Drew Carter on board


Free agent Drew Carter, an occasional starter for the Carolina Panthers last season, has been added to the Raiders’ receiving corps, beat writer Steve Corkran confirmed.

Barring any other acquisitions, Carter would enter training camp as no worse than the third wide receiver, joining Javon Walker and incumbent Ronald Curry.

In seven starts for Carolina, Carter had 38 receptions for 517 yards and four touchdowns, which followed a 28-catch, 357-yard performance in 2006.

The Raiders have added both Walker and Carter to one of the NFL’s thinnest units since losing Jerry Porter (Jacksonville) to free agency.

With Walker (6-3, 215), Curry (6-2, 210) and Carter (6-3, 210), Oakland has given rookie quarterback JaMarcus Russell a trio of phyiscally impressive wide receivers. Best case, it means the potential for a lot of big plays. Depth could still be an issue, since all three have had injury issues.

The remainder of the wide receivers includes Johnnie Lee Higgins, Jonathan Holland, Chris McFoy, Drisan James, Will Buchanon and Todd Watkins.

No word yet regarding Quinn Gray, the Jacksonville quarterback who arrived Tuesday night. The St. Petersburg Times reported defensive end Kevin Carter, a 34-year-old, 13-year vet who has talked with the Raiders in past free agent years, was to visit Wednesday.

Gray has already visited Green Bay. If the Packers are serious, that opportunity would seem to be the better chance for Gray to get playing time. Russell will likely be given the chance to grow through his errors. In Green Bay, Aaron Rodgers, the man who must replace Brett Favre, would be on a considerably shorter leash and be under much more intense scrutiny on a team with playoff aspirations.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • RaiderDell

    Raiders sign William Joseph DT.
    Any thoughts.

  • La Milicia Negra


    I like the part “after you try out the fabulous females”

  • RaiderDell

    Raiders Sign DT William Joseph
    March 14, 2008

    The Oakland Raiders have signed free agent defensive lineman William Joseph.

    The Oakland Raiders have signed free agent defensive lineman William Joseph.
    Joseph was a first round draft choice of the New York Giants in 2003 and has played in 56 league games with 17 starts. During his career, Joseph has recorded 74 tackles, including seven sacks, two forced fumbles and six passes defensed.

    Joseph was a member of a Giants squad that won Super Bowl XLII last month, seeing action in the 2007 regular season opener before being placed on injured reserve.

    In 2006, he played in all 16 league games with three starts for the Giants. He started all 10 regular season games in which he played in 2005 and played in 15 league games with four starts in 2004.

    Joseph played in 14 league games as a rookie and made an immediate impact, recording a sack in the end zone and forcing a fumble in the 2003 regular season opener that resulted in a Giants touchdown.

    Joseph played in all 47 games during his four years at the University of Miami (Fla.) and was an All-Big East selection as a senior.

  • M


    I cannot disagree with the logic that the firing of Rob Ryan sells itself.
    Personally I think that Al has a soft spot for Ryan’s dad and what that family is going through with Rob’s mom. Pure speculation, but it rings true to me. Maybe not the best way to run a football team, a human thing.

  • Vinny Testicles

    Another injured signing, but he’s got BALLS!

  • M


    it’s all up to you to make it happen. Tryouts are whatever you want to make them.

  • The bottom line is Kiffin is giving JR the weapons for him to succeed. Kiffin’s job is on the line and JR’s development must come to fruition for this “return to glory” project to make it anywhere. My main concern is not Kiffin its JRussell and how well he develops. For some reason, I think (I hope) this kid is gonna deliver. That last game vs SD showed a lot. It may not be this year specifically, but in years to come. But he could very well surprise everyone and put the Raiders in the playoffs in ’08.

    It undoubtably can happen. SD is stagnant and the Raiders were right there with them that last contest. They will decline somewhat this year imo. They make no improvements to their team! – they’re way to cocky thinking they have all they need and teams are catchin up. Denver is falling apart. KC has already fallen.

  • holyroller

    Bryant Jhonson alert signed across the bay

  • holyroller


  • M

    Cool, DT being taken care of.
    Thanks Dell.

  • La Milicia Negra


  • holyroller

    Ray Ratoo !!!!!!!! Comon he dont know shit about the RAIDERS

  • holyroller


  • lefty 12

    would you have rather seen N.Gay or I.Miller?

  • NFLN has got to be kidin me with this Ray Ratoo crap. This guy doesnt know a pencil from a pen. I’m listening to this guy and you can tell he doesn’t know sht about the Raiders. At LEAST get Jerry McD to go on there given that this is one of the most popular blogs out there. I must say …that was a real disappointment.

  • DesertRaider24

    Raiderdell–where did you get this info? Holy cr*p; if this is true, then I WILL BE THE FIRST TO ADMIT THIS…I believe the DMac supporters will be very happy…

    Like I said previously in all of my posts since January…I have been a Dorsey or Ellis fan simply because they would fill a NEED…with the signing of both Kelly AND NOW Joseph, well, I think my concerns about our need at DT have been filled…

    It’s obviously still too early to tell for sure, but this signing also obviously makes the chance of Al picking either Dorsey or Ellis pretty slim…

    Dakota and all of the other DMac supporters have even more reason to be optimistic now…

    Finally…it’s truly is refeshing to read much more civil and respectful posts…and it’s really encouraging to see that Al REALLY IS opening his wallet and making deals to get better…

  • lefty 12

    LMN,i’m waiting.Who are all our pass rushers?

  • mike2h

    rotto is a joke. the only good thing was him basically admitting he didnt know sht.
    of course nobody else seems to either. lol
    wonder how much the network paod hime to say absolutely nothing…

  • G-raider

    I’m looking forward to the 2 headed monster that is a possibility with McFadden and Fargas. NFL net just reported that we signed William Joseph any word on him..I really think we’re also gonna get Jason Taylor too! Al davis for president!

  • Where’s Rod Woodson when u need him? They need a voice of reason there.

  • lefty 12

    Desert-i think you’re right.or we could be looking at a DE-someone who could play the run and rush the passer.

  • Jhill

    I thought the NFL Network piece of it was fair. Faulk made a few roster mistakes, but the analysis didn’t seem too far off.

    I’m starting to move a little bit towards McFadden being the likely pick.

    It looks like Kelly will be back at DE, with Warren, Sands, and Joseph rotating at DT. One more DL signing like Kevin Carter would pretty much seal the deal for McFadden.

  • TrevJo

    “DSM Raider Says:
    March 14th, 2008 at 3:35 pm
    TrevJo- Oops I freakin missed TWO runs longer than fifteen by a mere 5 yards. Oh no, I sure hope you aren’t saying Fargas is a breakaway back?

    No, DSM, let’s recap. You said Fargas only had 4 carries longer than 15 yards last season. I pointed out that anyone can easily see on NFL.com that he had 6 carries of 20 yards or longer. In terms of 15+ carries, you missed by a lot more than two runs. Fargas had 11 runs of 15 yards or longer, 9 of which were longer than 15 yards. So when you say he only had 4 carries longer than 15 yards last season, you are not even in the ballpark, and you clearly do not know what you are talking about and are just making s*** up to suit your argument. By the way, there were only 12 RBs that had more 20+ runs than Fargas, despite the fact that there were 17 RBs who had more carries than Fargas. So at the very least, that indicates that he is an above-average big-play runner. Which is contrary to your ridiculous belief that we have a major problem trying to get enough big plays out of Fargas.

    Regarding the Broncos, OF COURSE they have not won a Super Bowl since Terrell Davis. That’s because John Elway retired, and their quarterbacks have been garbage since then. Did you expect them to win it all with Brian Griese or Jake Plummer? Please! Their defense has fallen on hard times as well.

    Lefty 12 makes a great point. You keep saying we need McFadden and trying to point to Terrell Davis as proof. What was TD’s pedigree coming out of college? A 6th-round pick that was not considered to have breakaway speed. He was a smart and tough runner, both of which are what McFadden is not. Plain and simple, your DM arguments make no sense.

  • M

    New Blog.

  • DSM Raider Says:
    lefty 12- The Doncos didn’t win a Super Bowl until they had TD. Coincidence?

    —The Donkey’s didn’t win a SB until they cheated the salary cap by $95mil over 2yrs. I’ve lived in Denver for 27yrs & That fact burns myass almost as much as Al Davis himself. HELL, I could coach New Orleans to a SB if I had $$$(% mil than ANY OTHER #$@!%* TEAM IN THE NF FREEEAAKIN L!!!

  • Raiderman666

    First off the NFL Network had Ray Fatto on who is an SF guy and doesn’t know jack about the Raiders. He has always dumped on AL and the Raiders for years. If they are talking with Kevin Carter they should also be talking with Jason Taylor. Taylor is younger, better motor and was NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 2006. Would like to see them bring in an established OLB. Robert Thomas got run over all last year. Anyone have any word on the worst football player in history Lil Stui? If he even makes the team this season I’ll be sick. Dude made Anthony Dorsett & Marquez Pope look like Ronnie Lott and Jack Tatum.

  • TrevJo

    Joseph ought to make a decent backup to Tommy Kelly.

  • holyroller

    seeing the top 10 moments on nfl network just reminds me how bad our offense is

  • darkknight01

    RAY RATTO is a joke!

  • jerious norwood

    mil trescientos setenta y nueve!!!!

  • Drifting away

    Please stop the craziness, FA moves suck, Javon walker Drew Carter? Are you kidding me? Maybe AD is buying stocks in the gurney business. This team by the end of the year will have Higgins as their #1 wideout. Then again, it does not matter who is our #1 wideout cause we have no one who can throw him the ball. Russell will be sidelined with an injury cause he cant move and the ol is as pourous as a large hole colander. Who is our back up? Oh yeah, we dont have one. But damn, we got some great injury proned wr’s.
    Pull your heads out and get back to reality.

  • 3181971

    drifting away stfu.

  • darkknight01

    we should call NFL network and complain as to why the hell the rumor monger Ratto was asked to talk about the raiders? ridiculous…they should have had JT THE BRICK if anybody. the signing of joseph further confirms that it’s a 90% chance we will not draft a DT with the #4 if they keep it.

  • darkknight01

    we should call also call up NFL network and tell to stop putting BeliCHEAT/BeliCHUMP on there commercials and start reporting more on the developments of Matt Walsh and Spygate….instead of making lies up about Russell being 300lbs. Spygate is far more important of an issue don’t ya think? I still like NFLN way more than that joke of BSPN.

  • http://bigbenlivingroom.blogspot.com/

    Did you read what this guy said about the raiders offseason??

  • Bandito

    Bump…Tommy Trojan called it on Trevor Scott

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