West’s best offseason


You want good news?

The Raiders have had the best offseason of any team in the AFC West.

RAIDERS POLL: Rate the DeAngelo Hall trade

There. That wasn’t so hard.

Of course, the Raiders are the only team that has done anything of note in the division, so bringing in DeAngelo Hall, Javon Walker, Gibril Wilson and even Kwame Harris and Drew Carter makes it a veritable landslide no matter what you think of how much they paid.

The losses _ wide receiver Jerry Porter, defensive end Chris Clemons, defensive lineman Tyler Brayton and quarteback Josh McCown _ were more than offset by the gains. They also managed to bring back Justin Fargas, Dominic Rhodes and Tommy Kelly, and the first two came at extremely reasonable prices.

Division play happened to be one of Oakland’s best areas of progress last season. Until faced with the murderer’s row final four of Green Bay, Indianapolis, Jacksonville and San Diego, Oakland’s back-to-back wins over the Chiefs and Broncos were one of the most positive developments of the past few seasons.

The Broncos have signed LB Boss Bailey, WR Keary Colbert, LB Niko Koutovides, S Marquand Manuel, S Marlon McCree, RB Cecil Sapp and C Casey Wiegmann.

Wiegmann has been a solid center for a long time _ possibly too long. Bailey never seemed to realize his ability in Detroit. Colbert is a No. 2 receiver at best.

The Broncos wanted no part of Walker, deciding the $5.4 bonus was too much for an unhappy player with a history of knee trouble. That risk was assumed by the Raiders at a much higher price. Denver might have second thoughts if Walker regains his form, because Brandon Marshall, the talented receiver who replaced him, has a serious right arm injury sustained in a mysterious accident.

Losing kicker Jason Elam will cost them a game. Based on recent history, it could come against Oakland.

San Diego remains the top team in the division, but they’re only significant addition is linebacker Derrick Smith, a solid if slow linebacker the 49ers didn’t want who could fit nicely as an inside linebacker. Gone is Michael Turner, a valuable No. 2 running back behind LaDainian Tomlinson.

More important to Tomlinson, fullback Lorenzo Neal was released. Count on Tomlinson to lobby hard to bring back his body guard.

As for the Chiefs, who look to be the worst team in the division by a considerable margin, they re-signed punter Dustin Colquitt, and have done little else.

Searching for QBs

Not surprising Quinn Gray signed with someone other than the Raiders. He has aspirations of being a No. 1 quarterback and JaMarcus Russell’s future begins in earnest this season. He’s got a better chance of beating out Sage Rosenfels and Matt Schaub.

But it leaves the Raiders in search of another quarterback to go with Russell and Andrew Walter. According to the Fresno Bee, Trent Dilfer has been contacted.

If that’s the case, he may be better suited as No. 3 and a mentor, because frankly, I’d take my chances with Walter if Russell went down.

Bad day across the bay

I was pretty dismissive of tampering charges in general a few weeks back after getting an up close look at it going right out in the open at the NFL scouting combine.

It’s bad enough that the 49ers got caught tampering. It’s even worse that they got caught tampering with a player they didn’t even get. Lance Briggs is still with the Chicago Bears.

Profootballtalk.com believes it’s the first enforced tampering charge since the Miami Dolphins lost a first-round pick when it hired Don Shula away from the Baltimore Colts 38 years ago.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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  • Oaklenn

    Yeah, in fact, that´s what I was expecting when Schefter said we had a big deal in the making, turned out to be DeAngelo but I´d like to move up for Chris Long.

    Hell, I´d trade both Fabian, Walter and the 4th for Chris Long.

    That´s a 25 yr. old, former 1st rounder CB and a 26 yr. old former 3rd rounder QB in exchange for dropping down 3 spots, which apparently is what Miami would like to do.

    Don´t know if Miami would do it but on the Raiders side I´m all for it.

  • Quagmire’d

    cap-wise is that possible?

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    is what possible?

  • Bob Marley
    “That´s a 25 yr. old, former 1st rounder CB and a 26 yr. old former 3rd rounder QB in exchange for dropping down 3 spots, which apparently is what Miami would like to do.

    Don´t know if Miami would do it but on the Raiders side I´m all for it.”

    Sounds like a fantasy football trade to me…here’s 3 things I don’t want anymore for the first pick overall lol

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    Tech Geek

    fair enough, I still have that grin though =)

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    Post #1481, thanks for the advice, any other pointers send them my way.

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    I have seen many of your posts on this site and I must say that you are an arrogant cuss that obviously thinks that he is smarter than everyone else.

    The funny thing is you are so eager to point out other people’s mistakes but when someone points out your mistakes you kick and scream and do whatever it takes to avoid having to admit that you are wrong.

    Pretty pathectic really

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    LMN, my question was reffering to the Raiders acquiring the #1 pick from the Miami Tunas.

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  • Oakglenn

    RD and Bob,actually from a Miami point of view I think it also makes total sense, hence why I was bringing it up. The only issue with this scenario is it isn’t going to go down until Miami has 15 seconds to make their lst round pick. Until then, they will be fielding every possible offer for the pick.
    Obviously, Miami has TONS of issues, not unlike us. The reason you would do this deal is Walter really is a good QB prospect, Fabian is a very good CB prospect, both are CLEARLY NEEDS FOR THEM, and you’re going to get another good prospect, depending who is still on the board at 4. Kind of a no brainer if you’re Parcells to me.

  • RaiderDell


    This is my understanding of the rookie pool of the yearly cap.

    The NFL instructs teams of the dollar amount to set aside for the upcoming draft.

    Last year, the Raiders with the number one choice and high second round and all of the other draft picks were advise to set aside $3.25 million dollars for that draft.

    Today as we speak the raiders have no second, third, or fifth rounder.

    The cap base on guaranteed dollars, compared to Mario Williams deal for a DL is my point of this topic and your question.

    The Raiders need only to set aside around $1.75 million, towards their cap, my numbers found were from past articles regarding the draft dollars.

    The Raiders currently have $4 million dollars that is below the cap.

    Reports surfaced last week from John Clayton ESPN, that the Raiders are over $130 million, which is adding up all players under contract, for cap purposes the roster of that number probably is correct, but for cap purposes today, only 52 players are counted until 48 hours before opening day the cap number must be adhered to, which for this year 2008, is $116 million.

    Potential cap casualties for more room, Jordan, Schweigert, Carr, Stewart, Rhodes, Griffith etc..

    The Raiders have room, and flexibility.

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    I didn’t take the nick ‘tech geek’ or ‘einsten’ for that matter, but if you can’t put your money where talk is, then dont talk…

    you are clearly not a tech geek…

  • Oakglenn

    Sorry, I guess I am distracted today. I keep forgetting the points I want to make. The point about the trade is it seems it is taking 2-4 years for prospects to develop. For us Chris long seems a ready made prospect, and for Miami both Walter and Washington would seem to be ready to play. Instant help for both teams. That was my point.

  • La Milicia Negra


    I think its wishful thinking, the entire calculation will fall apart if Dallas doesn’t want McFadden, which I believe the wont…

    Cap-wise it is a fatamorgana…

  • Quagmire’d

    Thanks for the insight, Dell….good stuff.

    LMN, fatamorgana?

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    ahh, hmm, ehm i dont think its a local term, its an optical illusion, caused by the weather.

    Let me rephrase it. I think it is impossible to land a 1st round pick, I think they ones who think that are kidding them self, perhaps its theoretical possible in 2008, but then we will get burned so much more in 2009… and as I understand it, its not until 2010 the CBA ends.

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  • darkknight01

    Griffin should not be let go…the others can be.

    Jordan and or Rhodes should try and be traded if anything.

  • Quagmire’d

    DK, agreed….if we plan on drafting McFadden, then trade Rhodes for a mid to late round pick or something similar.

  • RaiderDell

    Attention Media:
    Press Release
    Denver Broncos are in a free fall, move off the Raiders and do some reporting.
    Raider fans.


  • darkknight01

    i think we can definitely get at least a 4th rounder for Rhodes.

    In regards to Burgess, i hope he improves against the run next year….right now he is liability against the run. Thats why I want Ghoslton or C Long ahead of D-Mac

  • darkknight01

    LOL…the orange ponies are in deep trouble this coming up season. I have a feeling we are gonna beat the snot of them.

  • Tech Geek

    La Milicia Negra Says:
    March 27th, 2008 at 1:38 pm
    “I didn’t take the nick ‘tech geek’ or ‘einsten’ for that matter, but if you can’t put your money where talk is, then dont talk…

    you are clearly not a tech geek…”

    Take your own advice moron. You are clearly an arrogant person. As far as “talking the talk” you assume that everyone has a MAC do you? Like I said before, pure ignorance.

    “The empty can always makes the most noise”

    Think about it. or maybe go cut and paste an article to try and appear that you have a clue.

    Right on Einstein, you the mang!

  • RaiderDell


    Here is your response from a denver fan with hope, and many loses ahead, read between the lines, very funny.

    Posted by CMoney on March 27, 2008 at 12:39 p.m. (Suggest removal)
    As Bronco fans we have become accustomed to having a competitive franchise nearly every year of Shanny’s tenure. We NEVER spent millions to make a Super Bowl run for one or two years and then have he classic SALARY CAP FIRESALE ala the Titans, Niners, Raiders, Ravens. Some of these “buy a Super Bowl” franchises have been “rebuilding” for over a decade. While it bothers me that Shanny always tiptoes the salary cap line we do manage the cap as well or better than 90% of the 32 franchises in the league (with exception to the Pats, Chargers, and Colts). That being said, we as Bronco fans are having a hard time facing the “rebuilding” era that seems to be imminent. Remember true fans are “thick and thin” and that criticism should be constructive not destructive. We are younger club than I can remember in the Shanny era with lots of upside. Many of our off season moves have brought in role players and saved us some space under the cap. Taking the hit on Javon (he’s all yours Al) now we’ll free up cap space during the next two years rather than the alternative of screwing up our cap for the next three. Henry saved us almost $6 million, the Wiegman/Myers swap saved us money, Elam walking will potentially save us about $1.5 million. Sundquist was a figure head not a REAL GM, and Shanny’s new digs (aka “Taj Mahal”)has nothing to do with team finances, player salaries, or the organizations layoffs. Ten years ago the fans of Denver would have built that house for Shanny. At any rate, lets look at some of the “silver linings”. Cutler is the real deal, Marshall needs to screw his head on and realize he is a pro now but he his an animal at wideout, Scheffler will be 100% (knock on wood) to start this season and has the speed and hands at TE to be a top 5 TE in the entire league, Henry was leading the league in rushing until he was injured,, had a “false positive” THC test, and was publicly chastised for being a pimp that can’t wrap his tool. The defense played the first half of the season under Bates’ strange version of the 4-3 where Moss was standing up at DE and Bailey was our leading tackler in some of those games. We have a great mix at DE, we are still a player for D. Robertson a DT he spends time in the offensive backfield ala T. Pryce, the best corner tandem in the league, new depth at safety, a new MLB (untested but a special teams freak) that will put D.J. in his natural position to make tackles, and Boss who held Gonzales and Gates to only 2 receptions between the two of them last season. If we can get somebody who can get touchbacks on kickoffs instead of every team starting at the 35 yard line or better, and a YOUNG franchise left tackle (Clady or Williams) for Cutler and the boys to grow with, I believe the growing pains will continue for a couple of years but all in all the franchise is heading in the right direction.

  • La Milicia Negra


    I agree Griffith, is an important piece in this offense, he catches the ball great too, O’neill needs him as mentor a year more, at least!

    Rhodes stays, no doubt about that, that why they renegotiated his deal, about jordan, well he is gone, since the didn’t renegotiate his deal…

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    Tech Geek…

    try again, you need another nick, you clearly doesn’t know anything about IP or internet…

    I talked about MAC address, something each PC has… that means apples stuff has it too. get a new nick, I dont know much about internet, but several times has i showed more knowledge than you… AND YOU ARE THE TECH GEEK!

    take a look at this, perhaps you will expand your vast knowledge…

    I have used a civil tone tone the entire time, I would appreciate if you did the same…

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    they must be rocky mountain high in denver about now

  • When we hired Lofton all you heard was how he was going to be the next head coach. I think you have to prove that you can teach wideouts how to get open and be a success at that level before you talk about moving up……….with our new shutdown corners if Loften can teach our wideouts how to get open MAYBE he’s ready for the next level.

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    btw its not fair to ‘einstein’ to bring him into this

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