Moss on Media Day


Caught some of Randy Moss speaking about his time with the Raiders Tuesday courtesy of NFL Network.

It reminded me of the time when I asked him about why he seemed to be dropping so many passes, and he responded it was because he wasn’t happy and was in a bad mood.

“Things weren’t really going like I expected them to go, both as an individual and collectively as a team,” Moss said. “People in that organization had high expectations. I got traded there, we had Derrick Burgess, Warren Sapp, so you had a lot of guys that had names . . . I think a lot of things got in the way where football wasn’t really the main priority around there any more.”

No excuse for Moss going in the tank because he was unhappy. None. Not as the highest paid player on the roster, one who was laughably called a “captain” by Art Shell.

But the end of that answer is remarkable when you consider who he is talking about. When Moss says organization, he is talking about Al Davis. Davis is the organization. He is the lone owner in the NFL _ hell, in professional sports _ who was once a coach. He is one of the pioneers of the game, a Hall of Famer.

And here is this huge talent, the kind of player Davis salivates over, saying football wasn’t the main priority with the Raiders. It used to be the only priority.

Misunderstood stars thrived with the Raiders because all they had to worry about was football instead of the layers of miscommunication and confusion which currently emanates from Harbor Bay Parkway.

“Things started getting in the way with coaches and play-calling and stuff like that,” Moss said. “The team-concept was sort of screwed up in Oakland, and really not knowing, I would ever get on this stage, I had to stay positive.”

Moss was in no way “positive” in Oakland, but it has to gall Davis that another environment was more suitable than his own to bringing the best out of football’s most explosive receiver.

Fish to Atlanta

According to the Atlanta Falcons Web site, Jeff Fish was hired as the strength and conditioning coach on the staff of Mike Smith.

Fish has been the Raiders strength and conditioning coach for the past four seasons. Replacing him means they might need another training camp arm. Fish throws a nicer practice pass than some Raiders quarterbacks.

Williams on board

According to the NFLPA logs, Sam Williams is under contract to the Raiders for 2008 for $700,000. He was originally scheduled for unrestricted free agency.

No transactions have been announced by the club since the end of the season. Adimchobe Echemandu has been in the books for a $605,000 salary for a couple of weeks now and it hasn’t been acknowledged by the club.

According to the Raiders Web site, Fish is still the strength and conditioning coach.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • RaiderDogg, peace accepted. But I have to forewarn people, I’m not even close to being finished criticizing Al Davis. Until he steps back from football operations, he’s fair game regarding everything football related with this franchise. But hey, I welcome you guys to keep me honest.

    Huff, people snitching to save their own tails may be true in regards to crime, etc., but I’m talking about the corporate world. The typical workplace. Snitching is the norm with younger adults today. It wasn’t always that way. There used to be a few busy bodies running around, and we all knew who they were and knew to just hush up when they were around. Today, just about all employees in their 20s are walking pipelines to management. It’s just the way they were brought up.

    And, mind you, I learned this while in management a few years ago. I’m not threatened by these little jerks. I show up to work to do my job. But for christ’s sake, I will take a long lunch every now and then, and anyone who goes right to management with that is someone I have a problem with. I’m old school. If you get the job done, and I do, you should be allowed to play a little. That’s the way it always worked up till about a decade ago. Whatever happened to live and let live? Anyhow, looks like Jerry’s got some new stuff. See you guys on the next page.

  • RaiderDogg

    MaddenRaider Says:
    January 30th, 2008 at 6:26 pm
    “RaiderDogg, peace accepted. But I have to forewarn people, I’m not even close to being finished criticizing Al Davis. Until he steps back from football operations, he’s fair game regarding everything football related with this franchise. But hey, I welcome you guys to keep me honest.”

    All right man, I am happy we are able to get past any previous misunderstandings. As far as Al goes your honesty is all I would expect from you and I for one can appreciate your perspective.

    Thanks for being cool.

  • OT

    Duane “Dog” Chapman is on FoxNews right now talking about the fugitive marine. Somebody’s trying to save their own image by being a hero, huh? 3 minutes and he still hasn’t called anyone the N Word. He’s doing well. Developing…

  • Zymurge

    What a love fest in here. You guys are making me all teary eyed.

    Can’t we all just go back to fighting? :p

  • Yeah….when did this Blog turn into a effing soap opera? I know it’s a slow time….but come on! Why do we take everything so personal on here?

  • raiderdave

    Whwn Randy says football was not the main priority what he really meant was, Football was not Randy’s Main Priority with the Raiders……oh poor Randy wasn’t happy so he didn’t try to earn his millions..Randy you are supposed to be a pro, a .highly paid pro.If he was a true captain he would have helped Jerry Porter overcome his problems with Art Shell..turns out Jerry Porter showed himself to be the bigger person, and turn his attitude around when Lane came on board, something Randy did not do.I have ten times the respect for porter over Moss(or as I prefer to call him algae)