Waiting for the tag


As franchise tags pile up, still no word from the Raiders regarding Nnamdi Asomugha, who is expected to receive that designation by Thursday’s deadline.

Among those players who have been designated so far or have been told by their teams they will be tagged:

— Chiefs defensive end Jarred Allen. With his history of alcohol abuse problems, you could forgive the Chiefs for simply tagging him every year and paying him a hefty salary ($8.8 million this year) rather than break the bank with a signing bonus. Allen won’t be happy about it, however.

“If I play under the franchise tag, this will be my last year with the Chiefs,” Allen told NFL.com at the Pro Bowl.

— Ravens defensive end/linebacker Terrell Suggs. Suggs figures to be disgruntled as well. He was expecting the $8.8 million defensive end tender, and instead will get the $8 million tender of an outside linebacker. Seems foolish for the Ravens to get one of their best players upset over $800,000.

— Bengals offensive lineman Stacy Andrews ($7.5 million). A mild surprise, in that Justin Smith, last year’s franchise player, is now on the open market. Smith is coming off a two-sack season, but could make out in free agency since Allen and Suggs will both require two first-round draft picks to sign. Might be too rich for the Raiders blood.

— Cardinals linebacker Karlos Dansby. No impact for the Raiders, who have relatively inexpensive active linebackers in Kirk Morrison and Thomas Howard.

— Eagles TE L.J. Smith. Colts tight end Dallas Clark could also get a one-year, $4.5 million tender. Zach Miller looked good enough that he may one day himself get a franchise tag.

— Panthers RT Jordan Gross. The Raiders need long-term solutions at both tackles, unless they’re convinced Paul McQuistan is the answer on the right side. Had Gross not been franchised, they probably would have at least placed a call.

— Tennessee DT Albert Haynesworth. Robert Gallery had an encouraging year as a left guard, but could do nothing with Haynesworth. Risky for the longterm because he produced in a contract year.

Green Bay hasn’t tipped its hand yet regarding defensive tackle Corey Williams, who would break the bank in light of Haynesworth’s tag.

Kiper call
For what it’s worth, longtime draft guru Mel Kiper Jr. was available by conference call Tuesday through ESPN and had a few thoughts regarding the Raiders.

Whether you like Kiper or not, his recall regarding virtually any prospect, no matter how anonymous, is remarkable. On his Web page, Kiper had the Raiders taking Arkansas running back Darren McFadden, but conceded the landscape may have changed with the signing of Justin Fargas.

“That’s the question. Fargas is a good back. You’ve got other guys in the mix as well,” Kiper said. “So you’ve got a lot of guys, the question is do you have a lot of average guys? Fargas proved to be better than average. I don’t think you necessarily have to take McFadden, and he could be gone anyway, depending on how the coin flip goes.”

Kiper said he rates Glenn Dorsey as the top defensive tackle in the draft, but said there are people who like USC’s Sedrick Ellis better.

“I could see Sedrick Ellis as a Raider,” Kiper said.

Kiper said McFadden’s problems with fumbling are an issue, but likes his overall skills set even if he is not the runner Adrian Peterson was last year.

Not everyone shares Kiper’s feeling about McFadden. The NFL Network’s Mike Mayock has Rashard Mendenhall of Illinois as his top back.

Kiper said the Raiders’ 19-61 record over the past five years may have its roots in the draft.

“I think it’s had a lot to do with it. You look back at it and say, `OK, how many of those guys actually became quality starters?,’ ” Kiper said. “I think you can always look at your football team, and if they’re lacking, they’re lacking because of the draft not being as beneficial as it should be.”

Aging wideouts available
If the Raiders wanted to go retro to the days when Jerry Rice and Tim Brown were on their last legs, Keyshawn Johnson wants to make a comeback and Muhsin Muhammad was released by the Chicago Bears.

With Jerry Porter scheduled to become a free agent, the Raiders are extraordinarily thin at wide receiver with Ronald Curry, Johnnie Lee Higgins, Jonathan Holland, Todd Watkins, Drisan James and Will Buchanon under contract.

While no wide receiver attending the NFL scouting combine is thought to be a No. 3 or 4 selection, there are a few targets worth considering if the Raiders did what they never do and move back in the draft.

Cal’s DeSean Jackson is the most explosive and a dangerous punt return specialist Larger targets include Oklahoma’s Malcolm Kelly (6-4, 218 pounds) and Indiana’s James Hardy (6-6, 220). Michigan’s Mario Manningham is also considered a potential first-round pick. All are underclassmen, so none were scouted during the college all-star circuit.

Kiper thinks Kelly could be the first receiver taken by the time the draft comes around, and also said he thinks Cal’s LaValle Hawkins could be an early second-round pick or even sneak into the first round.

Will be headed to the combine Wednesday and will file daily blogs from Indianapolis . . .


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Rob Ryan’s Pickled Liver

    Rob Ryan arrested for DUI

    His BAC was .99

  • Memo

    I want Nnamdi signed long ter so I can get his jersey. I don’t want to have another Woodson, & Moss situation. I bought both their jerseys only for them to leave the following year

  • Hopefully, Fabian studied the thugs during his incarceration. Maybe he can keester a knife in his rectum and use it to make tackles.

    His motto should be “There is more than 1 way to skin a bronco”. Comments?

  • M

    perhaps Fabian Washington will be reluctant to be further incarcerated. Perhaps instead he will regard Nnamdi’s work ethic as something to be admired as it can amount to a whole lotta dinero.

  • M

    Yes, the old adage, ‘you can’t teach speed’, but technique can be learned. Listening Mr. Washington?

  • RaiderDogg

    Do you know where Fabian went wrong? All he did was hit her, he should have wrapped her up! Dude can’t even tackle off the field!

    Catchy motto Unknown

  • Fabian Washington must need the dinero if he can’t afford bail.

  • Brown81

    C’mon Washington! You get caught using your hands on receivers AND you get caught using your hands on your girl. You need more skills.

  • Rob Ryan’s Pickled Liver
  • Ryan

    At least Fabian is working on his back-peddle during the off-season.

  • Dogg

    It took me a few seconds to catch the joke.

    But, its a hilarious joke, because its so true. I can’t stop laughing!

    I believe he finally used his speed to escape form
    Mr. Booty Bandit!! lol

  • Rob Ryan’s Pickled Liver

    Fabian Washington… Another 1st Round Bust

  • If Fabian now belongs to Mr. Booty Bandit, hopefully he will lose that job too!! lol

  • Dakota

    Fabian is innocent until proven dumb, just like Pacman. He may have simply been defending a baby from a gold digging crackwhore.

  • Rob Ryan’s Pickled Liver

    You think Fabian went to the same jail in Florida that Barrett Robbins went to?

  • Fabe, just be cool dog. Lay lo far a minit. Get ya hade rite.

    I no da judge dog. He cool!

  • Dakota

    Can you major in domestic violence at the University of Nebraska?

    Well, at least we all know what the N on their helmets stands for: “Nowledge”.

  • I just want to say don’t believe the rumors nation.

    I kept the jail house laughing, so they couldn’t concentrate on my booty.

  • Rob Ryan’s Pickled Liver

    Wow, news of Fabain’s arrest didn’t even make nfl.com

    Most NFL players who get traffic tickets are reported there

  • eazy e

    the raiders need to focus on the d-line and o-line plain and simple.sign 2 free agent receivers and a veteran lb and veteran safety.

  • Lester

    Maybe they don’t consider Fabian an NFL player

  • Dakota

    Maybe it was Fabio, not Fabian?

  • Rob Ryan’s Pickled Liver

    I guess most people, oustide of Oakland and Nebraska, don’t even know who Fabian is.

  • Like the great Marion Barry would say.

    “The _itch set me up”

  • M

    Dakota, do the cornerbacks in the Badlands spend all their time in either strip clubs or juggling girlfriends (some of whom they’ve procreated with)?

  • M

    Nowledge is a turrible waist of tyme.

  • Rob Ryan

    It’s all a misunderstanding. Fabian is innocent. Me & Al will bail him out…right after I change Al’s Diapers.

  • Lester

    You could substitue “Juggling girlfriends” with “Juggling Kin”

  • souldogdave

    I just finished the 18mo. program , DUI no fun.Don’t drink & drive , a cab is the right thing to do. Regarding the draft , after my 6th beer , I had a dark thought. Can anyone see Al drafting someone our division rivals want desperately , and burning the pick?Let the #3 or #4 guy go back to the draft the next year , to protest because there’s no rookie cap , and we can’t (or won”t) trade down?Too much money vs. value? He’s just mean and smart enough ….

  • Rob Ryan

    I love the offseason! Bottoms Up!


  • Dakota

    I am a little surprised that the Raiders’ official web site posted pictures of Rob Ryan’s family reunion…seems al little unseemly if you ask me:


  • M

    Souldogdave, until the NFL adopts an NBA-type program capping the salaries of rookies, allowing those men, veterans, who have proven their way in the game to receive the major portion of the salary allotment there will be nothing sensible about the value of a high draft pick. In a way, the poorer teams are being penalized for having been bad because they have to tie up so much damn money in a few players that they cannot build a solid core and keep them.
    Free agency is all well and good if there would but be a rookie cap.

  • souldogdave

    Ouch!My friend said DUI , not domestic abuse.Sorry.

  • Rob Ryan’s Pickled Liver

    You think Al Davis has set up some Rehab programs for coaches & players with Alcohol problems? Hopefully he can RR some help.

  • Fender52

    Ok, the raiders web site just confirmed they franchised nmambi.

  • Dakota

    You mean Nnamdi? Nmambi is a stripper at the Congo Club in Mitchell, South Dakota.

  • Florida Pete


  • Fender52

    my mistake. that’s what i get for multi tasking.
    Nmamdi. !

  • Fender52

    though perhaps signing the stripper wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

  • RaiderDogg

    So if the Raiders tag Nnamdi they can still work out a long term deal with him before he signs the one year tender correct? I’m hoping that they tagged him to keep him off the market but that they are behind the scenes as we speak ironing out a long term deal.

    Unknown –

    It appears that you are one of the few that gets my sense of humor.

  • Dakota


    We already signed a stripper; Alyssa Milano. She is an aging veteran, but she came at a cap friendly price.

  • FYI: If anyones interested there’s some good player breakdowns now available on NFL.com/draft


  • M

    Thanks Terrapin.

    Dakota, is that Congo Club the source of the ‘Mitchell Report’?

  • tom flores

    Raiders tag Asomugha as expected…now can we go shopping ???

  • M

    For whom Mr. Flores? The real meat hits the market after the end of the month.

  • tom flores

    how many games will Fabian be benched thanks to this disaster???

  • tom flores

    JUSTIN SMITH DE CIN would defintely be a massive improvement in our D Line ???

  • tom flores

    We could also use some depth at LB and SS agreed mr M ?

  • RaiderDogg

    Florida Pete –

    The Packers tagged your boy Williams today.

  • tom flores


    esp since reading your post about rookie caps…you should agree that any help from a proven youngster (under 28) would be gladly accepted…