Tampering _ yawn


The 49ers apparently stand accused of tampering with prospective free agents Lance Briggs and Justin Smith and the agent for cornerback Asante Samuel is talking openly of the interest in his client _ which of course can only be gauged by illegal contact with prospective employers.

No word on the Raiders, but if they’re not getting a head start, they’re behind the curve.

In the NFL, if you’re not tampering, you’re not trying.

Getting tampering out of the league will happen roughly around the time the NFL eliminates gambling among fans outside of Nevada.

It is virtually impossible to enforce, buried under an avalanche of nods, winks and coded communications.

The NFL scouting combine may as well be a tampering convention. Agents hold a meeting there every year, so most of them attend. Each team sends front office personnel.

They exchange messages on their Blackberrys and cell phones, setting up meetings in restaurants, hotel lobbies and hallways of the Indiana Convention Center, legitimately discussing the re-signing of players who are scheduled to become free agents this Friday.

It doesn’t stop there. How could it?

You’re there, you’re just talking, conjuring up “hypothetical” scenarios of what it would take to get Free Agent A to sign with Team B when the phones start ringing at 12:01 a.m.

Ever seen an NFL contract? I’ve gotten a look at a few, and there is no way free agency opens one minute and several hours later a star player signs on the dotted line.

The player signs because the contract has been talked about in advance _ with more than one team. The agent advises him to sign because he has already gauged the market.

It is a workshop for coaches as well. Being an assistant coach in the NFL means always looking out for your next gig. Given their tenuous existence, it’s the common sense move. John Czarnecki of Foxsports.com, besides advancing the popular theory that James Lofton could soon be the head coach of the Raiders, also noted, “It’s also no secret that current Oakland assistants Greg Knapp and Tom Rathman will be on Jim Mora’s 2009 Seattle coaching staff.”

Czarnecki neglected to mention the third man in that rumor _ offensive line coach Tom Cable.

It’s not a reach, by any means. Knapp and Cable were assistants with Jim Mora on Atlanta’s coaching staff, and Mora is in place to succeed Mike Holmgren as coach of the Seahawks next year. Rathman worked with Mora in San Francisco.

All three assistants have two-year contracts with Oakland and are in Lane Kiffin’s dwindling inner circle, with very real concerns about their future considering the embattled nature of the man who talked them in to coming to Oakland.

Coaches are forever assembling coaching staffs in their minds for the day they get a head coaching job. It isn’t difficult to envision Mora telling all three of these men after being deposed in Atlanta, “Next time I get a head coaching job, expect a call.”

Then sending smoke signals when it actually happens.

And that’s the thing about tampering. There may be smoke, but never enough of a fire to prove it ever happened.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Mistabrown

    LMN, what are you talking about we have the best Cheerleaders already.

  • Sean Salisbury

    I got Canned from ESPN becuase I tried to draft Lickers! 🙂

  • Mistabrown

    Seems to me that if Kiffin called that fish hack just to clear up the dancing rumor all the other stuff is not true.

    Think about it, if Kiffin was on his way out the door he wouldn’t care about the dancing rumor. Al & Kiffin are 2 peas in a pod having a good laugh with the media and some of you folks here.

  • Mistabrown

    Oh dam I just realized I mistyped kicker lol.

    Hey Roger is “mistyped” a word ?

  • Dakota

    Al Davis has already surrounded himself with boot lickers. It is not a need position IMHO.

  • Mistabrown

    stfu you know what I meant

  • Yalls Trippin

    Gholston won’t stop the run, beware…

  • Yalls Trippin

    Expect Berrian to be rockin S&B. $10 mil guarunteed. The only deep threat in FA this year…Plenty of possesion guys, but we already have that in Curry…

    Can’t afford to draft a difference maker WR this year, only a developer…

  • Sean Salisbury probably got fired for calling John Clayton the crypt keeper.

  • Dakota

    Say what TW? Drink another cup of coffee, slap yourself a couple of times and then re-type post 548 so it makes sense!

    FOX RULES…Bill O kicks butt!

    just kidding, I watch MSNBC, CNN and Headline just as much as Fox…

  • Noshadowking

    The first round of the draft this year looks pretty good and we have a lot of holes to fill even if we pick up a few key free agents. I would really like to see us trade next years 1st round pick for someone elses first rounder this year like Cleveland did last year if a quality player we covet is still there. I say this for two reasons. 1) We have been at the bottom of the barrel for a long time now and we need to get better quickly especially so J.Russ doesnt get plastered all over the field a la David Carr. 2) If we dont fill a lot of our holes we are going to be picking top 10 again and honestly how many top 10 contracts do the Raiders want to dish out within a 5 year span. Our team will be in cap hell if we keep up this pattern of mediocraty. Id like to know everyone elses opinions on this idea.

  • Dakota

    The chicks on CNN and HLN are way hotter than the ones on Fox…

  • Dakota, had coffee & I’d rather slap Bill Orally.

  • La Milicia Negra


    I would welcome Stroud in a heartbeat – he is one of the best DT’s to play the game!

  • Don’t you have the hots for Ann Coulter?

  • RNP

    I do the hand tussle every night thinking of Laurie Dhue from FOX NEWS!! I LOVE HER LIPPS!!

    Damn!! She’s HOTT!!

  • RaiderDell


    I’m up in California, what are your commands, sir.

    Boy you are fired up this mornin, the little lady turn away from you yesterday.

    I’ll give you an update on the Dakota Highwaythis afternoon.

    Will is complete, my only problem is what do I wear?

    Brown is here, what a sobbering thought.

  • M

    Morning Nation, Dell, Dakota, Mistabrown, La Milicia Negra (glad to read that you’re too lazy to kill yourself LMN 🙂 )

  • Mistabrown

    RNP, good call Dhue is hot and those lips!

    Trippin, if your satisfied with Curry as our possession receiver we might as well resign James Jett.

    Bryant Johnson!!

    Chitown let Mushin go they will resign Berrian.

  • Yalls Trippin

    Its all about Michelle Tafoya…

  • M

    Free agency looms in 11 hrs.
    Florida Pete has every mojo in his arsenal working to get the Raiders to look at Britt (OT).

  • Mistabrown

    Dell what should I read into your “sobering” comment ?

    Keep it up and i’ll restart the anti RR posts 🙂

  • Dakota

    What about Greta Van Susteren and Nancy Grace, lol.

  • Mistabrown


    Jeanette Thompson ( behind the shield )


    Amy Trask

  • M

    Mistabrown, where did you find what Jeff Fisher had to say about the Pewks?

  • Yalls Trippin

    Berrian denied Chicago’s offer of 5 yr 25mil with 8 in guaruntees. He knows he’s the one…

    Curry is an excellent slot/flanker type. Stretching his ass down the field is not his cup of tea, hence the False Starts..He can outman anyone at point of possession.

    Higgins hopefully is eating Wheaties as we speak, but we may need a B. Johnson to fill #2…That’s if Tuna or Snyder get JP…


    RR biog at oaklandraiders.com states his 2006 defense accomplishments. NO MENTION OF 2007

  • M

    Just say yes to Bryant Johnson.

  • Yalls Trippin

    I bet Thompson got the moves between the sheets…Leave the glasses on, too sweetie..

  • Mistabrown
  • Dakota

    Lara Logan, CNN
    Sharon Tay, MSNBC
    Mellisa Stark, MSNBC

    I need to watch MSNBC more often!

  • Yalls Trippin

    Trask would be too neurotic and controlling…

  • La Milicia Negra

    God no! I hate jeanette Thompson

  • Mistabrown

    EXLA, I didnt know RR had any accomplishments can you enlighten me ?

  • Dakota


    You can’t go wrong with Headline News either!

  • Mistabrown

    Trippin we are on the same page..
    Jeanette was a Raiderette so you know whats up and yeah the specs are sweet.

  • M

    Mistabrown, thanks.

  • La Milicia Negra

    those guys i’m watching NFL with always stop talking when Pam Oliver is on the screen…

    What was the name of the girl who had to expone her wedding due to 9/11 and the SuperBowl moving a week?

  • Yalls Trippin

    LMN – You just aint knowing bout that Brown Suga…Your loss

    Mista – where the hell did the James Jett comment come from anyway?? He was all speed, no hands, the exact opposite of a possession WR..I even looked up a definition for you:

    They are receivers you are mostly used in the slot (Between the o-line and one of the primary receivers) and put over the middle where linebackers and safties get to. They aren’t considered fast in comparios to others, but have much more steady hands. Drop less passes, and, as I’ve noticed, are taller then most other receivers. Most are 5’9 – 6’0, possession receivers are many times 6’2 – 6’5

  • Dakota


    Rob Ryan once finished second to kobayashi in a veinerschnitzel eating contest in Denmark, didn’t he LMN?

  • Good Morning….

    I´ve had this in my mind lately, what do you think?…

    Consider that Ryan is in the last year of his contract and that unless we make a huge turnaround on Defense, he´ll be gone.

    With that in mind, maybe we should just focus on giving Russell some playmakers to grow with for the upcoming season, by drafting McFaddden and Andre Caldwell or the best WR available in round 2 we could accomplish that, throw in an OT in the 4th round as well.

    As for the D, sign Kelly and we have 10 returning starters, get a couple of Free Agents at DT, Jenkins would be great or Rogers, but if they´re out of reach then just sign a Randy Starks or another less heralded player to fill Sapp´s spot, let Ryan ”fix”it.

    If things go as most expect, the D will fail again, Ryan will be gone and we can go after defensive players in the 09 draft and FA period.

    In the meantime, Russell and his new weapons develop their chemistry, take their lumps and get ready to produce big time in 09.

    It´s in Kiffin´s best interest to develop a potent offense, Ryan was granted one last chance and while I´m sure Kiffin does not ”want” the defense to fail, he knows he won´t be blamed for it.

    Just another way to look at things……

  • Mistabrown

    rr had none in 2007.

  • La Milicia Negra

    I like Alex Flanagan a lot!!

  • M

    Allison Stewart MSNBC

  • La Milicia Negra


    I would take Pam Oliver over Jeanette thompson any day.

  • Dakota


    Thank you for that.

  • Dakota

    What have I started, can we get back to the NFL please?

  • La Milicia Negra

    Mary Strong is purky, but her nose looks like a beak..

  • Yalls Trippin

    Rogers is gone to NYJ already in a kinky menage-trade with Den and NYJ.

    Bob, If we don’t seriously address the D this year, we’ll pay for it miserably for years to come. It will shatter the morale of our keepers. Aso in his contract year, Howard and Morri still have the juice. Burgess…Not a good idea. We had enough juice with McCown in there last year to have a winning season! It was the D and the 150yd running games that ruined us in the 4th quater..Remember! 6 4th quarter leads blundered!!!