Tagging Nnamdi a no-brainer


Using the franchise tag on an elite cornerback turned out to be a mistake where Charles Woodson was concerned, but is the common-sense move for the Raiders with Nnamdi Asomugha.

The Raiders made no announcements today _ the first day players can be tagged _ but one can be anticipated at some point in the next couple of weeks.

The only way it won’t happen is if the Raiders first sign Asomugha to a multi-year contract, but chances are they’ll first deal with free agents who have actual freedom to leave starting Feb. 29, knowing a deal with their star cornerback can be reached at any time.

Last year’s prize free agent corner, Nate Clements, has a seven-year, $64 million contract with the 49ers (this year’s playing time voided what would have been an eighth year). Considering how long it took the Raiders to come to an agreement on that kind of money with JaMarcus Russell, don’t hold your breath on a deal with Asomugha.

This year’s cornerback prize is New England’s Asante Samuel because he agreed to a deal last season which guaranteed he would not be franchised this year. Both Asomugha and Seattle’s Marcus Trufant, the other top tier corners, are likely to be franchised.

Asomugha is the only one of the three who has played most often in a man-to-man defense.

The franchise number for cornerbacks this season is $9.465 million, which is guaranteed upon signing. Asomugha could still visit other teams for a longterm deal, which the Raiders could either match or receive two first-round draft picks as compensation.

The other option is to make Asomugha an “exclusive” franchise player, meaning no other teams could negotiate with him. Asomugha’s salary would then be recalculated in April to average the top five salaries of cornerbacks across the league, which could conceivably go up from $9.465 million.

Still, the Asomugha situation is much more comfortable than the one that existed with Woodson, who pocketed $19.3 million in two seasons, designated “exclusive” in 2004 and as a straight franchise player in 2005.

For one thing, the cap is much higher _ $122 million _ and the Raiders have plenty of room to accomodate Asomugha without a ripple effect.

More important, the only thing Asomugha and Woodson have in common is that they play the same position.

The Raiders, whether they admit it or not, had to regret giving up so much money to a player who was prone to injury and snoozing during meetings. They gambled and lost on the second franchise designation, hoping to swing a deal for Woodson only to be stunned when he actually signed the tender guaranteeing him $10.5 million.

When agent Carl Poston presented the signed tender to the club at the scouting combine in Indianapolis, the Raiders were so flummoxed they issued a press release which said “The actions of agent Carl Poston and Charles Woodson tell us that they must have reached a long-term deal with a team, and we expect a trade very soon.”

It will be much smoother sailing with Asomugha.

For one thing, Asomugha is durable, having missed three games in five seasons. Woodson played in just 19 games for his $19.3 million in his two franchise years.

While Woodson came in with a Heisman Trophy and as the No. 4 overall pick, Asomugha lasted until the 31st selection of the 2003 draft. Even then, the pick drew blank stares and there were scouts from other teams which claimed Asomugha wasn’t anywhere in their first three rounds.

Score this one as a victory for the Raiders scouting department.

While Woodson started off playing at a near-Pro Bowl level, Asomugha, shuttled between corner and safety, struggled. He didn’t have an interception over his first three seasons, in part because his hands were about as soft as frying pans.

So Asomugha worked, and then worked some more. He can still be found staying after practice working on his game. He broke out with eight interceptions last season, and had just one in 2007 because teams wisely avoided throwing in his direction.

While Asomugha has never said publicly he wanted to move on, he could be forgiven for feeling overdue in terms of contributing to a winning team. In four seasons at Cal and five seasons with the Raiders, Asomugha’s teams are a combined 30-95 with exactly one winning season _ a 7-5 mark with the Bears in 2002, Jeff Tedford’s first year in Berkeley.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • RaiderDell


    The draft is like going to Vegas, win some lose more often.

  • Dakota

    Let’s face facts here boys and girls:

    Fact #1) Al Davis never trades down from the top of the first round;

    Fact #2) Al Davis loves talented athletic players.

    What do these two facts tell you?


    That being said, I do not think AD is crazy enough to pass up Chris Long, Dorsey or Ellis, so the only way McFadden is a Raider is if they are all off the board because we lost the flip with ATL for #3.

  • tyrant83

    There is not one DT that matches up with Ellis or Dorsey since Chester McGlockton in 1992 from Clemson and he wasn’t Too shabby!!! and that is when the Raiders started making another run towards the SuperBowl and Dominating the AFC in the 90’s and early 2000’s

  • tyrant83

    FACT #1 Al’s D has been in the top 10 only 1 time in 5 years and that tells you MCFADDEN!!!!

    I think that means Ellis or Dorsey then bulk up the Secondary and WR

    FACT #2 Al is all about the vertical game not the RUN!!!

    so if MCFADDEN was a WR it would be a no brainer

  • 2sense

    mcglockton was a load. he was good a few years before he turned into an overweight lazy bum.

    and we were average all through the nineties. get your history straight.

  • tyrant83

    and to set the record straight
    I LIKE MCFADDEN!!!! i think that he is a great back

    But Adrian Peterson is, and has been since his Sophmore year in High School, a GROWN ASS MAN!!!!!

    McFadden probably won’t go to the hall of fame(depending on the team that he goes to)

    A Peterson is pretty close to already going(barring injury)
    and he went to a team that has never even thought of really running first. or even sniffed the playoffs because of a RB in almost forever

  • Dakota

    Tyrant, if Dorsey, Long and Ellis are gone, and we are sitting at #4, who do you pick?

    If betting was legal, I would bet you a 55 gallon drum of Crown Royal McFadden would be the pick given that scenario.

    What say you?

  • tyrant83

    i said started to dominate
    it has always been difficult to dominate the AFC West
    and that caused our mediocrity

  • tyrant83

    that and NO QB

  • tyrant83

    and to set the record straight
    last year i wanted A peterson
    not J-Marc

  • tyrant83


  • tyrant, you didn’t want Jamarcus ??????? ahhhhhhhh!!
    This kid Jamarcus is going to be fan-freaking-tastic. Mark my words on that one.

  • Dakota: Good point! If Dorsey, Ellis and the all of a sudden beloved prospect C.Long are gone @ 1,2,3….Do you still pass on MCF, Nation?!

  • 2sense

    it makes me ill that people are trying to evaluate hall of fame talent after one and zero years in the NFL. That’s funny.

    and so what if everyone was bashing AP. just cause he made it doesnt give dmc a free pass to success. cmon people. youre all brighter than that!!

  • Dakota, let me say, regardless of who is chosen before, if McFadden is on the board there at three or four, he’s gonna be awfully hard to pass up. Especially if your last name is Davis. Believe me.

  • 2sense

    the only one that knows if we should pass on dmc are the people on the practice field cuz they are the only ones that know if bush is our future.

    none of us have seen him. we can’t evaluate anything he’s done so we can predict his success about as accurately as we can predict whether or not its gonna rain 20 days from now.

    i still think we should trade down. but apparently i’m the only one!

  • Dakota

    AP won’t last five years in the NFL IMO. He is simply one of those poor souls who are damned by the injury gods.

    McFadden rarely missed a game in college.

    It is not proof positive of which player will have a longer career, but it certainly bears some thought doesn’t it?

  • tyrant83

    that is for sure!!!if DMC is there that late and the rest are takin’ you bet we are taking him. Or trading Dallas some picks (maybe Marion Barber)
    Adrian Peterson is not just any back
    even in college he caused a horrible ripple effect when he went to Oklahoma his rookie season
    everyone knew then that he was something special!!!!!

  • 2sense

    i think the line and the scheme are good enough to draft a late RB if we see a steal on the board and turn him into a Terrell Davis. Look what it did for fargas. can it be more obvious???!!!???

  • tyrant83

    actually I do Know!!!!

    My friend is one of the Equipment managers for the Raiders
    and he says that Bush is Sick Ass hell and he is a Steelers Fan!!!

  • Tyrant says:that is for sure!!!if DMC is there that late and the rest are takin’ you bet we are taking him. Or trading Dallas some picks (maybe Marion Barber)
    Adrian Peterson is not just any back
    even in college he caused a horrible ripple effect when he went to Oklahoma his rookie season
    everyone knew then that he was something special!!!!!

    AND:OakGlenn says:Dakota, let me say, regardless of who is chosen before, if McFadden is on the board there at three or four, he’s gonna be awfully hard to pass up. Especially if your last name is Davis. Believe me.

    Thats all I’ve been trying to say.

  • 2sense

    “sick as hell” good or “sick as hell” bad?

  • tyrant83

    I thought you were saying that DMC is a better choice than the other 3

    My apologies

  • Zymurge

    I would love to miss on DMac. Even better, let KC snap him up. He’s the second coming of Michael Bennett.

    I’ve ye to see one highlight that has doing anything than running real fast through gaping holes and outracing a bunch of college DBs that’ll never sniff the NFL. Someone please show me one highlight where he does something impressive that doesn’t fit that description.

    If you need to look at only one place that proves that DMac is a system success guy, take a look at the stats of his backup, Felix Jones. On a per touch basis he actually outperforms DMac. This is a team that has broken 400 yards on the ground in games and it’s not all DMac.

    Mayock seems to be the one that makes sense ranking him down with the lesser talent. He could do well as a change of pace guy in the right system, but he’s not the guy that I want to invest tens of millions on at the cost of not being able to sign or keep other top talent.

  • tyrant83

    if you show up and everybody that is already there decides to either switch to D or transfer to another school means “sick as hell” good!!! lol


    Mcfadden wil definatley be there at # 3 and #4…. so y is jerry jones cosidering giving miamai 2 first rounders and marion the barbarian…. he should give us that deal…. imagine…. we could take safety kenny phillips and desean jackson hopefully they would both be up there by the time the raiders pickd if they took that deal… in the 2nd round take pat sims that big DT which i will think b legit…. nd fyn some diamonds in the rough with the rest of the draft…. carolina just cut dan morgan that OLB because he kept getting injured and Al is good with signing people 2 resurrect their career so sign him and barrian…. so then our team would look like this
    Qb russel
    HA barber rhodes nd bush
    FB griffith
    WR jackson berrian curry higgins
    DE burgess richardson kelly if resigned
    DT pat sims, warren sands
    OLB morgan howard
    MLB morrison
    CB asomougha washington
    FS huff
    SS phillips
    that would be a big leap for this franchise if this were 2 happen

  • Zymurge: Micheal Bennet really?!?! look at this and tell me Micheal Bennet….. Better yet all the McFadden Bashers today look at this and tell me what you think!!!!!!!!!!!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FCfZoPGEFA

  • 2sense

    that’s what i figured. if thats the case dmc and oakland just won’t happen. al isn’t gonna shell out 15 million and not make him the featured back.

    and i agree with Zymurge. i said it earlier every time i watched him his yards came from bustin a run outside. if he wasn’t he was runnin through a hole big enough to drive a truck through and out running DBs taking god awful angles.

    he’ll still be good though because of his big play capability. and everyone needs to remember: JUST BECAUSE HE DIDN’T HAVE TO DOESNT MEAN HE CAN’T.

  • Mr raider


  • good.

  • tyrant83

    if dallas gave us that deal

    that would be the talk of the draft for years to come

    because Kiffin IS an excellent evaluator of talent!!
    that is why al chose him while trying to sway Carrol

  • 2sense


  • tyrant83

    that is excellent
    that means that they are more focused on fixing the problem rather than complain about it

  • If that link doesnt come up just go to youtube and type in McFadden and watch one his videos and tell me he’s the second coming of Micheal Bennet?!?!?!?
    Ass clown

  • Mr raider

    I agree although I would like to see a new d=line coach. I dont know who just someone differen t fot the sake of change since RR is most likely staying

  • 2sense

    any news on chad johnson or roy williams??

  • tyrant83

    i would only trade down if Dallas gave us the Fore mentioned deal!!! Both of there 1rd picks and Marion

  • 2sense

    nobody seems to be addressing the WR position. shall we just leave it in its mediocre state and turn it into a TE offense like SD and KC?? or should we be aggressive in formulating a trade?

  • Chads agent is telling him to quiet down. so is the bunghole organization. He’s costing himself value. Detroit has some problems over there between roy Williams and Shaun Rogers racing each other to see who can get out of the motor city fastest. My guess is neither will go. Again, no one is gonna give them what Matt Millen considers value.
    The issue with us is Andy Walter. Can we get a 3rd rounder for him?? My guess is yes.

  • well 2sense, we’re gonna have to hope we can get some late round or undrafted free agent action. Maybe Chris McFoy can play. I’m serious. He’s fast. It’s looking like, Dwight, MCFoy, Curry, Higgins, with probably one draft choice, and one undrafted guy in the mix.

  • 2sense

    i think a 3rd rounder is reasonable. he never did get much of a chance and has starting experience.

  • Yes we need WR badly as well, Early Doecet is would be a steal in the 2nd rd…. Limas Sweed would be a great possesion reciever that can drop to the 2nd round as well. I see the Raiders drafting a WR in the 2nd rd.. I think the 08 draft is deep in CB’s and WR’s in the late 1st and 2nd rd’s. Malcom Kelly and Desaun Jackson are wet dreams if they slip that far.

  • 2sense

    that line up is pitiful. i thought dwight wasn’t coming back.

  • 2sense

    more reason to trade down.

  • Curry
    Thats Ugly!!!!!!!
    I think I just raised the importance of WR higher on my off-season needs list!!
    And there is no one in FA either!! Bernard Berrian? Really? Now I’m praying Limas Sweed or early Doucet are available in the 2nd rd.

  • Kiffin would be smart to put Madsen in the receiver corps! He’s not a blocker and could possibly be like an Ed Mcafree type WR. Lord knows he cant block.

  • La Milicia Negra

    Okay, I’ve been wobbling between, Dorsey, Ellis and Long for a long time, but those of you who are all for Ellis please explain me what you would do or think the raiders do if they pick Ellis…

    Because, Ellis is best suited to be a tackle in a 3-4 defense where Dorsey would be best in 4-3.
    Long can play DE in both schemes. So if we take Ellis would we shift back to 3-4? if so how are we going to solve the LB problems??

    I would love to go back to 3-4, but the problem is we dont have enough players who fit in such scheme..

  • Mr raider

    What about Whithead or Morrant? Just thought we could use a laugh

  • That’s one sorry crop of WR’s huh? That’s the bad news. The good news is WR is probably the easiest position to fill with studs. I’m thinking Jabbar Gaffney, or Bryant Johnson as a FA? Maybe both.

  • Mr raider

    That is a pretty pitiful WR corps