Moss on Media Day


Caught some of Randy Moss speaking about his time with the Raiders Tuesday courtesy of NFL Network.

It reminded me of the time when I asked him about why he seemed to be dropping so many passes, and he responded it was because he wasn’t happy and was in a bad mood.

“Things weren’t really going like I expected them to go, both as an individual and collectively as a team,” Moss said. “People in that organization had high expectations. I got traded there, we had Derrick Burgess, Warren Sapp, so you had a lot of guys that had names . . . I think a lot of things got in the way where football wasn’t really the main priority around there any more.”

No excuse for Moss going in the tank because he was unhappy. None. Not as the highest paid player on the roster, one who was laughably called a “captain” by Art Shell.

But the end of that answer is remarkable when you consider who he is talking about. When Moss says organization, he is talking about Al Davis. Davis is the organization. He is the lone owner in the NFL _ hell, in professional sports _ who was once a coach. He is one of the pioneers of the game, a Hall of Famer.

And here is this huge talent, the kind of player Davis salivates over, saying football wasn’t the main priority with the Raiders. It used to be the only priority.

Misunderstood stars thrived with the Raiders because all they had to worry about was football instead of the layers of miscommunication and confusion which currently emanates from Harbor Bay Parkway.

“Things started getting in the way with coaches and play-calling and stuff like that,” Moss said. “The team-concept was sort of screwed up in Oakland, and really not knowing, I would ever get on this stage, I had to stay positive.”

Moss was in no way “positive” in Oakland, but it has to gall Davis that another environment was more suitable than his own to bringing the best out of football’s most explosive receiver.

Fish to Atlanta

According to the Atlanta Falcons Web site, Jeff Fish was hired as the strength and conditioning coach on the staff of Mike Smith.

Fish has been the Raiders strength and conditioning coach for the past four seasons. Replacing him means they might need another training camp arm. Fish throws a nicer practice pass than some Raiders quarterbacks.

Williams on board

According to the NFLPA logs, Sam Williams is under contract to the Raiders for 2008 for $700,000. He was originally scheduled for unrestricted free agency.

No transactions have been announced by the club since the end of the season. Adimchobe Echemandu has been in the books for a $605,000 salary for a couple of weeks now and it hasn’t been acknowledged by the club.

According to the Raiders Web site, Fish is still the strength and conditioning coach.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Dakota

    ACTS 12:21

    And upon a set day King Al Davis, arrayed in royal apparel, sat upon his throne, and made an oration unto them; Draft McFadden he proclaimed.

  • John S, I read you just fine. And you did, in your comment, pass your interpretation of the Oakland Raiders’ company policy off as fact. So, it’s time for you to back it up. Let’s see a link to the official team policy for front office employees and coaching staff. Click your own phonics link if you need help typing words into a search engine.

  • ATLRaider

    Mike Vick only speaks Ebonics… I am actually Rod Coleman.

  • Hobs Gnarly

    I think Kiffin will be gone after next year too. But if your worried about libel issues. You would have to be proven malicious in a meditated way. Besides, public figures are harder to win.

  • K-Rock

    I have a Bible. I am pretty sure that is not ACTS 12:21

    Though the Bible does say the Beast shall rise from the East.

    Could be Al Davis…..

  • My personal speculation is that there is some truth to Monte Poole’s article re: morale being low, people not communicating, etc… I also THINK that the reason we haven’t heard anything new since Monday is that they’re behind closed doors, ironing things out. That is also my hope, since I think that Kiffin is a keeper. I think that BHP’s comment the other day, where he scolded himself while making it, has some truth, and that gives me some hope.

  • RaiderDogg

    MaddenRaider –

    You are beginning to sound like one of the things that you despise, a system moderator. I just wanted to point that out. People will post whatever they post, either read it or don’t. It just seems to me that you are trying to enforce rules, which is the job of your arch enemy, the dreaded Mod!

  • “IF I READ ZYMURGE CORRECTLY…(caps added for emphasis)”

    Is there something unambiguous about that? I was responding to a post by another commentor.

  • Dakota

    Century I
    Quatrain #13

    Through anger and internal hatreds, the exiles will hatch a great plot against the king.
    Secretly they will place enemies as a threat,
    and his own old adherents will find sedition against them.

    Dude, Nostradamus saw the Kiffin/Davis rift coming years ago.

  • The Truth Revealed

    BHP = Greg Townsend

  • Hobs Gnarly

    Someone posted Al may not care what the fans had to say about this but those around him might have heard loud and clear. But seriously, they have issues to resolve like where are they going to be after the lease expires, they need to stabilize if they are to have any constant sucess.

  • Well, John S, that’s almost what I’ve been saying all along. I said that I do believe there was a letter drafted, that Al came to his senses, knowing how disastrous it would be to have that mutiny on his hands, as Kiffin would certainly hold Al’s balls to the fire until he bought out his contract, and that Al has softened his position. I still believe however that this will be Kiffin’s last year. I believe Al screwed up yet another prospect at being a winning team soon. And, since K Rock isn’t holding Zyberge up to backing his claims of what is or isn’t in the team’s policy, I’m now not afraid to state it as fact!

  • La Milicia Negra

    # The Truth Revealed Says:
    January 30th, 2008 at 2:16 pm

    LMN = Amy Trask

    I take that as a great compliment! Never been a girl, but I would love to take a swing against pioli =)

  • Acey40Deuce

    My forehead still bleeds occasionally. I hated playing for the Eagles, man Philly sucks!

  • Hobs Gnarly

    That’s the feeling I get Madden as well

  • Hobs Gnarly

    Who would be your ideal pick to be the Raiders GM, if Al should decide he needs one? Anyone?

  • Hobs Gnarly

    Ritchie was awesome.

  • Dakota

    Bruce Allen…just kidding

  • La Milicia Negra

    Gene Upshaw… man the unions is strong here in DK! the term and the position ombudsperson is from Denmark, Ombuds is danish/swedish =) so why not Gene Upshaw? let vicki be Amy Trask…shes a girl at least =)


  • Dakota

    Mitch Kupchak?

  • ATLRaider

    Curtis Martin?

  • La Milicia Negra

    Millen should be our GM, he has done a fantastic job in Detroit…

    …just kidding =)

  • RaiderDogg, I don’t believe in any rules at all with the exception of those forbidding actual threats, etc. I was mocking K Rock’s big stick about my “speculating” that, get this, Davis and Kiffin don’t get along! He wants proof. So, being that people are giving me all this literature from the supposed “Team policy” regarding why Kiffin hasn’t just denounced the rumor surrounding the resignation letter, I’m holding them up to the same standards as a joke to point out how ridiculous K Rock is.

    And, I stand by what I say about SOME mods at a certain fan site. They are a bunch of cowards that debate with the comfort of having their finger on the ban button. I would never ban anyone, or suggest the banning of anyone, for merely speaking their mind. As you guys can see, I can take a lot of heat. It’s a sports forum, for crying out loud. It’s going to get nasty. But one site, that was once a great site, decided to pass a rule that Al can no longer be criticized. Being that the criticism of Al Davis at this point in time is about as necessary as drawing a hose on a fire, this is a rule I refused to abide by, and I was banned.

    As I said, I won’t be alone. This site has a large membership and about half of them can’t stand Al Davis, so there’ll be plenty more of the condemned joining me in these blog comment sections, that people like Bob Marley and OakGlenn have enjoyed dominating for some time with their pro Davis spin and their pack mentality. Expect the Davis crowd to be grossly outnumbered here in the near future.

  • LOL Dakota. Alhough if he can get Kidd w/out giving up Bynum or Farmar, I’ll stop referring to him as a dumptruck.

    Fair enough MaddenRaider. I think there was probably a letter drafted, as well, but that cooler heads prevailed (where’s KoolKell to call me a Pollyanna when you need him?).

    I’m of a mind that if Kiffin is going to be out, it will be now-ish, and that if he stays through this season, he will be in for the long haul.

    Especially if he does well.

  • Hobs Gnarly

    Here is an intersting scenario for the draft.

    1. Miami = Dorsey
    2. Rams = Jake Long Let’s just say the 3,4 and 5 go
    3. Chefs = Chris Long- How would you feel about Howies son going to them?

  • There has never been a shortage of Al Davis Bashers on this site.

    For whatever reason, MR, the beef against you seems to be personal.

    Scottish Raider, Dakota, Huff, don’t pull many punches in criticizing the old man. They don’t generate the hatred that you seem to.

  • Hobs Gnarly

    Because at the end of the day those guys we think are Raider fans, you Madden sometimes you seem just a little too bitter.

  • Dakota

    Hobs, the Chiefs can’t get the #3 pick. They can only get the #4 pick if we win the flip with Atl for #3 and then they win the flip for #4 against Atl. We win the tie breaker with the Chiefs so we are guaranteed #3 or #4…thankfully, because there really are only 4 studs at the top of the board, so we are guaranteed one of them no matter what.

  • MaddenRaider…

    Good, the more the merrier!..

    Hey, are they reputable and fine gentlemen who stand by their word or do they just say stuff and then back down and pretend it didn´t happen? you know..like you.

  • ATLRaider

    Hobs, let’s hope Chris Long doesn’t go to the Chefs… Long & Jared Allen would eat our offensive line alive.

  • Dakota

    I do hate Al Davis, but I love the Raider Nation and the Oakland Raiders.

    I probably would not hate Al Davis if I were older than 31 and saw the glory days. I can see why some fans defend him.

  • Hobs Gnarly

    Hate is a strong word but I hate what Al has done to the Raiders, not really the man. I like most of Raider Nation and I am older than 31 and I definately remember the good ole days and we haven’t seen them since Marcus left. Even with Gruden it was like I was waiting for the apcolypse.

  • Hobs Gnarly


    according to Dakota, we don’t have to worry about that scenario, but they would give us some fits if that were to go down. Carl Peterson would just revel in that would he not?

  • Hobs Gnarly

    It’s 11 pm on my side of the world. gn all

  • RaiderDogg

    MaddenRadier –

    Obviously you haven’t been banned from this site and it appears that some users have indeed been banned for malicious behavior and stealing other user’s names. If you haven’t been banned then you are doing fine.

    Honestly I’m not as familiar with any other Raider blog besides this one so I can’t really give you an opinion on other sites. I can tell that since they started moderating on this site things have gravitated back to football talk which is why most of us are here.

    As far as the Davis crowd vs the anyone else but Davis crowd, I have never claimed to be either. My only claim is to being a Raiders fan. I do think that it’s rather pointless to try and divide a fan base but if thats your objective, then by all means give it your best shot. Just don’t get mad when people don’t always see it your way and maybe try not to treat this stuff like it’s life and death. You may not feel that way but sometimes your posts read that way.

    I honestly haven’t seen Oakglenn be a “pro Davis guy” as much as a pro football guy, but then again we tend to agree so I’m sure my feelings toward him are much different than yours. As far as Bob goes you guys have beef that goes back, in the end I bet you guys would probably be good friends if you didn’t despise each other so much.

  • Zymurge

    JohnS — what you restated is what I was trying to say about silence / lack of denial as being a sign of loyalty to Al. We’re on the same page there, but you stated it much more clearly. Thanks.

    Madden — my comment had more embedded sarcasm. The bit about following policy was just another example of how spin control can be used to prove any point, much like you have done with “the letter”.

    As for the “official company policy” regaring silence, I personally suspect, postulate, and assume — none of this to be confused with actually knowing as fact — that this is not something written in the Raiders corporate handbook. According to my supposition, it is therefore difficult if not impossible to prove such a thing in a court of law.

    However, it is a well known perception of the Raiders that they act this way. This is harder to refute. This article — while not officially Al endorsed — does a pretty good job of summing up what that common perception is: http://mvn.com/nfl-raiders/2008/01/17/raiders-chamber-of-secrets-stokes-smouldering-rumors-into-flame/

    Now if you agree — although I suspect that there will be a way for you not to — that the perception is there, then it’s a fair leap of logic to assert the Kiffin is aware of this image. Whether or not an official policy it could be read into this — Disclaimer: this is an opinion, not a fact — that Kiffin acting in accordance with this perception is an act of acquiescence to Lord Al.

    Now just to be crystal clear, this is just my take on something and given to show a possible counter story to explain why Kiffin did not deny the letter. This is on equal footing to your own theories about how his lack of denying the letter are detrimental to the organization. You spin negative, I spin positive. The truth is probably somewhere inbetween or none of the above. The reality is that we’ll likely never know, and thus are not rightfully positioned to declare either view as invalid.

    Or put another way, welcome to the world of blogdom.

  • John S

    The reason other posters who are anti-Davis are well respected is because they stand by their word.


    No problem, I don´t care to use the term myself because I think it would make me pretentious, but feel free to use it as you wish, It´s your term.

  • Dakota

    Hobs, if Chris Long fell to the Chiefs at #4 or #5, I would be devastated. Howie Long is the reason I am a Raiders fan…I would be crushed, just as I was crushed watching Marcus Allen win game after game against us while with the Chiefs. Nightmare!

  • Anti-Davis or Pro-Davis, makes no difference as long as you conduct yourself with honesty, IMO.

  • Raiderdogg

    Do you miss KoolKell?

  • Dakota

    F-R-E-E that spells free, credit report dot com bay-bee..

    I can’t get that damned commercial jingle out of my head!

  • Thanks for putting in our heads, a$$h*le…

    I kind of miss KoolKell. He was curmudgeonly but he passed the honesty test.

  • lefty 12

    well said Dogg.well said Zymurge.

  • ATLRaider

    Trading Jon Gruden to Tampa was the beginning of the end for Al Davis. Everything he has touched since that day forward has turned to crap. I have a lot of respect for what he did in the past, but since then??

  • Zymurge

    Thanks Lefty 12. And since you popped back into memory, how could you be assigned anyone other than:

    Lefty 12 == Ken “The Snake” Stabler

  • CopenhagenFan

    Can I be Otis Sistrunk?

  • lefty 12


  • Wow. The question is why is my name even coming out of Madden Raiders mouth??? Thank you Raider Dogg, again, as usual, you are right. No, I am not pro Al, not con Al. I am not pro Kiff, nor con Kiff. Tell you what I am tho: I am pro truth. Let’s go over my posts for the last month:

    Universe Says: Ryan is gone.
    Oakglenn: No he ain’t
    Universe Says: Kiff is gone.
    Oaklglenn Says: No he ain’t.
    That’s pretty damn good credibilty, wouldn’t you agree?? And here’s the funny part, Personally I don’t care on either count, I only care about the truth.
    Now, the one person MaddenRaider SHOULD be debating is Fire Kiffin. But since they are both the same 16 year old girl from Pacoima, Ca, that can’t happen now can it? But sweetie, I will say one last thing to you, which is keep MY name, out of YOUR mouth!

    As to the rest of you, MaddenRaider and Fire Kiffin is a useless troll who just comes on here to piss people off and espouse stupid arguments to rile up people.
    We should probably go back to talking football. Real Football. Raider Football.


  • Dakota

    No, but you can be Manny Sistrunk, his cuz.

  • Once upon a time in the west

    Howie Long was on 5 good minutes on PTI.Kornheiser asked him about his son and where he would like him to go when he is drafted. Howie responded he will keep those thoughts to himself.So I see no truth to the reports that the Long family does not want his son going to the Raiders.HOWIE is the LONG family.