Tampering _ yawn

The 49ers apparently stand accused of tampering with prospective free agents Lance Briggs and Justin Smith and the agent for cornerback Asante Samuel is talking openly of the interest in his client _ which of course can only be gauged by illegal contact with prospective employers.

No word on the Raiders, but if they’re not getting a head start, they’re behind the curve.

In the NFL, if you’re not tampering, you’re not trying.

Getting tampering out of the league will happen roughly around the time the NFL eliminates gambling among fans outside of Nevada.

It is virtually impossible to enforce, buried under an avalanche of nods, winks and coded communications.

The NFL scouting combine may as well be a tampering convention. Agents hold a meeting there every year, so most of them attend. Each team sends front office personnel.

They exchange messages on their Blackberrys and cell phones, setting up meetings in restaurants, hotel lobbies and hallways of the Indiana Convention Center, legitimately discussing the re-signing of players who are scheduled to become free agents this Friday.

It doesn’t stop there. How could it?

You’re there, you’re just talking, conjuring up “hypothetical” scenarios of what it would take to get Free Agent A to sign with Team B when the phones start ringing at 12:01 a.m.

Ever seen an NFL contract? I’ve gotten a look at a few, and there is no way free agency opens one minute and several hours later a star player signs on the dotted line.

The player signs because the contract has been talked about in advance _ with more than one team. The agent advises him to sign because he has already gauged the market.

It is a workshop for coaches as well. Being an assistant coach in the NFL means always looking out for your next gig. Given their tenuous existence, it’s the common sense move. John Czarnecki of Foxsports.com, besides advancing the popular theory that James Lofton could soon be the head coach of the Raiders, also noted, “It’s also no secret that current Oakland assistants Greg Knapp and Tom Rathman will be on Jim Mora’s 2009 Seattle coaching staff.”

Czarnecki neglected to mention the third man in that rumor _ offensive line coach Tom Cable.

It’s not a reach, by any means. Knapp and Cable were assistants with Jim Mora on Atlanta’s coaching staff, and Mora is in place to succeed Mike Holmgren as coach of the Seahawks next year. Rathman worked with Mora in San Francisco.

All three assistants have two-year contracts with Oakland and are in Lane Kiffin’s dwindling inner circle, with very real concerns about their future considering the embattled nature of the man who talked them in to coming to Oakland.

Coaches are forever assembling coaching staffs in their minds for the day they get a head coaching job. It isn’t difficult to envision Mora telling all three of these men after being deposed in Atlanta, “Next time I get a head coaching job, expect a call.”

Then sending smoke signals when it actually happens.

And that’s the thing about tampering. There may be smoke, but never enough of a fire to prove it ever happened.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • By the way, I read somewhere about this Free Agent Spencer Johnson DT for the Vikes, he was the 3rd player in their rotation behind the Kevin and Pat Williams, maybe woth a look.

    Can´t say I know a lot about him, but I did read that he played a lot, he was a contributor not a bench warmer.

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    “sobbering thought” you are real funny with a few bottles of wine close by, without wine only average funny.

  • Mistabrown

    Trippin I wasnt sayin JJ is a possession receiver I just pulled an ex raider out my as$ that sucked and JJ was the first thing that came to mind.

    Obviously he was a speed guy with no hands and well Curry is a slot guy with almost no hands.

    LMN, thanks I almost forgot about Pam Oliver, she has a large grill but still sexy and id hit it 3 times.

  • M

    Good morning Mr. Marley,
    interesting thoughts.
    I have a feeling that the D won’t be a sieve for running backs to pour through this upcoming year. Upgrade a few parts and it will be competitive.

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    The Federal Blog Act of 1998 is not being enforced.

    All post about female parts are included in the Blog Act.

    Please respect the federal Law.

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    LMN, if I had the choice between Oliver and Thompson id have to use my life line and say both, good call.

    Dakota, your welcome now go herniate a disk.

    Dell, i’ll get back to you later tonight I need to go shopping.

  • Yalls Trippin
  • Dakota

    I just ran across this, I think there might be some truth in there somewhere, what do you think?


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    Good Morning

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    I believe talk about females and female part is an integral part of blogging! if its not in your act, you act needs cleaning up!

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    Dell, would you like to do my taxes for free ?

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    Based on the prior years all players will be waived by
    6:00 pm eastern, for cap purposes and just a professional point for the players to seek employment.

    My source of information is the media,hahahah

  • Yalls..

    I hear you, I said, just another way to look at it….

    That being said, I don´t trust Ryan, we might be better off setting the foundation for a strong offene right now.

    Seems to me like a more promising approach than hoping to build a stout D while Ryan is here.

  • Mistabrown

    Trippin that was a great catch the one he had in Denver about 3 years ago in the snow the one he got hurt on was even better.
    Having said that how many easy passes did he drop last year ???


  • Mistabrown

    Marley why wait another year and waste 2008?

    If we bring in a new guy in 2009 its going to take time to bring the guys that new DC wants and the players have to learn a new system, now you’re lookin at being competitive defensively in 2010…Kiffin will be gone by then!


  • Have a good day everyone, I´ll see you later.

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    I can’t write of wine as a medical excuse for you as a Raider Fan.

    I suppose if you can be given a medical opinion regarding treatment and meets the AGI threshold, we could write off all medical bills.


  • AZ raider

    check it out


    Kiffin denies 100% that he was not out dancing in indy during the combine, does not comment on any other accusations within the article he is defending. By his words, is that a way to say everything else is possible?

    F the typos

  • Dell, I never got my 2006 state check. Where do I go to file a claim or bust someone in the chops ?


    The Ryan’s are living off the rep of Dad. Neither are up to the comparison.

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    So the Eagles cut Jevon Kearse…interesting. We don’t really need him.

  • EXLA, I disagree Rex is doing fine in B-More.

    Dakota let the rumors die please the media doesnt need help.


    Rex’s D got older and slower last year. No longer able to carry the O. Sounds familiar.

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    I would take Rex over his retard brother Rob any day.

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    Call your state, 800-742-7474, I believe your in Nebraska.

    Work off this: wwwrevenue.ne.gov

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  • Nebraska ? What gave you that idea Im in Ca, bay area!

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    I’ll help if I can.

    I have to go, I know for a fact the next couple for my next appointment is going to be giving towards the Dakota Highway Fund.


  • Dakota you asked what do we think I told you. Get yourself a kevlar vest.

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    I must of thought you were someone else.

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  • As if RR can access or navigate a computer!

    You can print this blog and mail it to Alameda..

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    True…fire away!

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    You better take a day off…wouldn’t want you to bring down an audit on yourself or a client.

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    betty nguyen cnn…


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  • Rob Ryan’s Pickled Liver

    “Mistabrown Says:
    February 28th, 2008 at 9:36 am
    As if RR can access or navigate a computer!

    You can print this blog and mail it to Alameda”

    Hahaha. Great idea!!

    Fire away:

    The Oakland Raiders, Attenion: Robert Ryan
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    Email us at feedback@raiders.com

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    LOL..you idiot laker fans are a joke. Bynum?…please. Kobe…ok I will give you that..probably the best in the NBA….But not the best team by far…you laker clowns will soon find out…Oh..and P.S. this is a Raiders Board. Lets try and stick to the Raiders..and yes, I am a Raiders FAN…But I just get sick of all the laker comments…yes, they are rollin’ NOW….we’ll see later…they can peak all they want in feb & march…

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    Pete, that site used to be free during the Clinton admin go figure, sorry.

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    I have a feeling that was directed at me, lol.

    Be a man, post under your usual name and then I will crush you.


    Jerry Buss is one oldtimer that knows how to reload. Maybe he should give AD a call.

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    The Offseason sucks!

  • K-Rock

    So do the Lakers! 😀

    Go Spurs!!!!!!!!!!!

  • K-Rock

    At least the AFL starts this weekend.

    Desperados all the way!

  • M

    the FA clock is tick-tocking toward 10 pm. Might have some worthy suject matter soon.

  • Dakota


    The Spurs take every other year off, they are too chickenpoop to go for back to back titles…they leave that kind of hard work to the Lakers.

    That being said, old bald-spot is having a decent year for the Spurs, and if uni-brow comes back from his ankle injury they will be tough out once again in the playoffs.

    Should be fun to watch.


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    Tom Kelly resigned. 7 yrs, $50.5mil


    ESPN did not give breakdown of the contract into signing bonus or G