Jake Long at No. 4?

Just confirmed the Raiders have no intention of moving Robert Gallery back to left tackle. Gallery has talked with line coach Tom Cable and been told he will remain at left guard.

Since Sims’ departure leaves a void at left tackle, it leaves open the possibility that the Raiders would consider Michigan tackle Jake Long with the No. 4 pick in the draft.

Kwame Harris, the free agent scheduled to visit Friday from the 49ers, is considered a right tackle. Given that he watched his entire rookie season from the sidelines, it’s doubtful Mario Henderson, one of three third-round draft picks last season, would be up to being a starting left tackle in Year 2.

The free agent market is light on tackles. Cleveland’s Nat Dorsey is a four-year veteran who was a backup but is regarded as having potential. George Foster of Detroit played in a zone blocking scheme in Denver but was at his best on the right side.

At the NFL scouting combine, 49ers G.M. Scot McCloughan opined that as many as six tackles could go in the first round, but Long may be the only one who would go at No. 4. Boise State’s Ryan Clady operated in a zone blocking scheme in college, comparing it to the Denver Broncos. Clady did not participate in drills in Indianapolis because of pectoral injury sustained during a bench press workout.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Trevor

    I could live with Jake Long I guess. There are plenty of reasons to believe that he will succeed where Gallery failed. Definitly would prefer drafting him over McFadden.

    Also, the Broncos released WR Javon Walker. Is there any reason we shouldn’t make a run at this guy? He’s arguably better than Curry. And he’s better than the rest of our WRs by leaps and bounds. He has the speed to take advantage of Russell’s arm. My main concern with him would be that he turns 30 in October. But without a 3rd-round pick, there are only so many immediate needs we can fill in the draft.

  • ToozFan

    Tom Flores, i’m still laughing at post#155 in the Sims thread.
    It’s freakin’ killing me…

  • Chris in NY

    Harris sounds like a good fit at RT, though I haven’t paid much attention to him in the few 49ers games I’ve watched in recent years.

    Dakota, that’s pretty funny about McCown.

  • JB

    Maybe Briggs & Berrian can carpool on their way to Oakland. That way they’d get here quicker using the commute lanes.

  • Pirate arrgghhhhhh

    chris long – absolutely monster season, dominating combine performance, great character. How can you remain unconvinced. He’s going #1 so it doesn’t matter anyway.

    I have to admit, I had my doubts that he was overhyped being Howie’s son, but after watching him at the combine…..no more doubts at all.

  • Shawnraiders81

    is Briggs going to visit?

  • Dakota


    Did you watch the combine? Chris Long was all but perfect. He is INTENSE and obviously has a work ethic that transcends normalcy and approaches Kobe Brant’s level. He will not only NEVER take a play off, he will also inspire and lead the defense. He, along with Morrison, will take the reigns of the defense and make sure that no one steps out of line. He will be an irresistible force on defense that will bring greatness and discipline back to the raider defense!

    Unless Rob Ryan is still around to fck things up…

    Just my humble opinion.

  • Draft Beer

    JB there’s a website called http://www.raiders.com that has next years schedule….The Raiders play MIAMI next season…..I know it’s hard to find that site but it you might find it informative.


    what was Adam Schefter smoking? Porter had a couple of good years but then tanked it when he had to play second fiddle to Moss.

  • eyepatch

    Porter got 30 mil 6 years with the Jags. Good thing we did not pay him that.

  • JB

    The latest report I read was that Briggs wasn’t getting any calls or takers. Uncle Al should send his Jet Blue to pick him up and bring him back to Oakland for lunch & a chat. He’s more likely to get the big payday here than anywhere else. And, he’s a priority need in Oakland.

  • Shawnraiders81

    Porter sucks, not fast and lacks heart.

    Pure and simple.

  • Shawnraiders81 and Wolverine Raider- As you both know, there is only one god and his name is …AL DAVIS.

    Just Win Baby.

  • tom flores

    Thanks ToozFan

    I love the comedy in here and have found myself laughing so hard I cry sometimes…. I am happy to add a little humor to the board when I can…

  • Dakota


    Adam only watches the Raiders when they play the Broncos, so he has seen Porter at his best…the snow game.

  • SC Raider

    From Rotoworld – 1:36

    Free agent DE Ebenezer Ekuban will visit the Raiders Friday.
    Ekuban is recovering from a torn Achilles. Denver may up their offer to him just to keep him away from Al Davis.
    Source: MyFoxColorado.com
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  • Kelly’s $50 mil doesn’t look as ridiculous as Porter’s $30 mil.

  • Quagmire’d

    so play Briggs in the middle and mover Morrison to the outside? That would be pretty sweet.

  • tom flores

    does anyone think that perhaps McCown will be a stop gap like he was for us in Oaktown ???

    After Miami just signed a DT I am perplexed…who do you think Parcells is taking now at number 1…???

    Maybe he is gearing up for a trade..down or he really is thinking Matt Ryan at QB ???

  • SC Raider

    Clemons is now visiting the Eagles. They are going to try to steal our young pass rusher like we stole Burgess.

  • Rob Ryan’s Pickled Liver

    Clemons isn’t half the player Burgess is. Clemons had one OK season.

  • JB


    No question that he did well on the combine but playing against NFL level talent is a little different than some track and field events. Heart – Yes. Talent – Yes. Strength – OK but not exceptional. Weight – A little on the slim side in my opinion.

    I just think when the NFL BIG UGLIES start doubling him the shine in his star is going to dull a bit.

  • eyepatch

    I thinking more and more they may take Long too if they can get him. Seems Al is building a tall, fast defense again that can get alot of interceptions and block kicks. Sands is 6’7″ Kelly 6’6″ 2 top paid dl we got.

  • SC Raider

    McClown wasn”t a stopgap. He was a leak.

  • SC Raider

    I don’t know rr’s pickled liver, he is a hell of a lot younger than Burgess. He still has a lot of time to develop and showed promise last year. I love Burgess, and I have think we have somewhat mucked him over by giving Sands and Kelly big $, but I think Clemons will be good too.

  • Mike Litoris

    Lets sign Hugo Hurley from Lost. That fatboy is like 400 lbs. With incredible manboobs too


    Tom Flores,
    I hope he isn’t thinking of having McClown be Matt Ryans mentor

  • tom flores

    thi sa long thread already..havent even had time to read everything but I agree that Jake Long will be long gone by number 4 even if he wasn’t gone he may not even fit into Cables ZBS scheme…

    Its Gholston or Clady if we pick a lineman…my money is on Gholston…

    We Defintely NEED a LT that can hold up against Merriman…and other beasty speed rushers but Jake Long is probably not that guy since Gholston handed him his hat when they played against one another.

    I dont know who that guy is…but I sure hope he comes to Raider Nation soon…for Russells sake.

  • Wolverine Raider

    For me, if it’s between Dorsey and Ellis, I go Dorsey, but ONLY if Dorsey’s health concerns are cleared up. I’ve heard it’s a stress fracture in that leg. Now that’s a major concern for me if true.

    For Ellis, Mayock negative says he gets washed easily. Any USC fans on here that can give us an honest opinion on Ellis?

    Go Raiders.

  • tom flores


    you made me laugh my ass off !!!

    I think Drew is coming back for that…Parcells will talk him into being a Dolphin for one year…

  • If 6 tackles “could go in the 1st round” then we could get a guy like Clady with the #35 pick. Six guys won’t go. There are 31 picks in the 1st. When draft gurus say 6 tackles, 6 RB’s, 5 DT’s yadayada – it adds up to more than 31.
    If Harris can play RT I ouldn’t be shocked to see MacQ given a run at LT. It makes no sense to let Sims go unless you hav a SOLID plan on replacing him. Even drafting Jake Long is far from a solid plan. Like Jerry said, drafting Tackles is far from a sure bet. Plus Long is not exactly a good fit.

    The speed with which McCown and Porter signed tells you how weak this FA group is.

  • Dakota


    Here is my take on Miami and the first 4 picks:

    No way anyone trades down for the #1 pick, no one wants to pay that kind of money. So they are stuck with the #1 pick. They don’t like the BYU kid that the last administration picked in round 2. They signed McClown who has proven his ability to be a team player while breaking in a #1 QB. Chris Lone is not big enough to play DE in their 3-4 system. Dorsey and Ellis are both too small to be a NT in a 3-4 (think Sam Adams and Ted Washington for that system). No way they reach for Jake Long or Vernon….that pretty much leaves you with Matt Ryan IMHO.

    Rams then take Jake Long to replace Pace.

    Falcons shy away from McFadden and their new d-coordinator runs a 4-3 defense so they select Chris Long or Vernon. Knowing this, they trade down to #6 and select Vernon G.

    Jets select McFadden.

    Raiders select Chris Long.

  • Wolverine Raider

    Wait a minute, Gholston didn’t hand Long his hat in that game. He got a sack on him which started putting Gholston’s name out there for sure, but one sack in a game isn’t exactly dominating Long. It was a huge deal as it was only the second sack Long had given up in his career. Just wanted to clear that up a bit.

    Go Raiders.

  • Quagmire’d

    Hey EXLAX, that would ruin the kid….lol.

  • tom flores

    sorry about the ZBS scheme..thats a bit redundant

  • tom flores

    alright Wolverine Raider…point made…but I detect a bit of protectionism here…you being a Michigan guy and all

  • Tommy Trojan

    if we can get javon walker, berrian, or stallworth in FA and draft either doucet or hardy in the 2nd, pair those 2 WRs with curry and have higgins develope/provide competition/come off the bench then this would be a very respectable WR core, then draft j.long, mcfadden, or a DL, we would at least be in the wild card discussion at the end of the season if russell can play at least average w/those WRs

  • Rob Ryan’s Pickled Liver

    I’d guess that Harris will get a look at Left Tackle. McQ looked solid at RT.

  • To those of you who couldn’t understand why the Kelly overpayment was a bad thing – go buy your discount Chris Clemmons jerseys.

    EVERYTHING a team does has repercussions. Overpaying Kelly may have cost us our best young pass rusher. Plus, if we draft or sign much needed D-line help, guess what the Kelly deal does to the price of that help?

  • Trevor

    Harris at LT and McQ at RT sounds like a pretty terrible duo to me.

  • Wolverine Raider

    Tom Flores,

    Fair enough, but I honestly can’t say if I’d pick Jake Long or Gholston if they were both available. Tough call for sure.

    Look at what Joe Thomas did for Cleveland in his first year. But look at what Mario Williams did for the Texans in his second year.

    I think we’ll get a great player at #4. I can’t wait.

    Go Raiders.

  • Hobs Gnarly

    I still think they pick Gholston and Laws first and second rounds.

  • Dakota

    Wow Hobs, add those two salaries to the Burgess, Kelly and Sands contracts and we might have the most expensive, and unproven d-line in the NFL.

  • Trevor

    COW, I agree. I was hoping to see Clemons back up Burgess and take over as the starter at LE next year, with Sands/Kelly/Warren as the main three inside, and Jay Richardson rotating with Chris Long at RE. Now we have no long-term answer at LE, we have only Richardson who provides very little pash rush at RE, and we can’t really justify adding Dorsey or Ellis to DT because of the $ we are playing Kelly.

  • daniel

    wolverine, gallery didnt give up a sack in his college career ……. i think, but im sure he didnt give up any sacks his last two years

  • Hobs Gnarly

    Dakota, you seen what a DL can do for a team. Giants

  • Dakota

    Trevor…Clemens weighs 240 lbs, no way he was going to be our starting DE. He is moving to OLB with the Eagles according to reports out of Philly. Let the Eagles over pay for a guy that has bounced around the NFL for four years and has had only 1 decent year.

  • tom

    draft or sign a LT..do not move gallery.

  • Hobs Gnarly

    Laws I believe is every bit as good as Dorsey or Ellis, the man has strength and he is nimble. Like what they were doing with Sapp. That may be the answer to Turdell and Kelly getting and keeping fresh?