Lofton interview concludes

The Raiders finished a day-long interview with James Lofton for an undisclosed position and senior executive John Herrera had no announcements other than the interview went well and there could be a resolution in the next day or so.

Lofton, fired last week by the San Diego Chargers, twice interviewed for the head coaching job with Al Davis. His interview this time was with coach Lane Kiffin and offensive coordinator Greg Knapp, according to Herrera, indicating Charles Coe could be on his way out as wide receivers coach.

Having Kiffin and Knapp involved in the hiring of an offensive assistant means any differences the head coach has with owner Al Davis regarding makeup of the defensive staff appear well short of Kiffin either resigning or being fired in the near future.

While stories run rampant of what has gone on behind closed doors since the end of the season, the one I’m certain of is that Kiffin wanted to change defensive coordinators and Davis did not.

I was told today Kiffin’s problem with Ryan is not of a personal nature but one of philosophy. The statement released by Raiders spokesman Mike Taylor was essentially a rebuke to Kiffin.

(Taylor disagrees with this. He called to say Kiffin’s later comments in Mobile about Ryan being under contract and being “excited” about Ryan’s return refute my contention. To me, the key part of that quote was “Rob is under contract.”)

In any event, the fact that Kiffin returned to work and is in the process of making staff changes is the second indication he wants to stay _ the other being his postgame response following the Senior Bowl.

When asked after the game if he would be coach of the Raiders in the fall, Kiffin said, “I hope so.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Hobs Gnarly

    Yeah other needs as far as taking another running back when we are loaded with them.

  • http://none raiderfan

    Jerry, is John Herrera a reliable source for you? Is John Herrera a reliable source for “inside” information on the Raiders that I as a fan appreciate?
    keep on keepin on Jerry and die-hard bloggers…

  • Hobs Gnarly

    besides it all depends on how #3,4&5 picks are decided. If Atlanta gets the 3 they take McFadden easy, they need to replace the star they lost. Miami is going to take Dorsey or Chris Long and St. Louie takes Jake Long to learn under Pace for a year.

  • saintkaufman

    I agree Florida Pete.
    The only reason we bring Justin back is to show the young guys how it’s done ON and OFF the field. Let Lamont and Dom go for cap space. If I could endulge in one pick this year it would be for Jamaal Charles in the 2nd. It’s not what we need but if he stayed another year in college he’d be a top 5 pick. You want to talk about a kid that can stick his foot in the ground and hit a hole, holy mother!! Give Bush and Jamaal 1 year in the system and let them take over in ’09.
    By the way, I think Rathman has gotten too little credit for the improvement in the running game. Lamont was tearing it up before his injury, Justin comes in and does the same thing then Rhodes follows up in the last 2 games. I know the line has improved and the system is supposed to allow runners to go wild, but I saw something different this year in both Fargas and Jordan. Can’t wait to see how he develops Mike Bush.

    I’m in!

  • Hobs Gnarly

    I just noticed there is no round 3 & 5 pick. what happend to them?

  • Once upon a time in the west

    If D-Mac is on the board there is no was A.Blank will take him after the Vick debacle.D-Mac has some of those skelatons in his closet.

  • Hobs Gnarly

    hmmm good point but I think he gets talked into having to have a playmaker for fans to rally behind

  • ToozFan

    Goodell is Kraft’s BallBoy, and owes him for his job.
    He was never gonna come down on the Pats or tarnsih the image of the latest Dynasty.That’s why they killed the whole “cheating-Gate” story. Old Roger wasn’t gonna have a scandal that rivals the Doping issues in other sports, in his first year.
    BTW: had anyone ever heard of Goodell before he took over? Did not think so…
    This league is nearly in line w/ professional wrestling.

  • Raider Raul #53

    M & St. Kaufman,
    Thx for the support! I guess Raiderholism is a disease with no cure…
    Not even 12-steps can help us here!!

  • ATLRaider

    I was thinking the same thing… Is John Herrera actually a reilable “source” on what is going on a Raiders HQ? Or is he a puppet, like Artie Gigantino, that is more like Baghdad Bob…

  • Huff24

    FIRE KIFFIN – I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to respond to you. You posted 2 quotes by me and you can go ahead and re-post them because I can back them up.

    I’m in with Kiffin and I’m out with Kiffin. Hell yeah. I believe in Kiffin. I am sick and tired of going through coaches all the time. I know the only way this team will ever be good again is by being consistent. If they continually aren’t consistent and are not focused on winning, why in the hell should I be focused on them? If they won’t give me the time of day…why should I give them the time of day? Its a 2 way street and I shouldn’t be the only one going down the road towards them. As fans, we pay for the Raiders existence. If Al Davis wants to keep pulling the plug on us every chance he gets, then his focus is on money or on his own personal endeavors. I WILL NOT pay for that and I do not support it.

    Let me also say that it depends on how Kiffin leaves. If hes fired after a year, then I can’t sit back and watch it happen time and time again. If Kiffin is given 3 years to put this thing together and he fails and gets fired. I can live with that. When I say that I am out with Kiffin…thats what I mean. If I am not a Raiders fan, then I am not a football fan. Its that simple. I can’t follow another team and I won’t. I live and die by the sword when it comes to the Raiders. It hurts too damn much to watch the Dumbest Team in America because thats how everyone looks at us. I don’t want to be a scapegoat for Al Davis. I should be able to walk down the street and be proud.

    If I was to step away from the Raiders, it would be a temporary one. Things surrounding this team would have to change and until that would happen, consider my life with the NFL on pause. Period. I’m all Raiders or nothin.

    Regarding going to church instead of watching the Raiders. Who fukin cares? I have every right to decide what I need and want to do and if I deem church more important, then that is my own lifestyle. You don’t have to like it but I’m not going for you…I’m going for me and you know what? I even said I would pray for the Raiders and they ended up winning so maybe they had a little help? You don’t have to believe that…but you sure can’t hate that.

  • NC-Raider


    The 5 th round pick went to … gasp … Denver in return for Gerard Warren. The third I think was traded to get up to grab OT Mario Henderson (who then didn’t play … I admit I don’t get that move at all ..).

    So sadly only a few picks to work with.

    Does anybody think the Raiders will be able to get picks through trades? A third rounder just seems so desperately needed right now. There should even still be a few good safeties left at that point, like the kid from Arizona State maybe, assuming DT in round 1, and either WR or OT are picks in round 2.

  • saintkaufman

    Not even 1200 steps Raul!
    ’08 is gonna be alot of fun to watch.

    ..even when it is’nt!

  • RaiderDogg

    Tooz –

    Goodell was actually Tagliabue’s right hand man from what I understand.

    Hobs –

    The Raiders traded their 2008 3rd pick so they could move up and pick Zach Miller in the 2nd of 2007. The 5th round pick went to Denver for Gerard Warren.

  • NC-Raider

    On the other hand, maybe it will be McFadden in round 1 and DT in round 2. Any thoughts out there on what is more likely? Seems to depend on what they think of Michael Bush’s potential, and whether Rhodes and Fargas stay, and on much more…

  • RaiderDogg

    If only the Raiders can convince a team to give them their 3rd for Andrew Walter they would be all set. The problem is who would give up a 3rd for Walter? If they do get a 3rd round pick here’s hoping that Trevor Laws is still on the board, that is unless the Raiders already selected him with their 2nd rounder…

    NC Raider –

    I thought the 3rd rounder was traded to pick up Miller. You may be right, it might have been for Mario Henderson. Can someone clarify? Thanks in advance…

  • NC-Raider


    I thought that that the Raiders actually moved a few spots to get Miller, gaining another 3rd round pick last year. Anybody know for sure?

  • NC-Raider


    Sorry, sounds like our conversation is backwards (!). I think we submitted at around the same time. Anyway, I too would like some clarification and any thoughts out there Raider Nation on how to get a few more draft picks.

  • RaiderDogg

    Where’s Huff24 when you need him? Now I’m going to have to do the research! Damn I’m lazy…

  • M

    Cool, people talkin’ Raider football.

  • Once upon a time in the west

    We trade 2nd round picks with detroit.

  • saintkaufman

    We traded down with Ari 5 spots for I believe was a 3rd rounder?

  • M

    No news Vicky. Hope BlackHole Priest hasn’t gotten into hot water for puttin’ it out for us yesterday.

  • Once upon a time in the west

    oops my bad we traded with Arizona.

  • saintkaufman

    Sorry, we got a 4th rounder out of Ari which we used to do the Detroit trade.

    So basically we moved 5 spots down, got our man(Miller)and used the 4th rounder for it to get McCown and Williams.

  • RaiderDogg

    The Raiders originally owned the #33 overall pick, and they got 3 players from that pick. How? The Raiders
    traded down to #38 with ARI and acquired the #105 overall pick. This was a deal that favored the Raiders. According to the trade-value chart: #33 = 580 points; #38 = 520 or 530 points; #105 = 84 points. So the Raiders came out 24 or 34 points ahead, or the equivalent of a high 6th round pick. They selected TE Zach Miller at #38. They then traded the #105 to DET for WR Mike Williams and QB John McCown. Hence the 3 players from 1 pick.

    The Raiders acquired pick #91 from the Pats for a 2007 7th rounder and 2008 3rd rounder. Many insiders think that this deal with the Pats was secretly part of the Randy Moss trade because value wise it didn’t make a lot of sense for the Pats to make this deal.

    So you were right NC Raider, we traded our 2008 3rd rounder as well as a 2007 7th rounder in order to draft Henderson.

  • http://none FIRE KIFFIN

    Fluffy 24 -Bless you Fluffy.

    May Al be with you.

  • RaiderDogg

    what Saintkaufman said

  • La Milicia Negra

    We traded down in 2nd round in 2007 to get Zach Miller…

    Why we don’t have a 3rd round in 2008 has nothing to do with Zach

  • ToozFan

    You guys saying we traded down int he 1st w/ AZ for a 3rd rounder??

  • Acey40Deuce

    LMN –

    That has already been established, thanks for playing. There are some parting gifts for you at the door.

  • La Milicia Negra


    Good work =) sorry for the lag

  • Krowlz

    i gotta say raiders.com is pretty weak…. not much news atall and nothing goes in to much depth.

  • RaiderDogg

    La Milicia Negra –

    No worries, too bad you weren’t around a minute ago, I could have stayed lazy. Thanks for the info. And yes I was wrong about Miller, it was Henderson.

  • Krowlz

    Taking another look at our apponents next year…It dosnt look as easy to me as it first did. I expect most of those teams to improve.

  • Huff24

    FIRE KIFFIN – You try to call me out and I respond with logical answers and all you can do is call names? Wow. You had nothing else to say? People who call names rather than give an intelligent response have a lack of character and have self esteem issues. Look, I know you didn’t have a comeback to what I said so calling me a name made you feel bigger and less insecure. I understand. I guess I’ll just have to accept you for who you are.

    I’m sure you will respond to this because you’re going to have an itch to say something and you’re going to spout out obscenities to make yourself feel better. Just do us all a favor and think before you do so. Thanks.

    I’ll be back later. Peace.

  • ATLRaider

    ” i gotta say raiders.com is pretty weak…. not much news at all and nothing goes in to much depth.”

    That’s exactly why I think John Herrera is about as credible as Bagdad Bob… “There is no situation here…everybody move along…”

  • La Milicia Negra


    easy now kiddo, look at the timestamps… plus theres helluva time lag right now

  • Huff24

    Oh…I almost missed another creative response. You actually took time out of your day to post that? Now you’re just filling up space. Anyways…I’ll be back later.

  • La Milicia Negra

    new thread

  • Acey40Deuce

    LMN –

    just messin with ya bro, sorry

  • NC-Raider

    Thanks Dogg. I still don’t why they made the move to get Henderson, giving up a key 3rd round pick, and then saying the guy isn’t even close to ready. I hope he pans out, down the road (ok, not down the road .. soon), but still wonder what was going on there. We need that damn pick this year.

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  • ray dr4 lyfe

    To the Nation: I don’t beleive everything written or reported about our Raiders, and I stand by my belief that Al needs to put a person in place to run the show, but as much as I beleive there is an issue between Al and Kif, I cannot deny that maybe Al is just putting him through his paces. Al is never going to let you know how much he loves or respects you until he has had his fun at your expense. A boy who would become a man must earn that distinction from the men around him. I am starting to beleive that Al feels like if you want to “be the man” here in Oakland, I want to see how much it means to you. This may be stretch, but it just may be a little bit true as well. Or maybe Al is just f*ckin nuts and needs long stay at casa de nuthouse.

  • Just sell Baby……..

    Just sell baby…………Loften hated it here when he played for the Faiders, now the Faiders are interviewing fired offensive personal. Thus is why the Faiders are fading more.

    Al Davis, sell the team !!

  • http://raidersblog perry ickes

    I am so sick and tired of this every year coaching change and problems with the raiders,,al davis just needs to shut his pie hole and let kiffin or whoever do gis thing to see if it works or not..i mean what do we raider fans have to lose, with 5 straight 10 digit loss seasons, some thing has to be better than what is now happening..davis just needs to let it go , he has proved that he is not capable if turning this team around any time soon.
    I have been a loyal fan since the fall of 1968, and this is so frustrating..I know teams will have their bad seasons, but this is worse than bad, this is a titantic that is sunk to the bottom of football’s ocean floor..

  • Florida Pete

    maybe Nerve Turner was concerned that Lofton might take his job???

    lot of ways to get fired from a job…

    one of the best ways is to be considered a threat to your boss’s job…

    Lofton’s a good coach…

    let’s give him a chance…

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  • Florida Pete

    “,,al davis just needs to shut his pie hole ”

    are you kidding me???

    if you owned the majority share of a business, would you expect to have to “shut your pie hole”???

    you think Kiffin knows more about football and winning than Al Davis???

    tell me…

    do you think it doesn’t eat at Al Davis what has happened to his Raiders since Robbins went Tequila Sundown on the team???

    Gruden gets disloyal… and shops for another gig for the previous two years…

    Callahan appears to have everything under control right up to the day before the Super Bowl…

    the very next year, with practically the same team, an injured Gannon falls out of the lineup and the Raiders head south in a hurry… Callahan thinks calling his team stupid in front of family and friends (oh, and the rest of the planet) is the tie that binds…

    the clubhouse revolts…

    Callahan is replaced with Norv Turner… who was terminated by D Snyder just when it looked like he had it turned around… the guy has remarkable success establishing strong running games…

    but not for us…

    and it is so dismal… that Davis figures Art Shell, a Raider legend and a reasonably successful coach, may have taken the previous 10 years to think about if “he only had one more chance”…

    hell, i wanted Art to have that chance and so did many of you… right up to the moment Art named his offensive coordinator… and i thought, okay… maybe Walsh is wanting that 2nd chance too… too bad Davis didn’t interfere…

    i remembered what the Raiders were like under Shell… very, very good… they had to be…

    because every single man, woman, and child in the civilzed world knew what play the Raiders would run next…

    and so it was again… astonishingly so… unprepared… same game plan every single game… the same crap that presumably cost Shell and Walsh their jobs 10 years earlier…

    and so Al Davis thinks… this has got to get better… I need to find another Gruden type… a real football guy that I can trust and train… and who can bring these Raiders back to glory…

    and maybe he did find that guy… young Kiffin does remind many of us of Gruden…

    including Gruden’s one fault… disloyalty…

    it appears Kiffin isn’t as committed to the Raiders as Al had hoped… Kiffin apparently had been out shopping… for another job…

    and what does the majority of the Raider Nation have to say to Al Davis…

    is it: It’s okay Mr. Davis, you’ll find a better HC…


    it’s: “,,al davis just needs to shut his pie hole “