Hammerhead pays a visit


Linebacker Danny Clark, a fan favorite who was displaced as the middle linebacker when Kirk Morrison moved inside for the 2005 season, visited the Raiders facility Thursday.

No word on the level of interest on either side.

Clark was a fairly stout run defender who had problems in pass coverage. Morrison is one of the NFL’s best pass defenders at his position but struggled last season getting off blocks against the run.

Clark played for New Orleans in 2006 and Houston in 2007.

Carr visits Titans
Defensive back/return specialist Chris Carr met with Tennessee, but as a restricted free agent, the Raiders have the right to match any offer.

As an undrafted free agent, Carr brings no draft compensation if the Raiders decline to match. Same with linebacker Isaiah Ekejiuba. Defensive tackle Josh Shaw, if signed by someone else, would net a fifth-round draft pick.

Carlisle under contract

Not sure where the story got started that Cooper Carlisle is on the open market.

Carlisle signed a two-year contract and there was no void involved. He remains the Raiders right guard.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • DoeDoe we have plenty. If we get in a jam guys will rework their contracts. They just did that with Rob Gallery saving a bunch of money. Sapp retiring saved $5mm, getting Lamont off the books will save another $5mm, Rhodes reworked his deal. Don’t worry about $$$.

  • TR, don’t worry. Look at the Dischargers. They drafted LT a few years ago very high, they took Eli Manning 1 overall in the Rivers deal, they have like 10 pro bowlers and this year they were like $35mm UNDER. All those contracts should be hitting for BIG $$$ right now. Don’t worry these guys can manage the cap. It’s one of the Raider strong suits.

  • You can’t honestly tell me that not one of the 53 players on the roster is willing to talk about this upcoming season, or that we as fans can get like a update or latest player profile from some of the young players, like JLH, Howard, morrison, etc..guys who are more than willing to talk..but no, we have updates that we can find out about on our own..if I were the Raiders beat writer, rest assured that me being from the area and being able to relate to these guys, I would have a update up ever other day..but that’s just me…

  • TrueRaider

    anything new with raiders?

  • TrueRaider

    oakglenn, i live in SD i cant wait to beat them, i talked s@#$ since the 2002 season, maybe 03 . its been so long i cant remember.

  • No crap…get on the phones….these guys would love to talk to the Fans. You can’t tell me everyone is on lock-down in Raiderland. Jason Jones usually does a pretty good job….but he is streaky though too! We have no lives…we need our info!!!

  • TR, the Dischargers HAD to get over las year or their 14-2 season. since they didn’t they have NO 2nd or 3rd or 5th round pix this year. Hope they have lots of talent backed up. They’re toast.

  • new post by the way

  • TrueRaider

    i havent been to sd raiders game because now you have to buy 2 more chargers tickets on top of the raiders one, real raiders haters. thats why i wanna to beat them so bad maybe even more than having a good season.

  • We’re all talking if’s here….what about this..let’s step back from this for a moment…the team has the No.4 pick…who is honestly this year’s best player? this Scouting Combine on the NFL Network has given us fans an up close look at what GM’s, scout, coaches, etc have been doing for years, and that’s going to the Combine…just because a guy is doing all these agility drills without anyone in front of him doesn’t mean he wont clam up in game time, doesn’t mean he won’t fend off the double team block, doesn’t mean he won’t fumble when Ray Lewis puts a hat on him….C Long, based on his Combine, is now THE guy…he wasn’t a beast in college like Mario Williams, even Tereel Suggs, and off his Combine I’m supposed to jump on his bandwagon? The only thing it would be good for drafting Long is all the “75’s” we would see in the stadium…He has a motor..yeah, Brayton had a motor too, and he was versatile as well, and we see where he’s at..Jake Long, we’ve already been that route before..Gallery looked WAAYY more athletic and just as beasty as Long in college, so no reason to think it will work now…Dorsey, unfortunately, has injury against him, and you can’t pay a guy a 20 million signing bonus who might be hurt not in the 2008 season, but 2009..only DMac has shown that flash worthy of the top 4, and the team doesn’t need a RB…WITH THE NO. 4 PICK IN THE 2008 NFL DRAFT, THE OAKLAND RAIDERS SELECT…..DEFENSIVE LINEMAN VERNON GHOLSTON FROM OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY

  • AND, finally, I don’t care if Kiffin does get fired at this point…all these fans saying he reminds thme of Gruden..HOW? All he did is brought a more clear cut plan of what he wanted but it wasn’t on the level of Gruden… Gruden at least could handle veterans and his offesne was centered around vets…Kiff’s system is based on younger, just out of college players, that’s why he didn’t want to coach Moss, and I believe some of the other vets like Sapp, Burgess didn’t have that same confidence in Kiff like the vets Gruden had
    in him…Gruden also had Tim Brown, Lincoln Kennedy, vets that trusted him…I never felt that same intensity or confidence coming from Kiffin, and he maybe no more than a 6-10 coach…what would be wrong with bringing in Dennin Green? I don’t know where people get the idea this guy is a lame coach…I think he could do more with this type of roster than Kiffin…he always had a strong passing game, we have JR, and he probably would be more acceptable and confident in what his coach is telling him…I would rather have 10-6 Dennis Green for the next two years than Kiffin 6-10, 8-8 the next two….

  • holyroller


  • Big Dale da Raida

    Danny Clark is a good run stopper but he cannot stop the pass having him start at the MLB creates another problem in the passing game. At this point in his career he is situation down player mostly on runs for sure.

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