Ok a few things 1st why is it every damn day some idiot has to make a post saying first? Its a damn waste of blog space and very child like grow up people raider fans have a bad enough rep as it is.

    Next I think the poster that said Saunders did well everywhere was talking about his time as a OC only although how well e did in washington is debatebel.

    Am I wrong but was Saunders not the head coach that year the chargers went 1 and 15? I could be wrng about that.

    Finally in the last couple blogs i have seen some posters saying all are picks were busts.

    You can not judge a class after just one season.

    JR and MB were a wash this year JR barley played and MB never saw the feild so at least in the case of these two you will not be abel to judge them tell after their 3rd seasons at the earliest JR in particular.

    As for the rest well Miller shows promice Moses was cut and as for the rest its still too early to judge.

    Wait another year or two before you pass judgment on them and pray we dont have a new coaching staff every year.

    Also by all fricken mean stop posting first every damn day dont you guys got something better to do with your time. LOL 🙂

  • jh

    Raider TW…Here ya go this site has hundreds of listings for political blogs to the left right and the center.


  • ??? –

    Mike Riley was the coach of the Chargeless when they went 1-15

  • Raider Raul #53

    JJ stands for jerry jones, not jax jags

  • GD

    Raider TW…Here ya go this site has hundreds of listings for political radio to the left right and the center.


  • Acey40Deuce

    MaddenRaider Says:
    January 29th, 2008 at 2:05 am
    “I’d like to say something about some of the Raiders fan sites out there; Great members, and I mean that.

    But the mods, on the other hand, must have missed the buss to the police academy. That about sums some of these sites up.

    If any of you blowhard mods happen to read this, understand something: Being a mod of a sports fan site is not the equivalent of being a sworn peace officer. It’s not even as important as being a substitute teacher. It’s not even as important as volunteering to sell snow cones at a little league baseball game.

    If someone’s making threats or something, I can see playing Sgt. Badass and laying down the law. But for bashing Al Davis and calling out some goofball for invoking the USMC’s “Semper Fi” slogan in a shameless attempt to rally fans into ignoring the BS going on with this team right now? Get real.

    And, good luck trying to convince your members the team is not in complete shambles. Perhaps if your guys’ overall editorials on the team were a bit more honest, as opposed to the complete spin jobs they are, you wouldn’t have so many members quick to step up and say what needs to be said about this organization. Just a pointer.”

    Here’s a pointer for ya: Stop crying like a baby because you keep getting kicked off. There is a reason for it. I just wish it was permanent. Now go blow your nose, wipe those tears out of your eyes and go eff yourself!

  • RaiderDell

    Coaching ResultsGlossary · CSV · PRE
    Year Age Tm Lg G W L T W-L% G plyf W plyf L plyf W-L% Rank Notes
    1986 39 San Diego Chargers NFL 8 3 5 0 .375 5
    1987 40 San Diego Chargers NFL 15 8 7 0 .533 3
    1988 41 San Diego Chargers NFL 16 6 10 0 .375 4
    3 yrs 39 17 22 0 .436 0 0 0 4.0 Avg Finish

    Games over .500: -5
    Super Bowl Wins: 0
    Overall Championships: 0
    Conference Championships: 0
    Division Championships: 0

    Team’s RanksGlossary · CSV · PRE · Team Ranks in various categories, Lower ALWAYS indicates better performance.
    Overall Offense Rushing Off Passing Off Defense Rushing Def Passing Def
    Year Tm Tms WL% T/G Pts± Yds± Yds Pts GvA Att Yds TD Y/A FL Att Yds TD Int NY/A Yds Pts TkA Att Yds TD Y/A FR Att Yds TD Int nY/A
    1986 SDG 28 24 26 23 17 12 15 27 15 24 6 27 13 2 7 13 28 13 23 24 12 13 7 15 3 1 13 25 25 24 22
    1987 SDG 28 10 26 23 18 21 27 25 26 27 20 28 23 7 8 27 22 11 15 15 22 25 24 14 23 14 2 4 8 25 10
    1988 SDG 28 20 22 27 26 26 27 8 24 12 19 3 4 21 26 28 16 26 21 18 26 24 22 14 17 25 18 16 18 19 17
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    Most data provided by 24-7 Baseball, creators of the ESPN Pro Football Encyclopedia

    RaiderDogg info I found on Saunders.

  • GD Says:??
    jh Says:??
    Fox Man Says:???

    RaiderTW says: These are the same person!! Maybe???
    K-Rock’s been missing since post 219

  • RaiderDogg

    Raider Dell –

    good info on Saunders. All I really remember about him is that he was he OC at KC when they had the number 1 offense in the NFL. That was a few years ago. I’d say he did a decent job with what he had over in Washington considering his qb’s were Jason Campbell and Mr Backup Todd Collins. I have a feeling Al Saunders is just putting his name out there in relation to the Raiders to give himself some leverage with the Rams and other teams that may want his services. I highly doubt that he wants to be with the Raiders.

    Lofton on the other hand is not likely to be hired in the same capacity that he had with the Chargers. If he is named WR Coach then it may also include an Assistant Head Coach title. I have a feeling that Knapp wants out and Lofton may just slide into his position as well as be the WR Coach, leaving the play calling to Lane. We should know within the next few days if not sooner.

  • ATLRaider

    For all you Al Davis Apologists:

    If you start with Sept. 3, 1995, the first game of their return to Oakland, it starts to get ugly. Between then and now, the Raiders are tied for 26th in the NFL (at .418), and tied for 100th among the 122 teams in the NFL, NBA, NHL and Major League Baseball.

    If you refine your focus to the day after their Super Bowl XXXVII beat-down, the Raiders are the worst team in or out of the NFL. Since that day, they are 19-61 (.238) — six games worse than the runner-up 49ers.

    Davis’ supporters cite his rightful place in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and his reputation as a football visionary and innovator. He was all those things. But his second reign in Oakland will absolutely impact how he is remembered. He’ll always be the guy who built the empire. Now he’ll also be recalled as the guy who burned it to the ground.


  • Just sell Baby……..

    Lofton gets hire as and assistant, or future head coach ?? Here goes Alvin again, Lofton is not a winner, fired as a receiver’s coach !!! He could not cut it as receiver coach with the Bolts, what makes him a candidate as a future head coach of the Faiders…….
    Start returning your Faider merchandise to the Faiders front office. And start suing Alvin in court, for False Advertising of the Faiders. “Come watch a winner of a team” = False Advertising !!! Settlement = Time to travel to game, day game items you purchased [ tickets etc, ] as False Advertisement and travel time home, and medical costs when you beat your head against the seat at the game for emotional distress when the Faiders did not live up to their advertised product………….

    Just sell baby and so it is !!

  • RaiderDell


    You can post as you wish or on any subject, it’s your call.

    If you would like to talk Raiders, Draft, FA, I have some time here to chat, what is on your mind.

  • Acey40Deuce

    Norv Turner had Lofton fired because he felt undermined by him when all the players went to Lofton after the playoff loss and not Turner. That says more about Turner than Lofton.

  • jh

    RaiderDogg …I have wondered about Knapp also.He is a guy that is used to calling the plays and maybe he isn’t real happy in his current role.

  • MaineRaida


    just wondering, what gives you the feeling that Knapp wants out? has he hinted at a wish to be somewhere else?

  • RaiderDell

    RaiderDogg I believe he is heading to the Rams, he probably has ties to the state of Missouri as he coached KC for years there.

    Sports > Rams > Story
    Rams working on contract with Saunders
    By Jim Thomas

    In another sign that Al Saunders could be headed to St. Louis as the Rams’ offensive coordinator, the club has begun contract negotiations to bring the veteran NFL coach to Scott Linehan’s staff.
    “We’re in negotiations with the Rams now,” Saunders’ agent, Bob LaMonte, told the Post-Dispatch on Monday afternoon.

    “And I think we can come to an agreement.”

    Negotiations are a bit tricky because Saunders is believed to have made more than Linehan did last year as Rams head coach.

    Linehan makes about $2 million a year; Saunders made in excess of $2 million as offensive coordinator for the Washington Redskins, according to league sources, and was thought to be the highest-paid coordinator in the NFL last season.

    Saunders had a year left on his contract with Washington when he was fired Saturday, and he gets that money even if he doesn’t coach next season.

    But Saunders wants to work. And after spending 17 years of his coaching career with either the Kansas City Chiefs or the Rams, he considers the Midwest home, and probably will live in the state once he retires.

  • RaiderDogg

    Jh –

    You’re right, Knapp would like to be able to call the plays. When he took this job with the Raiders it was basically a demotion from his previous jobs, but he wanted to get the hell out of Atlanta and rightly so.

    Now that he is removed from that situation he is probably looking for the door in this one. It’s understandable and quite frankly I wouldn’t be sad to see him go. I have never been very impressed with his play calling, especially when he was with the 9ers. When he was with Atlanta his offense was like no other in the NFL, in that so many plays were designed to use Vick’s legs to get the job done, which meant a lot of bootlegs and even some option plays, so it’s hard to compare with other NFL offenses. I think that’s why Kiffin liked him though, because his offense moved the pocket around and created different launch points for the qb.

  • RaiderDogg

    My last post was to MaineRaida as well as Jh, sorry I forgot to include your name bro.

  • lol Raider Raul…thanks man….I used to abreviate Jax Jags as JJ …it just didn’t make much sense

  • RaiderDogg

    Good call Dell!

  • RaiderDell

    Saunders was just a pawn to promote negotiations by his agent leaking to the media the Raiders called.

    His agent admits the raiders did inquire about him.

    I wonder if that’s an endorsement of the next head coach, or just what’s up with him?

    I never believed he was coming to Oaland.

  • glenn dickey posted a blog encouraging the commish to step in. i have a friend that is in al’s periphery circle, and he states that al’s circle hates kif, doesn’t want him. i think the only way to get this franchise righted is to remove him like baseball was sure to do with the yankees and stienbrenner. this is making me sick and is testing my loyalty to the team. season tickets?????????? 50/50 right now after 10 years.

  • Acey40Deuce

    Roodebaker –

    Where are your seats? Maybe I’ll buy them since you are giving up.

  • RaiderDell

    The media spin is starting to break apart, we have no information Saunders was even contacted for the HC job.

    We know Denny Green was never contacted either. Green said so himself.

    I have been looking for any copy of last years Senior Bowl to see if Nolan wore only Under Armour gear with no 49 logo as well, also looking for last years opossing head coach attire.

    More information will filter out soon, we may be surprised.

  • Raider dell is Acey40Duece.

  • RaiderDogg

    The Senior Bowl was sponsored by Under Armour, both head coaches were required to wear Under Armour gear all week in front of the cameras. I don’t know who sponsored the Senior Bowl last year.

  • RaiderDell

    Al Davis

    Nice try, I don’t use multiple user names. I am who I am, I don’t have to hide behind phony names to post.

  • Down surfer boy.

  • RaiderDell

    Al Davis or whomever your multiple user name is,

    Acey40Ducey is more of a Raider fan than you’ll ever be.