Lofton interview concludes


The Raiders finished a day-long interview with James Lofton for an undisclosed position and senior executive John Herrera had no announcements other than the interview went well and there could be a resolution in the next day or so.

Lofton, fired last week by the San Diego Chargers, twice interviewed for the head coaching job with Al Davis. His interview this time was with coach Lane Kiffin and offensive coordinator Greg Knapp, according to Herrera, indicating Charles Coe could be on his way out as wide receivers coach.

Having Kiffin and Knapp involved in the hiring of an offensive assistant means any differences the head coach has with owner Al Davis regarding makeup of the defensive staff appear well short of Kiffin either resigning or being fired in the near future.

While stories run rampant of what has gone on behind closed doors since the end of the season, the one I’m certain of is that Kiffin wanted to change defensive coordinators and Davis did not.

I was told today Kiffin’s problem with Ryan is not of a personal nature but one of philosophy. The statement released by Raiders spokesman Mike Taylor was essentially a rebuke to Kiffin.

(Taylor disagrees with this. He called to say Kiffin’s later comments in Mobile about Ryan being under contract and being “excited” about Ryan’s return refute my contention. To me, the key part of that quote was “Rob is under contract.”)

In any event, the fact that Kiffin returned to work and is in the process of making staff changes is the second indication he wants to stay _ the other being his postgame response following the Senior Bowl.

When asked after the game if he would be coach of the Raiders in the fall, Kiffin said, “I hope so.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • saintkaufman

    and I was pissed at CBS for not broadcasting in HD!

    I’ve got some researching to do….

  • Florida Pete

    Once upon a time in the west Says:
    January 29th, 2008 at 12:00 pm
    Florida Pete,
    Gill Brandt of the Dallas Cowboys came up with the chart.


    i stand corrected.

  • saintkaufman

    Well good for Gill but it still does’nt provide the answer for what we could feasibly get for our first round pick.

  • M

    Thanks Zymurge for your analysis of a football related topic. I concur wholehearted with your reasoning.

  • First the media tells us Ryan is fired. Then they tell us he is not. Then they tell us Kiffen is being forced out. Then he is interviewing a prospective new WR coach. The media keeps telling us things that don’t turn out to be true, and then then blame Al Davis for it.

  • Hobs Gnarly

    the pats really haven’t had any holding calls against them in the playoffs? that’s criminal. Why hasn’t anyone brought it up so that the refs are “aware”

  • Hobs Gnarly

    On the other hand people keep telling us there is nothing going on and obviously something is

  • Once upon a time in the west

    SaintKaufman heres a trade value example,
    Here’s how the Chargers’ 2004 draft day deal would have plotted out on the point value chart developed to gauge the value of draft picks:


    Eli Manning (No. 1 overall)

    3,000 total points

    Philip Rivers (No. 4 overall): 1,800

    2004 3rd-round pick (No. 65): 265

    2005 1st-round pick (No. 12): 1,200

    2005 5th-round pick (No. 164): 25.8

    3,290.8 total points

  • Listen Up

    I wonder if Knapp will sit in on the Al Saunders Interview as well… Even if the reports about the Raiders coaching conflicts are not entirely accurate – the perception of mismanagement and awkwardness is enough to derail Raiders hopes to land valuable free agents. All the more reason that if Al really does put winning above all else, we need a statement or another Al “State of the Raiders” address to clear the air and show the rest of the League that the Raiders have a plan and are not a franchise in total disarray.

  • M

    Hobs Gnarly, oh someone could point that out to the refs and they might, with a wink and a nod, decide to call one as they were caught naked on this one. Only they would call it on some meaningless third and fifteen with a half minute left in the second quarter leading to a punt which would’ve occurred anyway. It is not the call itself, it is when it is called. The Raiders have been eating this crap for years. By the end of the game, penalty yards may appear balanced but during the course of the contest at a key time you can screw the opponent of your choice with any call or non-call.

  • Florida Pete

    Once upon a time in the west Says:
    January 29th, 2008 at 12:18 pm


    very well done, Mr West.

  • saintkaufman

    Thanks Once Upon a Time!
    I was just trying to figure out what Dallas did in ’04 with Jones.

    I can see now how trading down can be very difficult.

    I sure like Jamarcus, but man, we could have loaded up, eh?

    Hmmmm…..do you think we’re stuck at #3 or 4?

  • Hobs Gnarly

    true true M. But still, it’s mindboggling

  • ATLRaider

    That is the funny part of this whole thing… Morons like Chris Mortenson & Adam Schefter are yapping their flapper as much about Al & Kiffin, as they are about the Super Bowl.

  • Hobs Gnarly

    Does anyone know if the Long family has requested the Raiders not draft Chris with their pick?
    How about this senario, Long drafted by the Chefs?

  • Yeah Dogg……

    Still, as far as our deal is, I wouldn´t necessarily call it ”bias” and certainly not a ”conspiracy”, more like downright lack of real knowledge and pepetuation of preconceived notions and truth is, judging by our record lately, what else are they gonna say?.

    I think when it comes to dealing with the Raiders the simple truth is that most of the time there isn´t a whole lot of reputable information coming out.

    Which leads most of the media to take whatever rumor they can get and turn it into some sort of catastrophic development, it´s not like the Raiders are gonna come out and call them out, so bashing the Raiders, wether it´s fair or not, will get some headlines.

    And best of all, if it turns out to be rather dubious or inaccurate information, they just forget about it or play the ”who knows what the hell is going on with the Raiders, but something is going on and it must be bad / Al Davis is crazy card”.

    That´s why I really enjoy Jerry McDonald, if you check the local articles written about this whole fiasco over the weekend, you will notice most writters delightfully berating Davis and thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to mock the guy.

    Frankly, it reads a lot more like personal shots on Davis than fact-checked, investigative journalism.

    Jerry, as you may have noticed, is not exactly a Davis fan, he´ll take his shots and call it like he sees it but he reports mostly facts, rarely, if ever, engaging in the type of personal, cynical and destructive critizicsm that prevails in many other outlets.

    I think, as fans we don´t need reporters to tell us how bad we have had it the last few years, we are fully aware of it and some of us feel the tide is about to turn, maybe we are naive but maybe we are right too, only time will tell.

    What we ask for is serious, honest, first hand information we can rely on about the Raiders daily happenings so we can make our own opinions, and that is what Jerry gives us, thanks for that JM.

  • Once upon a time in the west


    I would like to see us trade down,one player does not make a franchise.This club needs players on the O-line and D-line.But that being said you need two teams who are willing trade partners.
    By the way I cant recall a time Al Davis has traded down a high first round pick.

  • RaiderDogg

    Bob –

    Excellent post as usual. I agree with you about Jerry too. He has made his position pretty clear regarding Davis but he never resorts to allowing his personal feelings to get in the way of good journalism.

  • M

    Very thoughtful BM

  • saintkaufman

    Yeah, I totally agree.
    However, even a couple of spots could get us a third. Unfortunately the RB spot is VERY deep this year and there really is’nt any other skill position players that could go that high, maybe QB. Perhaps Baltimore is someone we could work with.

    I wonder if Arizona could become a potential partner if McFadden is still on the board at #4. You know Wisenhunt wants to run and Edge is hittin the wall. Their D is much improved and could be a couple of O players from finally getting there.

    I hope someone will make a call when we go on the clock. Man, what a cool job those guys have!

  • M

    The tide is once again turning, yes, the Phoenix must burn to arise from its own ashes. Perhaps K-Rock can divine from his Cosmological Theistics and let us know how prominent that rise will be in the nearest of futures.

  • jh

    Although AD does not have to or should he hold a press conference every five minutes…It would help to personally throw a bone out to the press once in awhile…But then again he may be one of those that believes there is no such thing as bad press just as long as your name it out there you are relevant.

  • John Marra

    Thanks for the article, Jerry! Hopefully, someone who knows Al personally let him know that 90% of the Raider Nation are behind Lane Kiffin. And hopefully, Rob Ryan learned something from a terrible defense in 2007.

  • AZ Raider

    Fire Kiffin = Charger.

    No one likes Al Davis as much as Dakota likes McFadden.

  • Raider Raul #53

    Thanks guys.
    Well, I’ve come full-circle in my head about this thing. And the bottom line is this:

    I’m a Raiders fan. All other fans are Raider-haters. Nobody but other Raider fans gives a crap about the Raiders or Raider fans but us. All Raider-hating media (Gay, Kawakami, Mortensen, Schefter, etc) don’t give a crap if what they’re reporting is pure BS or not. If what they report promotes Raider-hating, that’s all they care about. Even IF there is some shred of truth, it doesn’t even matter because Crazy Al will do what Crazy Al wants to do. Crazy Al is not (and SHOULD NOT) be affected by what Raider-hating media is saying or speculating. In the end, I’m a Raiders fan, and there isn’t anything anyone can say or do that will change that.

  • M

    Amen Raider Raul

  • saintkaufman

    Hi Raider Raul.
    I’m SaintKaufman and I’m a Raiders fan too!

  • M

    Although I personally would never refer to Al Davis as “Crazy Al”. Being the Black Sheep of my lineage I am used to non-conformity as a way of being.

  • M

    Saint Kaufmann, I took Raul’s words to mean something other than that he is the only Raider fan there is.

  • saintkaufman

    I’m just as big of a McFadden fan as Dakota!

    As long as it means that we can trade down for his sorry ass! Sorry Darren. You’re good, but not THAT good!

  • Vicky

    Any update on what’s happening at the Raiders HQ

  • saintkaufman

    Of course not. It was kind of a lame joke about Raiderholism.

  • Florida Pete

    i’m of a mind that Michael Bush and Justin Fargas can caryy the load…

    Rhodes staying on at the right price could be helpful…

    i do not think we need a high priced running back…

  • saintkaufman

    Last year things started to break when coaches were removed from the official web sites coaching staff list before anything was released.

    So far, so good!

  • Hobs Gnarly

    Yeah other needs as far as taking another running back when we are loaded with them.

  • Jerry, is John Herrera a reliable source for you? Is John Herrera a reliable source for “inside” information on the Raiders that I as a fan appreciate?
    keep on keepin on Jerry and die-hard bloggers…

  • Hobs Gnarly

    besides it all depends on how #3,4&5 picks are decided. If Atlanta gets the 3 they take McFadden easy, they need to replace the star they lost. Miami is going to take Dorsey or Chris Long and St. Louie takes Jake Long to learn under Pace for a year.

  • saintkaufman

    I agree Florida Pete.
    The only reason we bring Justin back is to show the young guys how it’s done ON and OFF the field. Let Lamont and Dom go for cap space. If I could endulge in one pick this year it would be for Jamaal Charles in the 2nd. It’s not what we need but if he stayed another year in college he’d be a top 5 pick. You want to talk about a kid that can stick his foot in the ground and hit a hole, holy mother!! Give Bush and Jamaal 1 year in the system and let them take over in ’09.
    By the way, I think Rathman has gotten too little credit for the improvement in the running game. Lamont was tearing it up before his injury, Justin comes in and does the same thing then Rhodes follows up in the last 2 games. I know the line has improved and the system is supposed to allow runners to go wild, but I saw something different this year in both Fargas and Jordan. Can’t wait to see how he develops Mike Bush.

    I’m in!

  • Hobs Gnarly

    I just noticed there is no round 3 & 5 pick. what happend to them?

  • Once upon a time in the west

    If D-Mac is on the board there is no was A.Blank will take him after the Vick debacle.D-Mac has some of those skelatons in his closet.

  • Hobs Gnarly

    hmmm good point but I think he gets talked into having to have a playmaker for fans to rally behind

  • ToozFan

    Goodell is Kraft’s BallBoy, and owes him for his job.
    He was never gonna come down on the Pats or tarnsih the image of the latest Dynasty.That’s why they killed the whole “cheating-Gate” story. Old Roger wasn’t gonna have a scandal that rivals the Doping issues in other sports, in his first year.
    BTW: had anyone ever heard of Goodell before he took over? Did not think so…
    This league is nearly in line w/ professional wrestling.

  • Raider Raul #53

    M & St. Kaufman,
    Thx for the support! I guess Raiderholism is a disease with no cure…
    Not even 12-steps can help us here!!

  • ATLRaider

    I was thinking the same thing… Is John Herrera actually a reilable “source” on what is going on a Raiders HQ? Or is he a puppet, like Artie Gigantino, that is more like Baghdad Bob…

  • Huff24

    FIRE KIFFIN – I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to respond to you. You posted 2 quotes by me and you can go ahead and re-post them because I can back them up.

    I’m in with Kiffin and I’m out with Kiffin. Hell yeah. I believe in Kiffin. I am sick and tired of going through coaches all the time. I know the only way this team will ever be good again is by being consistent. If they continually aren’t consistent and are not focused on winning, why in the hell should I be focused on them? If they won’t give me the time of day…why should I give them the time of day? Its a 2 way street and I shouldn’t be the only one going down the road towards them. As fans, we pay for the Raiders existence. If Al Davis wants to keep pulling the plug on us every chance he gets, then his focus is on money or on his own personal endeavors. I WILL NOT pay for that and I do not support it.

    Let me also say that it depends on how Kiffin leaves. If hes fired after a year, then I can’t sit back and watch it happen time and time again. If Kiffin is given 3 years to put this thing together and he fails and gets fired. I can live with that. When I say that I am out with Kiffin…thats what I mean. If I am not a Raiders fan, then I am not a football fan. Its that simple. I can’t follow another team and I won’t. I live and die by the sword when it comes to the Raiders. It hurts too damn much to watch the Dumbest Team in America because thats how everyone looks at us. I don’t want to be a scapegoat for Al Davis. I should be able to walk down the street and be proud.

    If I was to step away from the Raiders, it would be a temporary one. Things surrounding this team would have to change and until that would happen, consider my life with the NFL on pause. Period. I’m all Raiders or nothin.

    Regarding going to church instead of watching the Raiders. Who fukin cares? I have every right to decide what I need and want to do and if I deem church more important, then that is my own lifestyle. You don’t have to like it but I’m not going for you…I’m going for me and you know what? I even said I would pray for the Raiders and they ended up winning so maybe they had a little help? You don’t have to believe that…but you sure can’t hate that.

  • NC-Raider


    The 5 th round pick went to … gasp … Denver in return for Gerard Warren. The third I think was traded to get up to grab OT Mario Henderson (who then didn’t play … I admit I don’t get that move at all ..).

    So sadly only a few picks to work with.

    Does anybody think the Raiders will be able to get picks through trades? A third rounder just seems so desperately needed right now. There should even still be a few good safeties left at that point, like the kid from Arizona State maybe, assuming DT in round 1, and either WR or OT are picks in round 2.

  • saintkaufman

    Not even 1200 steps Raul!
    ’08 is gonna be alot of fun to watch.

    ..even when it is’nt!

  • RaiderDogg

    Tooz –

    Goodell was actually Tagliabue’s right hand man from what I understand.

    Hobs –

    The Raiders traded their 2008 3rd pick so they could move up and pick Zach Miller in the 2nd of 2007. The 5th round pick went to Denver for Gerard Warren.

  • NC-Raider

    On the other hand, maybe it will be McFadden in round 1 and DT in round 2. Any thoughts out there on what is more likely? Seems to depend on what they think of Michael Bush’s potential, and whether Rhodes and Fargas stay, and on much more…

  • RaiderDogg

    If only the Raiders can convince a team to give them their 3rd for Andrew Walter they would be all set. The problem is who would give up a 3rd for Walter? If they do get a 3rd round pick here’s hoping that Trevor Laws is still on the board, that is unless the Raiders already selected him with their 2nd rounder…

    NC Raider –

    I thought the 3rd rounder was traded to pick up Miller. You may be right, it might have been for Mario Henderson. Can someone clarify? Thanks in advance…