West’s best offseason


You want good news?

The Raiders have had the best offseason of any team in the AFC West.

RAIDERS POLL: Rate the DeAngelo Hall trade

There. That wasn’t so hard.

Of course, the Raiders are the only team that has done anything of note in the division, so bringing in DeAngelo Hall, Javon Walker, Gibril Wilson and even Kwame Harris and Drew Carter makes it a veritable landslide no matter what you think of how much they paid.

The losses _ wide receiver Jerry Porter, defensive end Chris Clemons, defensive lineman Tyler Brayton and quarteback Josh McCown _ were more than offset by the gains. They also managed to bring back Justin Fargas, Dominic Rhodes and Tommy Kelly, and the first two came at extremely reasonable prices.

Division play happened to be one of Oakland’s best areas of progress last season. Until faced with the murderer’s row final four of Green Bay, Indianapolis, Jacksonville and San Diego, Oakland’s back-to-back wins over the Chiefs and Broncos were one of the most positive developments of the past few seasons.

The Broncos have signed LB Boss Bailey, WR Keary Colbert, LB Niko Koutovides, S Marquand Manuel, S Marlon McCree, RB Cecil Sapp and C Casey Wiegmann.

Wiegmann has been a solid center for a long time _ possibly too long. Bailey never seemed to realize his ability in Detroit. Colbert is a No. 2 receiver at best.

The Broncos wanted no part of Walker, deciding the $5.4 bonus was too much for an unhappy player with a history of knee trouble. That risk was assumed by the Raiders at a much higher price. Denver might have second thoughts if Walker regains his form, because Brandon Marshall, the talented receiver who replaced him, has a serious right arm injury sustained in a mysterious accident.

Losing kicker Jason Elam will cost them a game. Based on recent history, it could come against Oakland.

San Diego remains the top team in the division, but they’re only significant addition is linebacker Derrick Smith, a solid if slow linebacker the 49ers didn’t want who could fit nicely as an inside linebacker. Gone is Michael Turner, a valuable No. 2 running back behind LaDainian Tomlinson.

More important to Tomlinson, fullback Lorenzo Neal was released. Count on Tomlinson to lobby hard to bring back his body guard.

As for the Chiefs, who look to be the worst team in the division by a considerable margin, they re-signed punter Dustin Colquitt, and have done little else.

Searching for QBs

Not surprising Quinn Gray signed with someone other than the Raiders. He has aspirations of being a No. 1 quarterback and JaMarcus Russell’s future begins in earnest this season. He’s got a better chance of beating out Sage Rosenfels and Matt Schaub.

But it leaves the Raiders in search of another quarterback to go with Russell and Andrew Walter. According to the Fresno Bee, Trent Dilfer has been contacted.

If that’s the case, he may be better suited as No. 3 and a mentor, because frankly, I’d take my chances with Walter if Russell went down.

Bad day across the bay

I was pretty dismissive of tampering charges in general a few weeks back after getting an up close look at it going right out in the open at the NFL scouting combine.

It’s bad enough that the 49ers got caught tampering. It’s even worse that they got caught tampering with a player they didn’t even get. Lance Briggs is still with the Chicago Bears.

Profootballtalk.com believes it’s the first enforced tampering charge since the Miami Dolphins lost a first-round pick when it hired Don Shula away from the Baltimore Colts 38 years ago.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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    Jeff Otis, 6-1 210
    Erik Meyer, 6-1 215

    that two small qb’s if you run out of the pocket the height means less, but I still think is hired to throw the ball during camp…

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    I’d love to go, maybe I could hire you and your gun as protection =)

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    They say it’s a 20 mile journey, in an old western train, sounds like fun.

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    Yes, I have been on that ride, but it has been probably 18 years…it was pretty fun then.

  • #87 Dave Casper

    I’m not sure if this article has been posted. NBCSports.com Tom Curran, 3/26/08 “RAIDERS’ spending spree rooted in new cap”. Check it out NATION, you want the truth-can all you HATERS handle the truth. Anyways I found it to be great and well researched.

  • RaiderDell


    I wonder if you can have a party on the ride, seems like a fun way to travel.

  • #87 Dave Casper

    Well researched, besides stating Stu & Huff are the safties, which they are but Wilson is the starter.

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    Fun trip. I hope the SD Tourism Board cuts me a check for this.

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    Here is the first, third =)……

    By Tom Curran
    updated 4:23 p.m. ET March 26, 2008

    Image: Tom Curran
    Tom Curran
    • E-mail
    At first, it was just amusing. Step right up and take a gander at “Crazy Al’s Shopping Bonanza!”

    But now it might be time to stop smirking about the Raiders moves from the past month and wonder if maybe – against all odds – they might stand a chance of being good. Or at least move away from being bad.

    That’s no small feat. Al Davis’ once-proud franchise has won 19 games since appearing in the 2002 Super Bowl (or one more than the Patriots won in 2007) and better days seemed even more remote in January. That’s when the modest momentum built under new head coach Lane Kiffin in 2007 was flushed when it was learned Davis wanted Kiffin gone because Kiffin wanted to, ya know, coach the team.

    The Raiders released a “there’s nothing to see here, folks” statement at the time saying there was no issue. But people know better. With Oakland, there’s always an issue. And what free-agent player would elect to be part of that?

    Well, one that is paid handsomely. And that’s the strategy Oakland’s following.

    Money Raiders have thrown at players with injury issues, attitude issues and light resumes has caused a few spit takes around the NFL.

    Six years and $39 million with $16 mil guaranteed for former Giants safety Gibril Wilson?!

    Seven years and $50 million with $18 mil guaranteed for dented-up defensive lineman Tommy Kelly?!

    Six years and $55 million with $16 mil guaranteed for oft-injured and irascible wideout Javon Walker?!

    Seven years and $70 million for newly acquired, sometimes-petulant corner DeAngelo Hall?!

    Three years and $14 million for backsliding offensive tackle Kwame Harris?

    Screwy? Well, yes and no. If you haven’t yet adjusted to the $116 million salary cap available to all teams, then yeah, it seems out of whack. But if you have realized that average to good players will now make what very, very good players did when the cap was at $85 million, the money makes a little more sense. Not total sense, mind you, but a little more.

  • La Milicia Negra


    Lost in the flood of attention to the big-money moves are some of the other moves Oakland’s made. Specifically, signing free agent wide receiver Drew Carter, re-upping running back Justin Fargas and taking a flier on former first-rounder William Joseph, a massive defensive lineman who was on IR for the Giants last year. And don’t forget, they have the fourth overall pick in the draft with an opportunity to add a tremendous player on either side of the ball (DT Glenn Dorsey, anyone?).

    When you look at the Raiders defense, you see a secondary that could be very good with two top-tier corners in Hall and Nnamdi Asomugha, and two talented safeties in Michael Huff and Stuart Schweigert. The secondary can only be as good as the front-seven allows it to be, however, and the number of question marks – starting with Kelly – gives pause.

    Still, what’s most interesting about this offseason is that Oakland’s been able to do its business without being negatively impacted by the rancor between Kiffin and Davis. Kiffin’s been actively involved in additions on both sides of the ball this offseason. And while the defense is always Al’s, Kiffin’s fingerprints are all over the Raiders offensive decisions.

    Offensively, the Raiders are not bereft of talent. They have Dominic Rhodes, Fargas, and LaMont Jordan all in the mix at running back. Tight end Zach Miller had 44 catches in his rookie season and could be the kind of crutch a young quarterback needs.

  • La Milicia Negra


    Which brings us to the biggest issue in Oakland, the development of second-year quarterback JaMarcus Russell. Developmentally, Russell could still be considered a rookie this year. He missed all of training camp last year and that’s where the teaching with your teammates goes on. Until he goes through his first one, he’s still raw, unproven and the elephant in the room whenever any optimism about the Raiders is broached. Incompetence at quarterback could harpoon all the moves Oakland’s made.

    So how’s he coming? Hard to say. It would have been great to talk to some of the new Raiders about what made them go to Oakland (aside from the dough). Or to talk to Kiffin himself about how things have gone. But the Raiders deflected several interview requests for either players or coaches. No matter. What gets said in the offseason is normally predictable tripe. Everybody’s excited, everybody’s optimistic, can’t wait to get started, blappity, blah.

    In the offseason, words don’t matter much. Making moves to get better do, however, and Oakland – surprise, surprise – has done that.

  • La Milicia Negra

    Nation, hope its okay =) sorry if not…

    but as Dave Casper said, its really good. Its hard to find positive spin on raider matter =)

  • Einstein

    That article sucked. The only hack that makes sense about the Raiders is the owner of this blog.

  • Einstein

    Maybe the reason the Raiders don’t talk with the media is because the media hacks are all morons… what a novel idea…

  • Quagmire’d

    I can’t believe that article had “talented safety” and Schweigert in the same sentence…pitiful!

  • Quagmire’d

    Hey Einy, what’s ur prediction for our record this season?

  • RaiderDell


    Good catch on that line, typical reporter who at the top lists Gabril Wilson at safety and then proceeds to name Stu at safety, real fourth grade copy.

    Maybe he should read his dribble before he sends it out for copy.

    It’s fun Raider bashing, and also let’s guess who there going to draft.

  • La Milicia Negra


    that was a mistake that hist you in the eye, it was weird he didn’t had Wilson in that talented secondary, when he mentioned Hall, I think the sentences should have been, but a ‘mindslip’ resulted in Schweigert…

    “When you look at the Raiders defense, you see a secondary that could be very good with two top-tier corners in Hall and Nnamdi Asomugha, and two talented safeties in Michael Huff and Gibril Wilson. The secondary can only be as good as the front-seven allows it to be”

    ….then it all makes sence =)

  • Einstein

    The relevance of the prediction is based on the time-space continuum as it pertains to the relevance of trading the 4th round pick to acquire a larger some of matter on the lines related to offense and defense.

    The relevance of a prediction from pure knowledge spans the time-space continuum.

    9-7, second in AFC West, Wild Card birth. We travel to Jacksonville, beat the Jags. After that the time-space continuum is null, I simply can’t see past that until the draft.

  • Tech Geek

    Einstein –

    is LMN a media hack? The reason I ask is because he is obviously a moron.

  • La Milicia Negra


    you beat me to it, but same thought though =)

  • Quagmire’d

    I figure McFadden is the pick, but at #4 you really can’t go wrong….whoever the pick may be will fill a need, that’s for sure.

  • They Call Me Assassin

    LMN – Thanks for the article, but I’m with Quagmire’d, when he decorates Stu as a talented Safety then he loses credibility fast. Perhaps he meant Gibril Wilson.

  • Einstein

    Tech Geek

    No, he cant spell.

  • Dakota

    LMN, I watched that video…crazy stuff…very inflammatory.

  • Quagmire’d

    indeed LMN, indeed.