Digesting the Wilson deal


This one, I get.

Any free agent acquisition is a gamble, but the signing of Gibril Wilson is worth the risk.

As stated last night, I’m fine with Tommy Kelly getting every dime he can get, but wonder about the wisdom of committing a guaranteed $18.125 million and more than $25 million over three seasons to a player who either has been part of the problem on defense or not special enough to raise the level of those around him.

The rest of the league can’t believe what the Raiders put out to retain Kelly, and maybe they’re right. Then again, no one else had Nnamdi Asomugha as a first-round draft pick, either _ some teams didn’t have him in the top three rounds. So it’s not out of the realm that Al Davis could be right.

But while Kelly’s deal is open to question, Wilson’s signing (six years, $39 million, $16 million guaranteed) is an aggressive move which addresses a chronic weakness in the Oakland defense.

Other than the last great season out of future Hall of Famer Rod Woodson in 2002, it’s been difficult to watch the Raiders’ safety play since they returned to Oakland in 1995. And that’s from the press box, without a rooting interest. Hard to imagine how tough it’s been for Raider Nation.

There have been considerably more whiffs than big hits, precious few interceptions (12 by safeties in 80 games since 2002) and very little in the way of the sort of intimidation Jack Tatum made famous.

Back in 2003, after the San Diego Chargers cut Rodney Harrison, the Raiders had their nemisis in for a visit. Tatum endorsed bringing him aboard, but Davis was lukewarm and Harrison went to New England and played a role in two championships.

Davis thought Harrison might have been near the end of the line. Wilson doesn’t have the rep of Harrison, but he is much younger and a physical presence. Whether he plays strong safety or free safety doesn’t matter. From here, it looks like the Raiders signed a football player, rather than a specimen.

A Raiders official told me that Wilson has more tackles than any safety in the league over the last four years. Tackles aren’t an official stat, so who knows if it’s true. What is true is Wilson played championship football for the Giants and played a role in attaining that championship.

He wasn’t Larry Brown, intercepting passes thrown directly to him by Neil O’Donnell. Nor was he Desmond Howard, breaking free on returns but offering next to nothing as a receiver.

Wilson had eight tackles and a pass defensed against Green Bay in the overtime championship game win. He was an integral part of a defense that shut down the most prolific passing offense in NFL history against New England in the Super Bowl.

During Super Bowl week, Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo talked about how Wilson adapted when moved from free safety to strong safety, asking him to model himself after Philadelphia’s Brian Dawkins.

“I remember giving him a whole collection of film on Brian and he studied it and has fallen into that position quite well,” Spagnuolo said. “The free safety in that system has to be a tackler, an active guy, an aggressive guy and that’s what Gibril is.”

Admittedly, it’s easier to look good as a safety with the kind of push the Giants were getting with their front four. The Raiders’ hope is that Kelly becomes Justin Tuck, Derrick Burgess is Michael Strahan and Jay Richardson takes a quantum leap in Year 2. Then if Terdell Sands can resurrect his game and a draft pick or two comes around . . .

All that happening is unlikely, but Wilson’s signing remains a positive move by Davis to address an area that has seen too many Marquez Popes, Anthony Dorsetts, Derrick Gibsons and Darren Carringtons over the years, and too many missed tackles the past three years by Stuart Schweigert and late-season replacement Hiram Eugene.

A few years back, I thought the Raiders made reasonable calculated gambles in signing LaMont Jordan and Burgess to positions of great need. Jordan didn’t work out as well as hoped, Burgess was a success. But it was worth taking a shot. I feel the same way about Wilson.

More impressions on the free agent frenzy:

— Back on Feb. 1, I made the case that the perception of dysfunction in the Raiders organization wouldn’t necessarily affect their ability to get free agents because what players were really after was money. Write the checks and they will come. At least one agent I respect disagreed, and thought it would be tough for Oakland to be a big player.

A little more than 24 hours into free agency, I think we have an answer. The $34 million in guarantees plunked down on Kelly and Wilson have free agents taking notice. Now all the Raiders have to do is pick the right ones.

— Maybe Jerry Porter will excel in Jacksonville, but he always did his best work in Oakland in a supporting role. It may be a reach for Jaguars fans who think he’s their new Jimmy Smith.

— Word is Chicago wide receiver Bernard Berrian could come to town if he gets out of Minnesota without signing a contract. Could be wrong, but he looks like a slightly younger version of Porter from here. An upgrade from what is on hand, to be sure, but don’t get crazy with the money.

— Another “talent” available is Javon Walker, who was released by Denver. But Walker tends to be high-maintenence when things don’t go his way, and the Raiders seem to bring out the worst in those kinds of players these days.

— Miami’s signing of Josh McCown makes you wonder if they’re thinking of drafting Matt Ryan, whether it’s at No. 1 or later if they trade down. McCown isn’t a consistent enough passer to lead an offense for 16 games, but teammates flock to him and he doesn’t mind being a mentor.

McCown is one guy who looked at the Lane Kiffin situation and decided he might be better off elsewhere. But it’s doubtul the Raiders were going to be in the financial ballpark anyway with what he got in Miami.

— Philadelphia delayed its visit with Chris Clemons as it was busy signing Asante Samuel, but Clemons is scheduled to take a physical today. The Clemons camp feels it got lowballed by the Raiders after the Kelly deal.

— So Randy Moss is on the open market. He could still end up a Patriot, but right now all the hearts, flowers and happily ever after talk during Super Bowl week looks pretty staged.

— Center Jeremy Newberry remains in play for the Raiders, and Tom Cable would like him back.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Hobs Gnarly

    What is your point Draft Beer about the wee hours, Man this is a global society now. I live near London England. So little minded.

  • CopenhagenFan

    The major holes we had to fill were:

    1) FS -filled by Huff
    2) SS – Wilson
    3) DT – Perhaps ok with Kelly, Sands and Warren
    4) LT- Jake Long??
    5) WR – Berrian?

    This means if we sign Berrian and pick Jake Long, that we have made a good effort to get upgrades at all our positions of need.

    This means that all of our draft picks can be used to get extra D-Line, WR and MLB (if we want to move Kirk to the outside).

    If we get Jake Long and Berriman we are on our way! Not bad for a lousy team with turmoil.

    It looks like the Raiders policy of not responding to rumours and just working behind the scenes and focusing on business is working 🙂

  • CopenhagenFan

    One last comment : If the Raiders get the players they need then I don’t give a rat’s ass if it’s Kiffin or Lofton who coaches the team. Our major problem has been lack of PLAYERS.

    McClown going to Miami has no reflection on Kiffin’s status. He’s going to a team he has a chance to play for, period. I actually respect McClown..he’s tough, gritty and positive. He just can’t throw.

    By the way, maybe McClown likes playing for the team with the previous year’s worst record? ha ha

  • R8DR4LFE 75

    I would rather take the W/R from the cards.Younger maybe less money to sign him sorry cant remember his name.First time blogger but been reading you guys for a while.You guys crack me up with all the smack you talk sometimes….

  • eyepatch

    The smack has been coming from the media more than this site lol.

  • R8DR4LFE 75

    Ryan has this year thats it im sure this is in part his doing as he is in Mr. Davis ear hole.I like gholston alot dude is a freak of nature triple teams could not work on this guy in college.He will be defensive rookie of the year teams wont double team him until his second year…

  • R8DR4LFE 75

    It’s good though shows we really care about our team.We need a west coast version of ESPN.Maybe then we would be a little more informed on our mlb/nfl/nba teams and if you like nhl also…

  • CopenhagenFan



  • AlohaRaider

    Does anyone know the official status of Sapp? Last I heard he had not yet filed his retirement papers. Not sure what that means for the Raiders, but I did find it odd.

  • R8DR4LFE 75

    Any word on kwame signing yet.Not that it matters any just rollout baby.Russel will have to lose some weight so he can outrun the D/line.Iheard that he is still in town working out & studying film on last year…

  • R8DR4LFE 75

    Sapp will go to Donkeys 1 more year with lynch & they both walk off into the sunset…

  • Come to the Darkside.

  • 1960AutumWind

    NC Raider

    Carlisle under contract, Gallery under contract, Grove under contract. We have the interior of our line set excpet Grove is too injury prone so we probably will see Newbury but he needs to test the market first because I think he wanted more money than we thought he was worth. Morris is a backup and can play Center or Guard. Our problem is tackles. The keys are

    Sims is gone – Great but now who is going to play there? Clady?? Jake Long??

    Is McQuinstan going to be ok on the right side? What about Henderson? What is our thinking on bringing in Harris for a look.

    Here is a thought on the #4 Pick – trade with Cleveland for Shaffer and some of their picks and Cleveland gets a fast change of pace back (if McFad is there-draft day trade) and we get our left tackle and more draft picks.

  • Bob Marley @ #5 and #8, Raiderdell @ # 17 and Oakglen @ # 20, nicely done. Couldn’t agree with you more. With Chris Clemons feeling the “slighted by the offer” blues I believe the Raiders will now target Antwan Odom @ DE and hopefully will pass on Bernard Berrian and target either Bryant Johnson or my preferred candidate, DJ Hackett.

    Dakota, fine piece of clarity revealed @ #67. Minor ephiphany? However, methinks ABC (used to be NBC) and the NBA have conspired to align your beloved Lakers with the trophy. A three pointer bounces over the backboard and all three refs miss it? Repeated mugging of Jarret Jack late in the fourth? Gasol makes his first appearence as a magician; disappearing act in the fourth quarter. Hardly can credit Joel Przybilla.

    Brandon Wright finally getting an opportunity to showcase his skills. Perhaps Nellie’s knee-jerk reaction for venting “sourgrapes” effect failing to land the aforementioned (Pow! there goes the win streak) Gasol.

    Thought PhilJacks was a bit more savvy than intimating hatched chicken eggs to the tune of “an 18 game winning streak.” openly to the talking head sect. However, the Zenmaster works in mysterious ways. . .

    To those that believe one of the three highest priced FA WR’s is the way to go; with the early trend of overspending likely to take seed it is probably more resonable to expect Curry to man the Z receiver spot, hopefully Hackett @ the X and, because JLH has to be vastly improved next year the transition of a rookie WR (s) into the Raider system would be mitigated by deploying either in the slot. Talk about quality depth! WR’s 25 players deep!

    If the Raiders are to eventually take a RB I like Matt Forte of Tulane. As far as WR’s, Eddie Royal of VA Tech and Jerome Simpson of Coastal Carolina (reminds me of Jacoby Jones, small school guy for the Texans) have ability, versatility, hunger and are both could prove adept special teamers. If Dakota’s scenario from post # 67 bears fruit (Matt Ryan #1 to the Fins, Jake Long to St. Louis and whatever the Falcons do), whomever is avilable @ #4; the second coming of Shaun Kemp or Chris Long would fetch @ least an additional third rounder and, if it is the Jets a loss of their second rounder could be mitigated by a Raiders second day selection. Thus, Ryan Clady, Trevor Laws and, say, either James Hardy, WR from Indiana (excess character baggage, but a sub 4.5 forty with those hands? Wow!) or Branden Albert, versatile OG from Virginia would vastly improve the Raiders state of the future on both sides of the line of scrimmage.

    I know I’m throwing alot of scenarios out there, but one never knows what direction the Raiders are inclined to go. However, with the depth on the OL and @ WR I believe somehow the Raiders need to draft two of each in this draft. And I’ve been a Laws backer the entire season. Alot to admit for me; dispise the Irish big time!

    Well, road trip this A.M. Am now fully awake! Next stop; Starbucks!



  • barry sims

    so long…

    to the nation it’s been a fun nine years in silver and black. sorry for all the false starts over the past few years, ‘specially on third down. i also said sorry to jamarcus for allowing him to get sacked for a safety and sacked on the very last snap of the charger game . i did my best gonna miss ya’ll

  • R8DR4LFE 75

    The Donkeys will “sign booger” have the Bucs D/line.Just like when they had the Browns D/line

  • 1960AutumWind


    Fox radio is the west coast ESPN…. Their radio personalities are based in LA and the 7PM guy (West Coast time) is a Raider Fan… Their regional coverage focuses on the teams of that region more in depth as well on TV. BSPN is great because they bring in a few college games I would not be able to see other than that they suck. They almost always get it wrong and have the nasty habit of cheering on the Raiders to do something – the Raiders do it then they critize the Raiders for doing it. Randy Moss trade(s) a great example of this.

  • R8DR4LFE 75

    Why dont we reunite Doucet with Jamarcus that would be good for his comfort level…

  • LesterHayes#37TheJudge

    (#138) 505Raider is right about McCown leaving: There was no way the Raiders were going to pay McCown $3+ Million per to ride the pines — mentor or not. Even Kiff understands they couldn’t get in a bidding war for him.

    Good riddance J. Porter…selfish, polarizing, didn’t want to be a Raider anyway. He’ll look great in the slot for Jax.

    The deal for safety Gibril Wilson is exactly what the defense needed, and he’ll be a rock in the secondary for years. What to do with Michael Huff? Huff has been exactly what the Raiders hoped, and does exactly what’s asked of him in this defense (lack of interceptions notwithstanding). Wilson and Huff have the chance to become the premier safety tandem in the league.

    Free Agency: I can’t see us making too many big $$ moves, and am satisfied with the approach so far. Tommy Kelly’s “big” contract is going to be middle-of-the-pack very soon, and now he’s also locked-up for years. If he stays healthy, he’ll be worth every penny. If the Raiders add the right, last, piece to the D-line, this defense should be Top-10 in every category in the league — and Rob Ryan has no more excuses.

    Of the supposed “best” available receivers on the market (Berrian or Bryant Johnson) — I say go for Johnson right now. Johnson is a great teammate, a self-motivated hard worker, and could be a #1 receiver for half the teams in this league. When Fitz and/or Boldin are out, this guy produces. He produces whenever they go his way, period. He could be had for the same money as Porter — and he really wants to prove just how good he is.

    Kiff and Al? A soap opera for sure, but there have been numerous owners who didn’t get along with their coaches — and they won either in spite of, or largely because of, their relationship.

    I hope Kiff’s the man — but, for the Caddy he’s going to be driving, he gets no more than a valet key for now. The team will be addressing the offense soon, and if they give him the right tools, Kiffin will have a chance to develop a great program. I really hope he gets the chance.

    The question to Kiff is………Are you in?

  • R8DR4LFE 75

    Good info i did not know that.thanks autumwind

  • 1960AutumWind

    Barry S.

    I know you are a hardworking high character guy but it just killed me that you would elevate for practice and beat out some player and then play worse than him in a game situation. Thats what was so sad about you…


  • Mistabrown

    NFLN says McCown went to the Bengals not Dolphins.

  • Charlie

    I like the Wilson signing. I think he is going to find it hard to cover people for 15 seconds given the Raider pass rush.
    We desperately need help at DT to make the Wilson deal more effective. I would not bet on Sands or Warren being anything more than they have been in the past. We need to draft ELLIS.
    We need to rely on Cable knowing something we do not. The Raiders have a solution on the OL that will NOT include using their first draft pick for that position.

  • R8DR4LFE 75

    Burgess not happy with the money he’s making.I smell trade with the cowgirls for a draft pick.That will hopefully give us 2 in the first round.Now what to do…

  • 1960AutumWind


    An interesting thought is that Warren when he played was fairly effective. If this guy can some how stay healthy, I think he and Kelly are the starters but we are thin in rotation with Sands and both Warren and Kelly are coming off injuries. There are a lot of question marks their to be sure and as I went through some of the rushing statistics this defense was not just bad against the run they were historically bad against the run last year. They gave up 24 rushing TDs leading the leagues 2nd worst by 5 TDs. Their yards per carry was the worst by 0.2 yards per carry. Some of this because the Raiders were blogging with Stu and using 4th string fodder at one Safety and teams were ripping off big runs when they should have been stopped for 10 yards but some of this was on the DL too.

  • DSM,..and others,..read my post from prior Jerry entry…I was in fact wrong about no free agents visiting the island…as I said yesterday, I am hoping to be wrong with a few more free agents,…so Marley, DSM,..and all the others can take shots all day,…please feel free,…and another thing,..I hope Im wrong about Kiffin also.

  • R8DR4LFE 75

    That is cuase Burgess is only a good pass rusher.Last year he was a victim of his own speed.He was so fast the R/T just let him go and the R/B woul take that hole.All do inpart to Burgess flying to the out side so quick…



    The Brownies have NO 1st rd pick because of the Quinn deal and no 3rd. Thats whay they restricted their QB hoping to get those back.

  • LesterHayes#37TheJudge

    #174: Trade Burgess? I wouldn’t move him, and no team is likely give a high-enough pick to get him. This guy’s a guaranteed double-digit professional sack man — something the college kids have yet to prove they can do. The Raiders paid him well when they brought him in, and he’ll get a hefty pay raise with a great season this year. Produce, and get another nice raise.

  • R8DR4LFE 75

    The cowgirls would invision Burgess & ware there for they would take the deal.Next year he would be to pricey to keep with all the money we are spending this year

  • Maryland Raider fan

    McClown to Msimi is about getting a chance to start and get paid none of which was going to happen in Oakland–JR’s the man–nothing to do with Kiffin as Jerry would suggest. I think Kiff is more like Al than we think and is playing close to the vest like he did at the beginning of the season with the QB situation. He and the staff are probably busting their A#@ off assesssing needs and trying to get the players we need.
    Wilson signing sets up the secondary and Huff will be as FS as kiff said he wanted at the end of last season.
    I for one am not buying into the coach problem and we are adding football players with winning attitudes.

  • R8DR4LFE 75

    We can also trade rhodes & sign J jones unless he was to much to get.As long as the Donkeys dont get him

  • RaiderDogg

    I just wanted to give props to MaddenRaider. It’s not always easy to admit it when you make a mistake. Much respect.

    My apologies for my part in the nonsense. The fact is I really enjoy your posts when they aren’t filled with venom, piss & vinegar. We don’t all have to agree but we can all still respect each other a bit more, myself included.

    Have a good day.


    Maryland Raider,
    I think LK and AD are sitting in AD’s office and planning every move. To tick off the media, they release it as if Kiffin has no input. But the moves so far have both their imprints. I smell deception.



    Simply said:
    Nice Post!

  • Morning all…

    Been checking the nfl.com list of Free Agents this morning…

    Besides the usual suspects at WR: Berrian, Donte and B. Johnson…there are some young guys who have failed to meet expectations, maybe one of them can be signed on the cheap and turn it around…

    Kelley Washington: Buried in NE´s bench, talented but troubled.

    Keary Colbert: If only for the USC connection, Kiffin should know if he´s worth a shot.

    Devard Darling: Former 3rd rounder with size and speed, failed to put it togheter in Baltimore.

    Jabar Gaffney: Seems to make plays and was NE´s best receiver before Moss, Welker.

    Devery Henderson: Former 2nd rounder, seems like to me like he could be the same kind of player Berrian is if he could hang on to the ball, he´s fast.

    Drew Carter: Big and fast, hands questionable.

    Ben Troupe: TE former 2nd rounder if you remember him coming out he was a beast, huge and fast, had a strong rookie season with 55 catches but nothing since.

    We don´t ”need” a TE but for cheap money he could be worth it for depth and 2 TE packages.

    None of those guys would make us feel set at WR but one might surprise us, I´d rather sign any of them than have Dwight and McFoy in the roster.

  • 1960AutumWind


    Good point I knew about the 1st rounder but did not know about the third rounder so that probably really restricts them in giving up picks

    RD for Life…

    No one will trade for Rhodes because his contract is back loaded and not something good to take on. Burgess’ and Washington;s contracts on the other hand are great trade bait. Our #4 may be great trade bait if someone really wants whoever slips to #4 be it McFad or JLong (if they slip) but AD usually wants too much and rarely (never?) trades out of a high first round pick.

  • R8DR4LFE 75

    Imagine the first game between the Raiders & SD super duds we have gholston they have merriman looking at eachother from opposite sidelines trying to outplay eachother.Now that would be a sight to see…

  • Jhill

    Burgess would be outta here lickity split if we could get a #1 for him from Dallas.

    Sorry, as they say, I’d be the first one helping him pack his bag.

    My thinking is Richardson could start at Burgess’ spot, draft Gholston/Long at #4, and use the additional #1 on the BPA.

    To be honest, I’d trade Burgess for a 3rd or better, and just keep going young.

  • Jhill


    Link to those names?

    Colbert is available? I think he would be a great pick up along with Johnson from Az.

  • Swiss Raider

    With Wilson we filled our SS need, but we still need a good runstopping DT, a nr. 1 WR and one or two guys for the o-line. I think we could give up Huff to fill one of this needs, because Washington and Schweigert are not as good as Huff, but the need on the other positions is way bigger than the difference between a average and a good FS. Roy Williams would be great (I got him in Madden 08) but I doubt that the Lions will let him go. So I pray that Berrian, Stallworth Johnson or Gaffney will find the way to Oakland. Stroud is on the tradeblock, but I don’t know what positions the Jaguars got needs on. However we should bring in a good runstopper and a nr.1 Receiver and draft Long.

    greez from Switzerland

  • R8DR4LFE 75

    Burgess & maybe Fabian then we can also get maybe a cromartie or a W/R.Sounds good to me i think the Cowgirls would do it.Then Routt plays the slot

  • tom flores

    I hate to be a worry wart but Huff was not Al Davis’ pick..as I remember he wanted Leinart and was angry when Shell/Ryan chose Huff…

    If we do retain both Safeties this year then we are headed in the right direction.

    I read the Kelly resigning logic posted by Bob Marley and agree it makes sense esp. if Denver was eyeing him. W all know how Al Davis hates Mike “Shananagans”…we already improved our roster and depleted theirs with the Gearard Warren signing…(addition by subtraction) hahaha. I am sure Al Davis did not want to let them get back at us by doing the same thing.

    I guess that all those folks who said we wouldn’t get any FAs was wrong…happily. I believe I posted a few days ago that getting Wilson would make alot of sense and was hammered by someone saying he was a FS not a SS or something and I pointed out that he was previously a SS but was asked to lose weight and play FS…so I will say ” I told you so” to them.

    I also like the fact that now we dont have to waste a number 1 on one of my desperation picks Kenny Phillips which I thought could have been converted to SS and let Huff roam at FS. That means that we could still desperately use a LB …HELLO…and a WR or two in FA.

    Unlike everyone here I for one think we will be fine with a second tier WR like Donte Stallworth….we dont really need Bryant Johnson or Berrian to make it work guys…because we have young guys ready to step up this year…although either or both would give us a dynamic offense and I know Big Al (Darth Vader) loves that !!!

    All this trade talk for Roy Williams via our 4th rounder + Huff is a miserable thought.

    I also want to remind you guys that we paid Jerry Porter only 500K less than Moss…that’s right 9.5 M or some crazy number..so Berrian or Bryant Johnson would be a discount compared to that obscene number for a slacker !!! Either would also be an upgrade and keep us getting younger which is even more important.

    Add the fact that both Berrian and Stallworth have ties to the Bay area and you have something that smells like this: Berrian and Stallworth in Silver and Black….you heard it first here boys…I say we get them both and Kwane at OT and there is our offense.

    If we can pull this off our draft pick is obviously Gholston because that will free up Burgess and the “hounds of hell” will be unleashed. If we go after and sign Jevon Kearse..again my call…we also get a solid DE that will cause double teams and free up Burgess…either way the winner here is Burgess and the Raiders. I dont like the idea of signing anyone over 30 but Al davis has a habit as we all know of letting top notch guys play out their careers here in the hopes of a rebirth…and it has happened…most recently with Burgess.

    We are stilll desperately in need of an OLB that’s a fact…so it’s decision time in Oaktown…a game changing LB (Briggs)that will cost us …say…the same as LJordan and JRhodes 8 Mil a year…gosh that’s a tough one…dump two guys we dont really need to make cap room for Briggs….ding ding ding…we have a winner.

    I know that Rhodes was perfect coming off his suspension and bench warming…but we have MBush and Fargas and a deep draft of quality “young” legs available guys. I say dump them both…bring in Briggs and let’s dominate our division on D !!!

    Of course all this leads to an AL Davis pick of either Gholston or DMac and either one will do the trick…one gets us off the field on D…the other keeps us on the field on O…pick your poison…

    either way, if we follow my lead..we are defintely going to take our division…and that is exactly why Al Davis is spending money this year…he knows that Denver has faded..and KC isn’t even close…SD has Norv Turner…a very conservative coach, straddled with an injured QB and RB scarred from their loss in the play-offs and likely having lost their back up RB Michael Turner.

    WE put together a dominant D and give Jruss some supporting cast members and look out AFC West !!!

    There is fear and loathing running rampant in our opponents coaching ranks…Oakland is on the rebound and any FAs that come our way are just another nail in the coffin for KC, DENVER and SD !!!

  • Yalls Trippin

    Kearse and Burgess will reunite…Write it down…

    McCown leaving is not related to Kiffin. He will compete for a starting job there, Tuna liked what the Raiders did last year with him. Put a cheap,gutsy QB in as a placeholder for the first year of a major rebuild. He will help groom Matt Ryan, and undoubtedly end up dinged up and ridin pine for year 2.

    McCown will help them dink and dunk and screen their way through the year. Tuna will order “NO IMPROV..Throw that $hi* away!!”

  • Jhill

    Why are we still talking about things that are right in front of our face?

    Kelly, Warren, and Sands are our DT’s. Josh Shaw is the 4th guy in the rotation, so why do we need a 5th guy?

    DT is no longer a need position.

    We may not like it, but it is what it is.

  • R8DR4LFE 75

    Good 1 swiss raider Stroud would be good they need a C/b & we have one for sale a long with a 3rd rounder were in giggidi giggidi goooo

  • Still on nfl.com´s list…

    Some cheap, I´d say, options for depth at DT or if Warren gets cut later.

    Ian Scott: Nothing spectacular but was a rotation guy for the Bears SB team.

    Spencer Johnson: Third man in Minny´s DL rotation, played a lot, can´t say I know more.

    Those 2 seem solid guys, unlike this next guy who´d be a total longshot…

    Jimmy Kennedy: Typical bust and underachiever, huge at 6’4 330 but Denver got him last year and cut him before he played a down, I´d do the same, get him for the minimum and waive him at the first sign of trouble.

  • LesterHayes#37TheJudge

    #189: I’d trade Burgess for a 1st Rounder, too — but it ain’t gonna happen. I certainly wouldn’t let him go for less than a mid-round #2. Can’t teach the kind of instinct he has for sacks.

    Don’t be surprised when Al trades down out of the #4 spot — allowing the team to spend the same amount on multiple players as they would for that one pick. Way too much talent in the draft at positions of need for the Raiders — and way too much guaranteed $$ being spread around right now.

  • dick v

    The signing of Kelly and potential signing of Kwame Harris tells me the Raiders are probably not taking both a dt and ot in rounds one and two. Since the OT position is soo deep and Long is the only OT valued in the top five, I am guessing that the Raiders will be taking Vershon Gholston. Since Chris Long will be long gone and Clemmons booked for Philly, Gholston now becomes the top player by both need and talent at the four spot. 4.6 forty time with 37 reps in the bench tells me the man is dedicated in the weight room and has that hunger. He will create pressure across from Burgess that will strike fear into OC’s across the league.