Jake Long at No. 4?


Just confirmed the Raiders have no intention of moving Robert Gallery back to left tackle. Gallery has talked with line coach Tom Cable and been told he will remain at left guard.

Since Sims’ departure leaves a void at left tackle, it leaves open the possibility that the Raiders would consider Michigan tackle Jake Long with the No. 4 pick in the draft.

Kwame Harris, the free agent scheduled to visit Friday from the 49ers, is considered a right tackle. Given that he watched his entire rookie season from the sidelines, it’s doubtful Mario Henderson, one of three third-round draft picks last season, would be up to being a starting left tackle in Year 2.

The free agent market is light on tackles. Cleveland’s Nat Dorsey is a four-year veteran who was a backup but is regarded as having potential. George Foster of Detroit played in a zone blocking scheme in Denver but was at his best on the right side.

At the NFL scouting combine, 49ers G.M. Scot McCloughan opined that as many as six tackles could go in the first round, but Long may be the only one who would go at No. 4. Boise State’s Ryan Clady operated in a zone blocking scheme in college, comparing it to the Denver Broncos. Clady did not participate in drills in Indianapolis because of pectoral injury sustained during a bench press workout.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Vicky

    We should try and sign both Walker as well as Berrian.

  • JRaider1


    I read a quote from C. Long saying he will play his ass off whether he is picked by Oakland or not. Which is exactly the attitude he should have. He has to play his own game not his dads. which by the way he has done very well.

    no outright negativity toward the Raiders though

  • tom flores

    grabbing winners in FA are a key addition to this team and the attitude that they come with is contagious in a locker room…AL Davis has always known this and this move only reinforces my belief that he is serious about improving key positions that he feels have held us back and cost us the 3 or 4 wins a year that makes us a respectable team…

    We are two players away now boys…LB and WR…the rest can be dealt with in the draft…

  • raiders2

    Does anyone have any idea how much cap space we have left?????

  • M.I.A. Raiders aka Vernon Gholston at #4

    is 39M too high for Gibril Wilson?

  • Hobs Gnarly

    Now I would not mind Jake Long, but I think if they became a running team and pass when necessary with a dominant D, they could get by with the o-line they have with the addition of Harris. Especially with JR still baby stepping

  • C4

    I think that both of the Longs will be taken b4 our pick.(J.Long-STL, C.Long-ATL, ‘Matt Ryan to MIA’). We will end up taking Mcfadden or Gholston. I would be perfectly happy with either one. T.Laws (DT) should be our 2nd round pick if we can get some good WR FAs, like Stallworth, Hackett, or Berrian,(or all three), if we cant get them, then I think we have to take somebody like Hardy (WR) in the secod round. We must give JR some targets if we want to see any progression out of him. Hopefully Cable can find some gems in the later rounds for our ZBS, because we desperatly need a LT as well.

  • Quagmire’d

    Not based on what Williams got from the Vikings….

  • raiders2

    Gibril Wilson

    He’s been a productive yet unheralded safety for the Giants since being selected in the 5th round of the ’04 draft. The team is doing all it can to resign Wilson, who may end up inking a deal with division foe Philadelphia. -SI.com From Top 15 NFL Free Agents

  • Quagmire’d

    Wilson is close to signing with us….based on that and the Kelly signing it looks like the Raiders will have to overpay free agents in order to get them to sign. Not surprised one bit.

  • Hobs Gnarly

    I really do think the Kelly deal nixed the Broncos talks with Rogers.

  • Quagmire’d

    It’s official…Wilson is in!!!

  • daniel

    wilson is a raider

  • raiders2

    What’s going to happen with Huff now?

  • Quagmire’d

    Huff to FS…

  • raidersguy88

    we can’t trade huff that would put us back we play a lot of man coverage so we need a good S to cover the TE and one to roam the field and make plays, Wilson and Huff had similar numbers except that Wilson had 4 INT and Huff had 1 but Huff wasn’t a INT machine at Texas anyways he never got more than 2 per season go ahead and check the stats i’m pretty sure

  • EXLARaider makes a great point about Gholston. The kid is used to fighting thru double and triple teams. Quentin Moses our 3rd rounder last year had a monster Jr year and was doubled and tripled his senior year, where he just gave up. Notice how we’re targeting high motor guys now?

  • daniel

    huff will stay and i will predict he will go to the pro bowl

  • Pirate arrgghhhh

    what an idiot Jay Glazer is. he says, the G.Wilson “doesn’t bode well for Huff” and says Huff likely will be traded.

    newsflash. A team needs two safeties. Huff plays in one spot, Wilson in the other.

    There’s no way Huff is getting traded. Just one media rumor that gets repeated by every other media hack because they know rumors = page hits = advertising dollars.

    With the internet, it’s just media hacks repeating what they read elsewhere. Just look at this site. Jerry hasn’t posted any original reporting in a while. He just repeats what he reads of PFT.

  • daniel

    players tend to brake out in ther 3rd year

  • Hazard Pay in Oakland…lolololol…see how the league and media play when they’re so busy trying to discredit the Raiders..don’t pay attention, AL..

  • RaiderDogg

    Wilson is one hell of a Free Agent signing wouldn’t you say?

    Some people wanted you to believe that no free agent worth a damn would sign with the Raiders. Big surprise that person was WRONG!

    Cheers Oakglenn!

  • Pirate arrgghhhh

    players tend to brake out in ther 3rd year

    exactly. Nnamdi didn’t light it up his first few years. According to the Jerry McDonald thinking, we should have dumped Nnamdi becuase long ago because he didn’t have enough interceptions his first few years (Jerry thinks counting ints is the only way to evaluate a DB). Players need time to develop. Fargas is another example. Examples all over.

  • Jhill

    Just waiting on the Harris announcement ..

    Wonder what that means for Berriman. Will there be enough dough?

  • tom flores

    hey the Saints came close a couple years back …dont be so ridiculous about us making a run…give Russell two years and it could happen…

    they had Brees…otherwise I would say we could do it in one !!!

    a little fantastic I agree…but why not?

  • Fender52

    where is the wilson announcement?

  • RaiderDogg

    Man, im kinda nervous drafting another O-lineman with our 1st pick again.

  • Hell Raiderrrs

    All I have to say is there has been some funny a$$ $hit said in here today. From going to help Porter pack his $hit to renting equipment. LOL! It’s nice to hear a postive tone for once.

    If Kiffin can get it done this year and we can smell the playoffs. I say all is forgiven with Kiff and Al.

  • Hobs Gnarly

    Dogg, I believe people were saying the Raiders would have to over pay FA and they are. A player will take the bank when it comes to them no matter who they play for.

  • Draft Beer

    so if the media was wrong Al Davis being broke and lied about no free agents wanting to come here ….then how many of you idiots still believe the crap about Kiffin and Davis????

  • Sean Salisbury

    “daniel Says:
    February 29th, 2008 at 3:42 pm
    huff will stay and i will predict he will go to the pro bowl”

    This is a make or break year for Huff. I think he’s got a chance now..with Wilson starting along side him.

  • Jhill

    All we need to know now is what’s the plan for Burgess?

    Wonder if he is going to be traded, or if we plan to have him on board in light of Richardson’s play last year, and Gholston or Long being available at 4?

    While some may say that the Kelly deal impacted Clemmons not signing, I’d say it was more of Gholston’s and Long’s helluva combine.

    Wouldn’t it be ironic for the two OSU guys(Richardson and Gholston) to end up as S&B bookends?

    I think they like Thomas, Howard, Williams, and Morrison as a LB combo, so they may not try and get Briggs.

  • Hugh G. Reckshun

    Yes! Now maybe we can finish 3rd in the AFC West.

  • Draft Beer

    since when is outbidding an opponent at an open auction considered overpaying??????????

  • Hobs Gnarly

    Davis is not broke. He’s notoriously cheap. Plus he just got limited partners to infuse has pockets.

  • Long live Al.

    Just Win Baby.

  • Sean Salisbury

    Uh-Oh. Draft Beer went to the liquor store early today! He’s already in a blackout drunk.

  • DesertRaider24

    Where did some of you find that Wilson is a Raider? I’ve looked on NFL.com and ESPN, and I can’t find anything…

    Draft Clady in the second round for the LT spot; I too, am of the opinion that J.Long would be a very expensive fix to replace Sims.

    We still need to draft either Dorsey or Ellis with that #4 pick…jmho…

    Thank God the Panthers signed Porter…can’t wait to see Asomugha or Routt shut him down next year…what an overhyped blowhard…

  • Hobs Gnarly

    Look either Al was afraid of Kelly going to Denver ala McGlockton and KC or he was trying to drive up the price to stick it to Denver with the Rogers deal pending. Outbidding for someone who has done nothing is impressive but making that same player the highest paid Defensive linemen in history is a little overpaying.

  • Valley Raider

    Hell yes first day im happy.Just draft gholston & cromartie and were there

  • R8R_ERN

    If we got Berrian and Briggs I would be speachless.

  • Yalls Trippin

    Just Tackle Baby…

  • Sean Salisbury

    He’s not signed yet…they’re finalizing the agreement.

    Jacksonville signed Porter…not Carolina.

  • Draft Beer

    with consistant and dominating pressure on the QB and the ability to stuff the run…(or in the Rob Ryan style defense, slowing the opposing running backs down a little) the current LB’s and secondary with addition of Wilson should play hell on their opponents this season.

  • Pirate arrgghhhh


    Raiders land former Giant safety Wilson

    Oakland continued the spending frenzy it started before free agency.

    The Raiders reached an agreement with former New York Giants free-agent safety Gibril Wilson on a six-year contract worth $39 million, including $16 million guaranteed. The Giants had a rough Friday. They lost Wilson, and linebackers Kawika Mitchell and Reggie Torbor.
    –Adam Schefter

  • R8R_ERN

    pft.com all

  • Yalls Trippin

    I just want to laugh at a big hit evry now and then. Hope its not too much to ask Gibril…

  • Hobs Gnarly

    R8R, if the Raiders got Berrian and Briggs I would stop saying Davis is cashing it in.

  • R8R_ERN

    Looks like there are no more excuses for Coach Rob Ryan.