Jake Long at No. 4?


Just confirmed the Raiders have no intention of moving Robert Gallery back to left tackle. Gallery has talked with line coach Tom Cable and been told he will remain at left guard.

Since Sims’ departure leaves a void at left tackle, it leaves open the possibility that the Raiders would consider Michigan tackle Jake Long with the No. 4 pick in the draft.

Kwame Harris, the free agent scheduled to visit Friday from the 49ers, is considered a right tackle. Given that he watched his entire rookie season from the sidelines, it’s doubtful Mario Henderson, one of three third-round draft picks last season, would be up to being a starting left tackle in Year 2.

The free agent market is light on tackles. Cleveland’s Nat Dorsey is a four-year veteran who was a backup but is regarded as having potential. George Foster of Detroit played in a zone blocking scheme in Denver but was at his best on the right side.

At the NFL scouting combine, 49ers G.M. Scot McCloughan opined that as many as six tackles could go in the first round, but Long may be the only one who would go at No. 4. Boise State’s Ryan Clady operated in a zone blocking scheme in college, comparing it to the Denver Broncos. Clady did not participate in drills in Indianapolis because of pectoral injury sustained during a bench press workout.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Pissed off Raider Fan

    The Jets got Faneca

  • Hugh G. Reckshun

    Gibril. wtf kind of name is that? haha! lol! roflmao! ….I just puked…..

  • DesertRaider24

    My bad, Sean Salisbury…Doh! Thanks for the info on Wilson everyone…man oh man…I can’t wait to see Wilson blow up someone next year…

  • Fender52

    Sims posted a sweet “adios” on the raiders website.

  • Pissed off Raider Fan

    What an upgrade from Stu to Wilson
    Night and Day if it holds true


    This has had to be one of the best 1st FA days ever. I even have read some anti AD’s giving the old guy some love. It makes it even sweeter when the media is going nuts with their venom.

  • raider4life22

    speaking of adam shitner i am finally convinced he is against the raiders. he was laughing at the raiders for signing kelly and made a comment that nobody in the league even knows who he is. yet ive read a few articles saying that a few teams were ready to pounce with an offer. For some reason if some other team signed kelly for that money he probably wouldve been like that was a great move lol. what a douchebag

  • Wilson will be moved back to SS. You guys this is NOT a done deal yet, but it does look like it is gonna happen. And for all you nay sayers, we needed a SS, and the Godfather went out and got the premier SS in free agency. Oh no, Oakglenn, no free agents are ever gonna come here!!! Everyone who said that gets to kiss my ass for free.
    The good news about Wilson is he’s exactly what we are looking for, fast with size, good insticts, a natural strong safety with experience in the league and a leader on a World Championship team. The bad news is he has the tendency to “freelance” too much, which either makes plays or gets himself and everyone else in trouble. Have you guys heard that story before?? Bottom line: We’re REALLY glad to have him!

  • raider4life22

    hopefully gibril continues to be a good player. im just a lil leary of a guy who has a good year but becasue his team won the superbowl his satus as a player gets elavated. see brown larry or howard desmond.

  • Pissed off Raider Fan

    Gibril Wilson is a Bonafide player in this league
    he is no Larry Brown or Desmond Howard, he is no D-Rhodes. I just hope that after winning the SB he’s just looking to cash in and take it easy with the raiders.

  • Old Raider Fan

    Oakglenn, per profootballtalk.com we just signed Wilson. Go Raiders!!

  • Pissed off Raider Fan

    *not looking to cash in and take it easy

  • Quagmire’d

    I think his name is Girbil, Hugh G…lol.

  • Richard Gere

    Did someone in here say Girbil???

  • R8R_ERN


  • raiders2

    We should sign DJ Hackett.

  • Dark Forces

    I’ll bet Al Davis doesn’t give a squirt of pi$$ about scheme. He’ll draft Jake Long in a second even if he is a bad fit for a LT in Cable’s scheme.

    89 million for two very average defensive players? Al still hasn’t gotten the hang of this free agency thing.

  • killmarty

    Hackett to visit. Why would we put a rookie LT in to protect our franchise Jerry?

  • killmarty

    The Jets did not get him. The report was false

    # Pissed off Raider Fan Says:
    February 29th, 2008 at 4:06 pm

    The Jets got Faneca

  • I Love Al Today

    Raiders need a solid left tackle now and about 10 receivers for next year. I say trade down, take a 1st and a 3rd round pick and try to go for Ryan Clady who better fits the zone blocking scheme at left tackle. In the 2nd round go for a big receiver for JaMarcus like Limas Sweed if he falls, James Hardy, or maybe even a Devin Thomas from MSU. 3rd round go for a Jordy Nelson from KSU.

  • They Call Me Assassin

    Hackett would be perfect. I’ve mentioned here before that Berrian was interviewed on Sirius during the Afternoon Drive, and he was asked if Oakland or SF would be on his radar. He LAUGHED at the notion of signing with a team like the Raiders and said we were disfunctional, then went on to say that he grew up a Niner fan and would love to play there. I’ll take Hackett just because he was smart enough not to say something so bold going into FA.

  • They Call Me Assassin

    Where did it say that Hackett was visiting? Can’t find it anywhere.

  • Old Raider Fan

    TCMA, you are kidding me about Berrian? If that is true I sure hope that AD heard it too!! Thas is BS!! There are plenty of WR’s in the draft!! BS!!

  • They Call Me Assassin

    Old Raider Fan – It’s no joke. I’m in Sales and spend a lot of time on the Freeway, thus I listen to Sirius all day. He was interviewed two weeks after the Super Bowl by Adam Shine and Solomon Wilcotts. They popped the question about coming to Oakland and I almost puked when I heard the sarcasm in his laugh. The laugh was similar to a teen ager when they’ve just pulled a prank on the teacher. I was so pissed because I live 20 minutes from where he played High School Football, plus I’ve attended several Fresno State games when he was playing. I was really pulling for Al to sign him, but once I heard the interview I became a huge DJ Hackett fan.

  • They Call Me Assassin

    Does anyone know how to replay archived Sirius interviews? I’d love for all of you to have a link to listen to it. I’ll work on finding one. It sounds immature on my behalf to be so offended, but his response was unacceptable, and if he signs it will be a clear indication that he was making a cash grab.

  • They Call Me Assassin

    Whats up Mistabrown!

  • Old Raider Fan

    TCMA, well to hell with him then!! Doesn’t he have a reputation of dropping passes? Hell man, JLH can probably out run him anyway!! I know he needs help but, we now have Mr. Lofton to help with his catching now and would rather pay his salary than what Berrian would be asking!! What is your opinion?

  • freezie

    New post for a while now.

  • RaidrWrecker

    trade down and take ryan clady and acquire more picks pick up a MLB in the draft and move morrison back to OLB where he’ll be a bigger beast

  • tom flores

    what have I missed…??? I had an emergency and left in the middle of the craziest day in football….any news on FA interview sightings in Oaktown…???

  • Pirate arrgghhhh

    funny how you would always read that the problem with the Raiders’ offense (at least one of them) was the the lack of a deep threat with Curry and Porter.

    now you read things like this on pro football weekly:

    The Jaguars addressed a major need Friday, signing ex-Raiders WR Jerry Porter, providing a deep threat for David Garrard.

  • Diceq

    Jake Long makes it a plan in place.

  • Memo

    Do you guys think it would be possible for the Raiders to draft an impact defensive player & maybe Sam Baker will be available in the 2nd?

  • Personally, I like T Jake Long cuz I’m a Michigan fan, but he’s not what we need in our system. We don’t need elite lineman for the zone blocking scheme. Mcfadden will fall to us at #4 now only cuz of character issues. The Raiders will trade the #4 pick to Dallas for the 22nd & 28th pick plus maybe a 3rd or 4th round pick in this years draft. I think it would benefit us if this happens. First with the 22nd pick plus a 4th round pick we inch up a couple spots to grab one of the other 2 franchise backs, more than likely RB Johnathan Stewart from Oregon, 5’11 237 4.4. With the 28th pick I would look at WR Limas Sweed from Texas, if not, I would take WR Desean Jackson out of Cal. So we get two very good players for the price of one Darren Mcfadden. Believe me with our signings we are positioned right now to pick a RB! His name right now is Darren Mcfadden! We can benefit from this if he’s there at 4 which i believe will happen. Jerry Jones really wants this kid and Al will give him to the Cowboys for their two first round picks plus another later pick. 2nd round we can go maybe OT Sam Baker from USC or LOLB Erin Henderson from Maryland? If we acquire a 3rd round pick instead of a 4th rounder I say draft DT Frank Okam from Texas or S Tom Zbowski from Notre Dame? 4th round I would draft DE/OLB Marcus Howard or G/T Pedro Sosa.

  • I hope Al Davis is still talking to the Falcons about CB Deangelo Hall. I’m ready to trade S Michael Huff, CB Routt or Fabian Washington, and DT Terdell Sands to the Atlanta Falcons right now for Deangelo Hall and a draft pick. I think this trade benefits both teams. This is a better trade than a possible 1st and 3rd from the Giants that they are currently offering. This would be an insurance move for us cuz Nmandi can leave after next year and we better have a proven lockdown corner in place in case this happens. At the very least we could have the pair atleast for 1 or maybe 2 years if the raiders franchise him again. We can’t afford losing CB Nmandi and be left with Fabian washington and Stanford Routt as our corners. We better try and get Deangelo Hall right now!!! Even if that means that Huff has to go. We got SS Gibril Wilson now and he gives us some stability at the position. Raider fans need to get on board to try to express to the Raiders organization that this needs to happen! note: Don’t be surprised if DT Warren Sapp comes out of his temporary retirement, his papers have not been filed yet!

  • Come on Al, bring CB Deangelo Hall to Oakland!!! We will now have the best cornerback tandem in the league baby!!! Who are u gonna throw the ball at now?

  • Raiders draft 2008

    Trade with cowboys. #4 pick overall for 22nd & 28th pick in the first round plus a fifth round pick.

    1) RB Johnathan Stewart-Oregon
    1) WR Limas Sweed-Texas
    2) LT Sam Baker-USC
    3) DT Frank Okam-Texas
    4) DE/OLB Marcus Howard-Georgia
    5) OG/T Pedro Sosa-Rutgers
    The rest of the picks don’t matter cuz they won’t make the team.

    Free Agent Targets
    1) SS Gibril Wilson
    2) WR Donte’ Stallworth a.k.a StarWeezy!(Local product out of SAC who would want to play for us unlike injury prone Benard Berrian. Go to the forty winers, we don’t need you! Plus Stallworth will be a lil cheaper.
    3) RT Kwame Harris(won’t hurt for him to challenge Paul Mcquistan for the starting job. Maybe a system change is what he needs, he was drafted in the 1st round for a reason.)

  • we need to look at the small acqusitions like TE Jason Dunn whom i believe is the best blocking TE in the league. He would definetly benefit our running game. And our TE situation is set!

  • If we can’t get WR Stallworth we better make a pitch for WR Bryant Johnson whom is big, fast, and can stretch the field. I think he’s set to visit Chicago next week.

  • Heck I would throw RB Dominic Rhodes in the deal for CB Deangelo Hall.

  • bishop916

    RK25 – I’m all over the Stallworth bandwagon.
    He lit it up as a Pacer out of Grant (in SAC as mentioned) – he has never come to fruition of a 1000 yd season in the pros, but he again has always been kinda second fiddle to established players. This would be his chance to shine!

  • Raider Ram

    Man, PLEASE don’t waste another first rounder on a OL. How many OL hae the Raiders drafted only to not be able to develop them? Last season they picked up Carlilse in FA and that worked out well. If Raiders just stick to picking up established OL in FA, and draft players with talent, then they can get things working. I like the idea of drafting the other Long, Chris, to fill the DE void left by Kelly with him moving to DT. Hey, Warren Sapp gave the thumbs up to moving KElly to DT, thats fine by me.

    And please, lets stop the in fighting on this board. Some of you come across as Sorority Girls fighting amongst one another. Lets keep this board football related, leave the egos on the sideline.


  • it looks like we will have 2 qbs

    Ryan could be a possibility

    seriously I’m thinking either Long. (Howie’s son), Dorsey or Ellis, if not any of those then a trade down, maybe to Dallas as they are eyeing McFadden unless of course they do not want his paternity baggage.

    The Raiders could still have offers for a pick at #4 for those who want Ryan or McFadden.

  • RaiderNation

    Jake Long would be a nice pick up a #4! but if he dont fit out blocking $heme why pick him? diz i$ how it$ gona go! were gona end up with Glenn Dor$ey! I am 100% $ure! and here$ why! Miami i$ gona take Chri$ Long cuz day need help everywere and with taylor thinken retirement…datz one more rea$on why he will go number 1! the ram$ are gona take Jake long cuz he fit$ dare $y$tem and with pace getten up in age….dey gota find hiz replacement right now! atlanta will take Matt Ryan! dey ju$t picked up Turner $o dat take$ away any chance$ of dem taken mcfadden! And finally Raider Nation at #4! we will take Glenn Dor$ey! he i$ a bea$t and will give u$ a pa$$ ru$h up da middle! mcfadden would be even beta but we got farga$ already! but Al Davi$ i$ unpredictable wen it come$ 2 da Draft! but regardle$$ of who we take…we will be AFC WE$T CHAMP$ IN 2008 AND WE WILL MAKE DA PLAYOFF$! DIZ I$ RAIDER NATION FOR LIFE FUK ALL DA HATER$!

  • darkknight01

    For me….it’s between the Longs and Gholston.

    At #4 the old man will have a hard time between DMC or Gholston. You guys watch.

    The DT class is deep this year. Raiders can get one in round 2 or 4. FA isn’t over yet….we’ll see what happens.